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Days of Awkwardness 1

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Frank's reactions at his actions.... RHYME!!! Ray's in here! As the new neighbour's cat... They live on the left side, Brendon ( You remember him right?) lives on the right.

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Hola! Someone put this story as one of their faves, and for that I'm really happy. Yes I stalk ppl on the internet.... and in real life. Anyways enjoy!!

Frank's POV... finally!
Damn, memories of what happened last night snapped back in my mind after a few seconds of waking up. Still can't believe my parents kicked me out but grateful. They don't deserve a happy and fun-loving son like me, they deserve to go to Heaven where all the stiff pricks live while I party in Hell! Boom! All that time in Catholic School outta my head as I embrace my true self... Satanic? Nope, just rebelious against society. Anyways it gonna be bloody awkward when Gerard comes back, what's he gonna think when he discovers I'm staying till... God knows when and I'm sharing a room?

"Hey Frankie! You're living here? Cool, YOU'RE ALSO SHARING A BED WITH ME?! AWESOME SAUCE!!!! I'm gonna fuck you every night and let's have an orgy with Mikey and Bob while we're at it!

Pfft like that's gonna happen.. well the orgy no but the first part... Possibility? Unlikely, very unlikely. Gerard is straight, he had a girlfriend to prove it but they mysteriously broke up. But they were still tight friends and for a strange reason Lynz is smiling like she knew something. Of course Lynz was a girl and girls love to gossip so I shrugged it off.

I sighed and glanced at the clock, six more days until Gerard's coming. I need to see his beautiful face again. I missed his cheeky smile, his mesmerizing hazel eyes and how he can make my day shine just by a small grin. Oh! The Way's got new neighbours earlier! They live in #9, the Urie's live in #7 so we're in #8! Mama Donna invited them for coffee and small talk, and that was over an hour ago... So they should be here riiight.. DING DONG! Yup, right on time. We all sat in the living room as Mama Donna opened the door, Shadow was on my lap as I scratched his head. In walked a couple, both had dirty blond hair and smiles on their faces. "Hi! We're the Diprose family! We have a son, come on in Matthew!" The woman who identified herself as Maggy Diprose and her husband Greg. Then walked in a boy our age who was taller tha me, no surprise, he had the same dirty blond hair, earth brown eyes and a small smile on his lips. He was carrying a cat in his arms. "Hi, I'm Matthew, but you can call me Matt." he introduced. "And this lil cutie is Ray, he's a Selkirk Rex. What breed is your cat?" He asked. "Hi I'm Mikey and Blondie is Bob aka my boyfriend. And shortie here is Frank my best friend. And that's Shadow, American Shorthair." Mikey said smoothly. Matt looked a little surprised at the word boyfriend but shrugged it away. "You aren't disgusted," Bob said carefully. "A friend of mine, she's bi. She first came out to her friends and then told me. She was my best girl buddy. But she moved to California and while I moved to Belleville." Matt pouted while sighing.

Ray and Shadow seem to really hit it off. As we left the cats to their own conversation we just talked about random stuff. Turns out Matt was into video-games, rock music but not the screamo I like and he plans on becoming a scientist. We just chatted for a looooong time until Mr and Mrs Diprose called Matt to go home. "Nice meetin ya guys, hope we can chat again soon!" he smiled and made Ray wave. I made Shadow wave while Mikey and Bob giggled. Bob then left since it was kinda late, and gave Mikey a sweet kiss before walking down and waving goodbye.

He gave a happy sigh and went upstairs. Dinner passed by quickly and soon I was in my jammies while reading one of Gee's comics. Shadow padded up and curled beside me, meowing for attention. "Hi Shadow! Did'ya have fun with Ray? You guys looked like you were talking! It was cute watching you guys act so civilized." I giggled uncontrollably. As soon as I regained my composure... nearly ten minutes later, I gave off a small smile. "I like Matt, he's an okay guy. Sure I did kinda act like a socially awkward retard, but I think he kinda gets that I'm shy. But Gee still has a special place in my hea~rt!" I sang. I giggled before looking at Shadow.

Then the awkwardness hits. Was I that socially retarded that I resorted to talking to an animal? Way to boost my social confidence. Who knows? Maybe Shadow's like a practice dummy... if he can hear my thought I think he would prefer if I called him a 'Therapy Buddy'.... But still, the way his eyes flash when I talk almost seems like he can understand. His hazel eyes that look like Gerard's own set of beautiful eyes makes me wonder. These two are eerily similar, Shadow is like Gerard in cat form. I shrugged off the voice nagging me on that possibility. And I slept in dreams about a certain, hazel-eyed artist.

Done! Hope ya like it and review!
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