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Auditions, People!!

by ChemicalKissez11 10 Reviews

Exactly what it looks like. ;)

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  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) alligatorpie 2011-07-16 08:20:46 PM

    Name- Annabelle Whitlock. Most people call me Anna.

    Gender- Female

    Age- 19

    Appearance- Tall, curvy. My eyes are brown and green. They look brown most of the time, but in direct sunlight, they look green. My hair is black, a few inches longer than shoulder length in the front, and only a couple inches in the back. I wear it straight most of the time. The right side of my nose, my left eyebrow, and my tongue are pierced. I have the word 'hope' tattooed on my ribs, a purple and yellow water lily on the back of my right shoulder, a treble clef on the back of my left shoulder, 'FREE' across the knuckles of my left hand, '17' on my right hip, 'Bella Muerte' on the inside of my left arm, and vines that twist down my leg from the back of my left knee, ending with a black rose of my foot. A lot, I know. My parents don't approve. Heehee

    Background- My parents separated when I was 13. I was in therapy for suicidal depression starting when I was 14 until I was 17. I have TONS of scars on the inside of my right arm, and on my thighs. My friends keep telling me that I should get tattoos over them, but instead, I'm planning to get 'Our Scars Remind Us That The Past Is Real' just below the inside of my elbow, where the scars on my arm stop, next year on July 3rd, to celebrate 5 years since I cut. I'm working on getting a bachelors degree in music, and I play bass in an alternative/punk band. (we've never played a gig, but my little sister says we're pretty good. Haha)

    Special Skills (Yes, I'm talking POWERS!! Make them creative, I REALLY don't want to see 'flying' on here, no offense)- I'm thinking mind-control. Heehee.

    Personality- It takes a lot to make me mad, but once I'm mad, I hold a grudge. For some reason that I don't really understand, people always feel really comfortable around me, really quickly. I'm Bisexual, but I don't parade it like most people. If someone asks, I'll tell them, but I don't really talk about it much. I'm pretty quiet until you get to know me, and I have a tenancy to tell people straight up when I think they're being idiots. One of my pet peeves is people spreading rumors and talking shit behind peoples backs. One thing that pisses me off above all other things, is when guys hit my friends. I have a track record for beating the shit out of guys that thought they had an excuse to put their hands on my friends. Since I've been in kung-fu since I was 11, I'm tall, and most of my weight is muscle, it usually goes over pretty well.

    Likes- Good music (MCR, FOB, Panic!, The Used, Linkin Park, etc), skinny jeans, band tees, men's pajama pants (They have pockets, dude!), eyeliner, energy drinks, and gummy bears.

    Dislikes- Liars, cheaters, skanks, sluts, attention whores, stupid people, and cheerleaders.

    Additional info (This is not mandatory, but wanted)- I think it's all pretty much covered. I'm bi, I play bass and keyboard, and I sing. I think that's it.

    Good luck with your story!


    Author's response

    I approve of your tats, they sound amazing! I would get some myself, but my dad said he would disown me if I did...anyway thank you for your audition! And thanks, I hope I can get this story to go somewhere haha
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-07-16 10:41:07 PM

    Name- Yasmine/ Yaz

    Gender- Female

    Age- 21

    Appearance- short black hair cut asymmetrical with the front layers just a tad bit longer, also a fringe that parts to the right. 5'7, yeah I'm kind of tall. Slender with curvy hips. C cup boobs (I'm sure that doesn't matter, just covering everything hehe.) Sage green eyes with black long lashes. Beige creamy skin. A beauty mark above lip. Usually wears a nude color lip gloss. Doesn't wear too much make up besides the basics, has sensitive skin :/

    Background- Born and raised in Arizona, mother is a former dancer (ballet, not like a stripper :P), father owns a bakery. Older brother Zack is the military. Kind of a trouble maker, got detention a lot, but mostly to hang out with friends. Can't deny it, tried all the drugs friends tell you try because it's cool, but realized it's not her thing so she quit it. Used to have a strained relationship with mother and brother. Brother pissed her off, and her mother didn't understand why and often took his side and didn't understand her way of living. So she stuck around her dad a lot. But now she's pretty close to her brother since he's been in the military, she worries about him. Raised Christian, but doesn't believe in religion, rather you choose your own path.

    Special Skills (Yes, I'm talking POWERS!! Make them creative, I REALLY don't want to see 'flying' on here, no offense)-

    Personality- Outgoing, expressive. Able to adapt to new surroundings well. Likes to talk...a lot. Cooky, snarky, sassy, sarcastic and humble. Doesn't like to make a big deal out of things, so she'll stay quiet, but if someone comes at her the wrong way she is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means getting physical. Likes to laugh and make people laugh. To hear or tell a funny joke just makes her day for some odd reason. Smiles a lot or waves at random people to see their expressions. Sort of likes to be embarrasing and make people blush, but it's all in good fun, it can come off as she's a jerk but she means no harm. A good listener and doesn't mind letting people vent if they need to. She will unwillingly give bad advice, but it's the thought that counts right? Open minded. Perverted, I accidentally think of things that would make people shun me.

    Likes- Nature. Rock> Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trapt, Flyleaf. techno, hip hop, country, jazz, and spanish music. Really loves Adele the singer. Animals. Children. Dancing. Laughing. Arts and Crafts. Texting. Internet. Coffee or anything at Starbucks. Jamba Juice. 80's movies. Has a huge crush on James McAvoy. Trees. Rain. Playing piano. Cookies. Frozen yogurt. Traveling. Arizona. The desert. Lightning storms.

    Dislikes- Anything that crawls. Super romantic couples, like the constantly lip smacking deal, it's gross to see and hear. Animal cruelty. Drama. Gossip. Cheaters. Fakes. Medicine. Candy. Pop music. Dirt. Whiny people or people who complain a lot but don't do anything about it. Being taken advantage of. Accused of things I know I didn't do. Negative people.

  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) CosmicCollision 2011-07-16 10:43:46 PM

    Gah, I forgot special skills : Telekenisis, clairvoyance.

    Sorry :P

    Author's response

    Haha no problem! I'm ALWAYS so forgetful XD. Thank you for your audition!
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-07-17 11:36:44 AM

    Name- Lacey

    Gender- Female

    Age- 20

    Appearance-very pale, like porcelain pale, with pale pink cupid`s bow lips. bright green almost emerald colored eyes, long lashes, and her cheeks flush easily. eyeliner and mascara, and chocolate brown hair that falls just below the middle of her back, worn to the front, with choppy straight across bangs and a choppy top layer. has a soft voice and loves to smile.

    Background- Raised in the middle of Manhattan, she has seen and done alot of things. used to drink heavily but stopped after realizing she was wasting her life away. has her own art studio in an attic and works there, making her own living and hiding from society because of her special skills. very independent because of it, and likes all the chaos of the city. plays guitar on her own time but never really does anything about it. her dad died in a fight in an alley-he was the only one who knew about her skills and she doesn`t rely/talk to her mother that much as she doesn`t want a freak for a daughter.

    Special Skills (Yes, I'm talking POWERS!! Make them creative, I REALLY don't want to see 'flying' on here, no offense)- can move things and bend things (an intense form of telekinesis) when she`s mad, but has never been to that point so she doesn`t know it. she can also blend into the background.

    Personality- bold, cheeky, indifferent, unique, eccentric, quick thinker, funny, easy going, easy to talk to, a little geeky, lives in her head and likes to express herself in art. kind and is always laughing. stubborn and doesn`t like change. being the NY girl she is, will get physical. likes to tell jokes and say random things, and talks to herself sometimes. does what she thinks is right and never goes with the flow.

    Likes-music (from classic rock to screamo), dubstep, art, partying, all nighters, raves, flash mobs, anything with flashy lights, concerts, thunderstorms, being outside in the rain, getting into fights (doesn`t look it but can beat the shit out of people), being with the people she loves, take out, going for pizza at 3:AM, sour candy, gummy bears, christmas lights, Harry Potter, pranking people, acting like one of the boys, sprinklers in the summer, ice cream trucks, making clothes/art for other people, making a difference in little kids` lives, blasting music, swimming far out in the ocean, freefall, rollercoasters, photography, sunrise, being on stage, band shirts, nighttime, walking at night, riding her bike everywhere, drawing, reading, slurpies, movie nights, texting, zoos, and trying new things.

    Dislikes-BIEBER, ANYTHING BIEBER, overly nice people, overly neat people, people who constantly piss her off on purpose, driving (she really cussesd the shit outta people when she drives), daytime, bugs, snobs, conceited celbrities, chickening out of something, people tricking her, Twilight, pink, barbies, -isms, posers, wannabes, people who talk shit about her friends, creeps, chavs, people who +yP3 1yk3 Dh!s and talk with improper grammer, labels, being organized and misplacing things-it happens alot.

    Additional info (This is not mandatory, but wanted)- dirty minded, usually has a lollipop with her, she rides her bike everywhere-it has a basket so she rides it to the market, library, wherever, and has a beagle named Sammy that she loves very much. she isn`t girly, but not the typical 'emo/scene' looking girl thats really popular on this site.xD (no offense to anyone)

    goodl luck and thanks for considering me xo

    Author's response

    Your character sounds EXACTLY like me XD...Thank you, and thanks for the audition!
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) Bitch-Bot 2011-07-17 01:04:44 PM

    not completely me but still xD

    Name-Jasmine Anne (not my real nameit was what my mum wanted to call me)



    eyes-blue but often wears random contacts that make the purple (not really but how awesome would it be to have purple eyes???)
    hair-long with lots of layers, side fringe always over one eye, multicoloured as in red then orange then yellow then green then blue then purple (once again made up but this is what i want xD)
    physique (dont know how to spell that)-5foot 7, not fat, but definately not thin
    clothes-black/blue/red/PURPLE skinnies, band tee/vest top and black/red/yellow/PURPLE converse

    Background-parents still together happy at home, has 3 living grandparents but 1 step-nan, hates both nans because they are always telling her to be more lady-like and tidyer, welsh and proud but hates the language and loves welsh/irish/scottish accents (not english)

    Special Skills-ability to controll fire/ice/temperature, can make someone feel heat by touching them (i like fire coz im strange like that)

    Personality-shy when i dont know them but when i do know them i am a little crazy, really random, funny and will stand up for her friends no matter what

    Likes-lollipops, music (typical bands), horror films with lots of gore, horses, annoying my brother

    Dislikes-grandparents, pop music, forigen languages, justin biber & rebecca black they do my head in,

    Additional info-not girly, but wont leave the house if my hair isnt straightened or if i dont have eyeliner on, i have 2 rabbits, i have a horse called run who is even more retarded than me, i am typically known as the retard of the group as i know verry little about things inthe news and it took me forever to catch up on what was happening in lybia xD also i want to lern how to play drums but i wold settle for guitar but my parents wont let me and i love when we use the bunsen burners in science because you can burn old pens and your friends hair (especially funny when they are ginger) and the teachers still call me one of the best students ???

    so yeah thats about it i think xD

    Author's response

    It would be amazingly fantabulous to have purple eyes...haha thank you for the audition!
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) RestlessStars 2011-07-17 07:20:58 PM

    I have two characters, a male and female who can be evil or wherever you might need them, but evil is cool, or you can pick one or the other (:

    Name- Alissa

    Gender- Female

    Age- 18

    Appearance- black hair down to shoulders with golden peekaboo highlights, layered and worn straight, a side fringe that covers right eye. 5'6, slender with long legs. Tan Skin. Mocha brown eyes that turn black if she's angry. Lip ring and ears pierced.

    Background- Grew up with two brothers and father, mother died from breast cancer when she was very young. Was often bullied in school so she became isolated and started to be bitter towards everyone. She inherited her father's mad scientist thinking and used that to defend and amuse herself, skipped a few grades because of her ability to learn faster. Her brothers inherited her mother's traits. Spent most of her time inside her room while studying or messing with technology which she found out she could manipulate it. Was closer to her father because he understood her powers better, whereas her mother treated her differently than her brothers.

    Special Skills- technopathy (manipulation of technology.) Superhuman vision. Memory manipulation. Innate capability (ability to have natural knowledge through learning.) superhuman intelligence. Prehensile/animation of hair (can change one's hair.)

    Personality- very smart, rebellious, snarky, bitter against those who picked on her growing up and has a bit of hostility to people she meets. Stubborn. Sometimes abuses her powers to get revenge on someone.

    Likes- Technology, studying, movies, animals, learning, nature, history, superpowers, school, people who share her same knowledge.

    Dislikes- people who annoy her or pick on her. Music other than rock. Loud noises. Certain bugs like spiders or ants.

    Additional info (This is not mandatory, but wanted)- is a vegeterian. Has asthma attacks if she exerts herself too much.

    Name- Caden

    Gender- Male

    Age- 19

    Appearance- 6'2, muscular frame. Beige skin tone. Emerald green eyes. Clear complexion. Button nose. Rose pink lips. short dark brown hair that's styled in a mini mohawk style. No facial hair or piercings.

    Background- was abandoned by his mother after giving birth to him when she was 16. She ran away and left him with her father who raised him until now. He adores his grandfather and has no idea who his real father is, his grandfather doesn't know either. His mom was very secretive and troublesome.

    Special Skills - Chi powers. (marital arts. Super speed, reflexes, and strength.) Duplication of self.

    Personality- Observant and mostly quiet. Likes to analyze his surroundings before he's comfortable, then he's talkative. Dark humored, sort of a smart ass. A little rebellious. Has a violent temper when pushed to his limits. Protective of certain things. Sort of a womanizer because he thinks most girls are like his mother.

    Likes- parties, his strength and powers, messing with people, girls, social aspect of school, sports, his grandfather. Rock and hip hop music.

    Dislikes- commitment, girls who want a relationship, studying, his mom, rules. People with different superpowers than him.

    Additional info (This is not mandatory, but wanted)- even though they're opposites, he's good friends with Alissa due to their dark thinking. He's a vegan.

    I got a bit carried away but this sounds amazing, I couldn't help myself (: Thanks for the chance and consideration.

    Author's response

    YAY A MALE CHARACTER!! And trust me, you did not get carried away! Thank you for audition!
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-07-18 12:59:22 AM

    Name- Cameron Sykes

    Gender- male

    Age- 22

    Appearance- tall and on the thinner side. bright blue eyes and fair skin. dimples and pale lips, chocolate brown, messy, layered hair that falls to his chin, and a pokerface. always has a pokerface. clean shaven and has small gauges in his ears.

    Background-never has been accepted into society and always has been strangely okay with that. gave up on normalcy a long time ago and has always been into music. lives with his dad

    Special Skills (Yes, I'm talking POWERS!! Make them creative, I REALLY don't want to see 'flying' on here, no offense)-

    Personality- outgoing, expressive, funny, confindent but not a cocky jack ass. respectful but can get sleazy when drunk. a bit of a bad ass. laid back. energetic. very kind to his friends and lovesto party. the kind of friend that has your back no matter what. very charming although of someone he literally come`s out of nowhere and knocks them out. loses his cool easy but really tries to contain it. believes laughter is the best medicine. falls for girls (perhaps Lacey up there? ahaha) a social butterfly you could say, he as always doing something and an all around cool guy:)

    likes- making music, dancing, partying, glo sticks, standing up for himself, gummy bears, energy drinks, roadtrips, pranking people, night time, tacos, drive thru`s, signing autographs, adrenaline, having fun, bike rides, being a good friend.

    Dislikes-anything 'in', cold days, homophobes, people who are total dickholes, being told what to do and living by rules.

    Additional info- injury & all that jazz is fine:3 your fic, so do what you wish to him.
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) LePanicFan 2011-07-18 10:31:29 AM

    Name- Betsy (surname unknown)


    Age-13 (baby of the group?)

    Appearance-Eyes light brown, hair brown shoulder length, skinny build with bones showing (explained in background) prefers ratty old clothes to new stuff, makes skin itchy.

    Background-Ran away from orphanage when she was 8 and lived on the streets for four years till she found the group. Still doesn't eat much, hides away food 'in case of the Apocalypse' (a nightmare she's had linked to CosmicCollision's person's visions of the future?) Tough in the face of despair, doesn't cry at huge things. Insted, she cried cos she found a dead mouse she'd been running with the day before.

    Special Skills- Can change into any living thing she's seen in real life. (E.g. if she saw a dog in front of her, she could change into that, but if it was just a picture she couldn't.)

    Personality- Shy and reclusive, has odd moments where se doesn't shut up. Sings a lot, but gets very embarrased if asked to sing.

    Likes- being warm, corners, both screamo music and waltz-type, m&ms, following people around as a small animal (makes a good informant), long baths.

    Dislikes- Rapists (possibly part of the backstory), the law in general, being the leader (much happier as loyal supporter)

    Additional info (This is not mandatory, but wanted)- Woke up one day when she was 7 in the Orphanage to find that everyone thought she'd been there for years. Took a year to find out bits and peices of her 'past' then was told by a fellow child at the home the truth- she was dragged in one night and woke up the next day with everyone knowing who she was blah blah blah. They went on the run together, but the other girl sadly died of a knife wound when they got robbed :'( Injuries are fine, death/rebirth random attacks & dissapearences welcomed if the character is dragging the story :D

    Can't wait for this, whether or not Betsy's in it! :D
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-07-20 07:40:32 AM

    OH SHIT, I FORGOT SPECIAL SKILLS *bangs head on laptop screen* IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!
    he can transport his brains and spirit into someone else-think polyjuice potion, but its not a potion. x

    Author's response

    NO you're not an idiot! Forgetful, maybe, but not an idiot! So, you basically mean like he can completely take on another person's physique? Awesome shit, can't wait to work on your character ;)
  • Auditions, People!!

    (#) KelseyChem 2011-10-17 07:06:10 PM

    ill understand if u dont pick me but...

    NAME- Luna and Krystal

    PERSONALITY- multiple personality disorder :D actually its kinda sad...her main personality is shy and quiet but if a memory triggers in her head she becomes Krystal...who is a bitchy WHORE

    AGE- lets go with 17 idk

    LOOKS- well she started out with long brown hair and blue eyes and awoke one day to find crystal had chopped most of it off and dyed it pink. she keeps it that way as a reminder to try and stay herself

    BACKGROUND- doesnt remember. ages 1-16 have been blocked out from her mind

    LIKES- being able to control herself, pancakes, and my chemical romance of course

    DISLIKES- mean people, and losing it


    Author's response

    IT DOES NOT SUCK MY LURVY...however you did forget the person you want to be with and your storyline :P ahaha

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