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Chapter 5

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Frank devises a plan.

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Frank's POV.

I could tell he was plotting something from the obscure look on his face. Gerard looked almost evil as he re-entered the Way dining room with all our food and set it at the table. The thoughts momentarily left my mind as Donna Way grabbed my arm lovingly.

"Thank you Gerard," She aknowledged him graciously. "Oh Frank, I am so glad that you are back! Mikey here's been missing you like crazy!"

Mikey was blushing furiously, so it must be true. I grinned at the sudden show of affection I was being bombarded with at the Way residence, although it was definitely lacking in effort from a certain family member, not to mention any names.

"Thank you Donna, and I've missed Mikey too. I'm sorry I left you like that friend huggies?" I gave him another one of my 'sexy' smirks and held out my arms for the inevitable embrace. He got up and hugged me. I couldn't help but notice the way Gerard grimanced when we hugged, I could detect a strong vibe coming off of him, even if he was trying to avoid looking in our direction. It's probably just my over-active imagination again. Mikey and I were both seated and ready to enjoy our meals. I gingerly scooped my burger up, not wanting any of it's mouthwatering content to fall out, and bit into it. I could taste it shaming my taste buds. Meat. Raw meat. I rapidly spit out the garbage in my mouth onto the plate infront of me.

"Frank, what's wrong?" Donna was looking at me in alarm, as was Mikey. Gerard looked smug.

"I thought you knew I was a very strict vegetarian! There is raw beef in my burger! Oh, what have I done? I have single-handedly taken part in the death of this poor cow!" I was ashamed. After being a vegetarian for most of my life, this has certainly put a damper on my beliefs.

"What the hell? I made you a veggie burger especially! How is there raw meat in it?" I could see rage surging through her body. "Gerard! What on earth posessed you to put meat in Frank's food? You knew he was vegetarian!" We all looked to face Gerard. He was looking at me with a glint of mischeif and hate in his eyes. I glared at him.

"Let's just say I don't like bad attitudes." With that, he stood up and left the room.

"Well, Frankie dear forget about him. I'll make you some cereals. Is Cookie Crisp ok?" She looked at me expectantly.

"Yeah sure, thanks." I grumbled as she left the room.

"Fucking forget about Gerard, man! He's a douche, we both know it. Wanna have a movie marathon tonight? It's Friday so we don't have to worry about waking up for school tomorrow." It was hard to say no to Mikey when he practically begs. Even though there was nothing I wanted to do more right now than sleep.


While I was laying on the couch last night, halfway through the movie marathon, I concocted a plan of my own. Gerard is going to be my bitch now. He would pay for all the times he hurt me, and I will show no mercy.

It was Saturday morning now, so I have plenty of time to get to work. I made my way from the living room to the kitchen and turned the kettle on. If I was going to make Gerard fall for me, I better start simple. As I was pouring the boiling water into two mugs, Gerard walked into the kitchen. His messy hair stuck out in different angles when he began to rub the sleep out of his eyes. He looked up at me and his sleepy demeanor slowly turned into a scowl. I smiled at his moody disposition.

"Good morning Gee! Here, I made you coffee. Just the way you like it." I handed him one of the mugs, grabbed mine and I turned to leave the room.

"Morning? Wait, did you poison it?" He questioned me with suspicion in his voice. I shook my head. "Thanks. I guess". I could hear the smile in his voice. I walked away slowly, making sure to sway my hips in a way that would make Shakira jealous. I sat on the couch and turned the T.V. on. The twisted image of a man bleeding inside a deadly trap consumed the screen, since 'Saw' was the last film we had watched last night. Mikey had obviously gotten too tired to finish the movie, I knew I had fallen asleep within the first ten minutes. I pressed 'play' on the remote and sat back, enjoying the man's screams coming from the television infront me.

I wasn't that engrossed in the film, so I noticed Gerard walk into the living room and sit on the far corner of the couch currently seating my ass. He sipped from his Batman mug and smiled.

"Saw IV is my favourite, nice choice," he mumbled. I could still see him smiling in my peripheral vision.

"I know it's your favourite, we used to watch it all the time back in the day." I sighed in mock sadness and looked down into my lap, playing with the handle of my mug.

He looked away and ran a hand through his tousled black hair. Neither of us spoke for a while. It was still early morning, so I do not expect Mikey or Donna to come down and join the festivities. The silence was becoming deafening. If I wanted to carry out my plan, I have to step it up a notch.

"I miss you," I whispered and looked into his eyes. They grew wide at my lie, a sign that he might believe me. We stared at each other for a while, but soon enough, he cleared his throat and looked back at the man getting tortured on the television. I placed my half empty coffee mug on the small table adjacent to my side of the couch and shuffled closer to Gerard. I sat next to him; almost on his lap. I let my head fall on his shoulder, something I used to do when we were together. He sighed and tried to struggle out of my reach.

I wasn't having any of it. I reached forward and grasped his hand tightly in my own and began stroking it. He sighed once more and surrendered, resting his head on top of mine.

"Oh Frankie, I'm sorry." I grinned. It's working. I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked once more into his emerald eyes.

"Sorry for what exactly, Gerard?" I could see him struggle to find the right words, as a dumbfounded expression clouded the pupils of his eyes.

"Sorry for hurting you. I hated you. You made me change, even though it wasn't really your fault. I did actually love you, y'know, kinda contradicts the hate, doesn't it? It was a dare at first, then I fell for you. But I denied it for too long. To you it was real, to the outside world it was a dare. I don't regret admiting the sham to you then walking away. It made me capable of dealing with this situation here" Tears welled in his eyes. "You gotta understand Frank, my reputation is infamous, so I gotta keep it up. Y'know, like act like a jerk. Forgive me?"

Motherfucker. His ego must have rocketed sky-high since I was enamoured with him. If he thinks I would ever forgive and forget, even if he 'loves' me, he is sorely mistaken.

"Sure Gee, I forgive ya. I never stopped loving you." Yes I have. "I still want to be with you." No I don't. "Sorry I wasn't a better boyfriend." I scoffed internally, I was a fucking awesome boyfriend. I would tell him I loved him daily, I showed it to him too; that one time I gave him a blowjob in the school bathrooms because he was upset suddenly popped up in my head.

"You were an awesome boyfriend Frankie!" See? I told you. He took my hand in his and kissed it. He looked at me from behind his estranged locks of hair and whispered, "I love you Frank."

Total mission success.

I grinned like a maniac at the fact that I had completed the one thing I had set out to achieve; make Gerard fall in love with me. I thought it would take longer to be honest. I guess his brutish manner was indeed, just a guise. I think he noticed the insane way I grinned since his grip on my hand tightened. He was waiting for me to reciprocate his romantic confession. Who am I to keep the man waiting?

I took a deep breath and whispered back my "I love you too" with equal compassion. My kick-ass acting skills could only match Gerard's. He smiled once more and grabbed the sides of my face, pulling me closer to him. Before I could protest, he crashed his lips against mine and suffocated me with his passion. I began to kiss back.

"What the fuck?! Frank...really? After all he did to you?" Mikey stood by the entrance to the living room with a look of pure horror and disbelief on his juvenile face. He was holding back tears, and himself, as his arms were wrapped tightly against his minuscule stomach.

Gerard and I broke apart, and I stood to face Mikey. I moved so Gerard wouldn't see my face and winked at Mikey. He opened his mouth in shock and blinked back the tears that had actually began to escape from the hazel prison beneath his eyelashes.

"Mikey, I'll explain everything. Can we talk in your room?" He nodded and turned to march back upstairs to his homely haven.

I had managed one step towards the stairs when I felt arms snake their way around my waist.

"I love you Frank. I really do. Tell Mikey that I'm sorry, please," Gerard breathed in my ear. I nodded and twisted myself around in his embrace so that I had my nose pressed up against his.

"Okay Gee, love you too." I pecked his lips gently, loosened myself up from his tight grip and trudged up the stairs to divulge my malicious plan to Mikey.
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