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The Strangest Stranger Ever

by Pheonee 7 Reviews

Leonie proves to be something, but Archie's competitive side is dominating and he is convinced that she is under Cronus' control. A rematch is called to prove her innocence--a rematch that ends in ...

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Warnings: [!] [?] [V] - Published: 2006/06/03 - Updated: 2012/09/29 - 3480 words


  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) princessofoyownworld 2006-06-25 08:24:05 AM

    ARCHIE!!! Update soon, now you really have my attention. VERY GOOD!!!

    Author's response

    I agree--ARCHIE!!! I'm glad I have your attention. I know he's kinda invincible, but have you ever seen one of those playgorund stumps? The egdes are so sharp they're a shftey hazard. peers at your works Wow, he's your favourite character isn't he? He's pretty popular! OMG!! Thanks, you really thinks I'm "very good"? struts around, crashes into computer desk and ends up with maroon rosebuds in hair--my Mum puts them there
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) Cassidy 2006-06-25 08:22:24 PM

    it's very good.

    Author's response

    Oh thank you! bows--er, curtsies
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) Arisey 2006-06-26 10:21:55 AM

    Natural Way of Things, it's called the Nature of Things, if I recall. Awesome job! Although I highly doubt a new girl would be able to beat Archie, but hey, your story! What will happen to Archie next? The suspense, the action...hope you update soon!

    Author's response

    Oops...ta for fixing that. I guess I'm not geood at rememering thing like that T_T But, I can remember everything else, go figure that one out! XD Lol

    pokes tale If you were that eager to beat someone, you would. Meep. I dunno if a new girl could beat him either, but the way my plot's going, it will come clear in a while.I hope I update soon too!
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) StinkFace 2006-06-27 07:24:10 PM

    I do love this story, but I would like to say that the prophecy only calls for seven. Is there another part of the prophecy that we don't know about? Is she by any chance related to a lycanthrope? Archie seems a bit out of character even though he is a sore loser, I can't see him accusing a newcomer of siding with Cronus. And the guys even pointed out facts to prove she wasnt. And usually he listens to reason.

    I love this story and hope you update soon.

    Author's response

    I'm glad you love it. As for the prophecy, youll find out soon...for now, let's just say Cronus isn't an idiot, he knows about reverse pschycology. I don't even know what a lycanthrope is. O_o Does he? I can't see him getting beaten by a new guy, especially if the new guy is a weird girl nerd, and listening to reason. If Atlanta or Jay or someone beat him, he might have. A new girl who looks like she spends 99.99% of her life with her head in a book? Not the Archie I'm familiar with!

    I'm glad you like it and hope I update soon too. I'm very unpredictable with my update times!
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) crazy_reviewer 2006-07-03 06:39:59 AM

    oh!! All my amazing questions have been answered!
    crickets continue partying

    Author's response

    Yay! I anwered all amazing questions correctly!
    Continues partying with crickets
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) crazy_reviewer 2006-07-05 06:45:50 AM

    by get rid of i meant the &

    Author's response

    ...The "and"?
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) eros_cupid 2006-07-05 10:44:05 AM

    Dude, your stories are better then mine. Way, way (2 centuries later....) way... way,... better.

    Author's response

    Only cos you don't put enough detail into your stories, and don't acually write in STORY form. Writing in script form bugs me out...thanks for the comliments.
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) princessofoyownworld 2006-07-28 02:53:00 PM

    Now that you keeping it... Update!!!

    Author's response

    I'm working on a oneshot so I can't until that's out and done...T_T sorry.

    PS:If you keep up the reviewing status you have created...Expect a dedication for the one after the oneshot. ^^
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) Pheonee 2006-07-29 11:30:44 PM

    I'm not desperate enough to review my own story, I'm testing something. Whether the bolding tags work on the reviews board.

    Author's response does.
  • The Strangest Stranger Ever

    (#) eros_cupid 2006-09-03 05:13:19 PM

    Yo, wuz up, your stories are cool, and I just cant stop reading thm.

    Author's response

    Oh gosh, thanks so much!

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