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Awkward day numero dos

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Frank's best girl buddy Jamia helps him with his 'awkwardly retarded' friend life

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I gotta review!!!! So I decided to update :3

Frank's POV
Anyways today I woke up as normal, meaning I woke up in Gerard's bed with Shadow curled near my head. I got up and stretched as far as my stubby arms and legs can contract! Wow I'm praising the fact I'm a midget.... who does that...? Oh yeah the authoress.

(A/N Frank do not question my little habits, otherwise I will never bring Gerard in muahahahaha!!!)

NOOOOO!!!!!! Fine! Dammit Aya are you on your period or somethin? You're more stranger than usual

(A/N FRANK ONE LAST CHANCE OF SHUTTIN UP AND NO I AM NOT ON MY PERIOD BITCH!!! I'm more crazier at the fact that it's summer in Dubai and it's uber hot. Anywa- OMG!!!! Synacky smut on FanWorks!!! -rushes off to read-)

Now tht she's gone we can continue.... OMFG did I just like speak with the authoress?! It iz final! I am a socially retarded and awkward gay son of a bitch. Yes my mom is a bitch. I hate her that much. Anyways I took a shower and got dressed in a plain red shirt and grey skinnies with black studded belt and black Converse. I walked down and found breakfast on the table and Mama Donna smiling at me. "Morning Frank-o! Mikey's out so we both have the whole house to ourselves!" she said cheerily. Sometimes I wished for her optimistic views and expectations. Anyhow I inhaled my breakfast and was drowning my glass of milk when the doorbell rang. I placed the glass back down and placed the dishes in the sink while Mama Donna answered the door. "Frank! A friend is here!" she announced and I walked to the door and saw Jamia Nestor.

Jamia is my best girl buddy. She knows I'm gay and... tries to set me up with random gay guys. As much as I loved Jamia, I hate it when she does that. Seriously... sure you set up hetero couples all the time but gay couples? I fear that Jamia will be a world-renowned relationship councellor and will open a gay dating site in the future.

"Frankie! Your parents told me you weren't living with them so I assumed you came here cuz I know you go here when you're upset and such. How could you now tell me and have you locked yourself in here cuz what I gathered from Mikey and Bob is that Gee is outta town and I was wondering if you wanted to be with a friend?" Jamia rambled. This girl can sure talk but hey, she's my best friend. "Sure Jammy, just lemme grab my phone and I'll go!" I said and rushed down to Gee's room to grab my phone and wallet and dashed back up. And soon we were walking to the local park.

The local park, where I am at my most socially retarded. Well I am nervous around people... ah screw it I AVOID people. I don't like mingling because I will always feel I stand out like a pink sheep in a flock of white sheep. Yeah, that obvious. Well we arrived at the local park and Jamia just told me something horrifying.

Hey Frank, I want you to meet a few friends of mine, it's gonna be fine.
According to Jamia, ev'rythin' will be dandy and sunshine.

I had to snort. I will stay stiff and act like a socially awkward retard. Oh wait, I already did. "Jamia!!! You know how I am with new people!" I whined. "Oh suck it up you senile old man! The lack of socializing in you is like a hermit!" Jamia shot back. She then walked over to a group of 2 boys and 2 girls... Great. "Hey guys! Here's a friend of mine who's super shy!" She cried out and all heads turned. "Frank this is Amaya, Hikari, Aoi and Kou." Jamia introduced.

Amaya and Hikari are nearly opposites. The only similarities are their pale skin. Amaya had dyed hair that was like an inky blue while Hikari had platinum blonde hair. Amaya had dark grey eyes whilst Hikari had pale blue eyes. Basically light and dark opposites.

Aoi and Kou were twins. Sharing jet black hair and piercing forest green eyes. The only difference is that Aoi had blue highlights and Kou had blond highlights.

I just stared at the ground like the idiot I am, not knowing what to do. "So Frank, tell us a bit about yourself?" Asked Amaya. "Well... I um got kicked out cuz I have homophobic parents and I'm living with my best friend. My birthday is on Halloween and I llay guitar." I kept it short, to avoid awkward questions. "Kou and I never knew our biological parents, they gave us away. Still dude, that is harsh." Aoi mumbled. "It's okay, I never liked them anyways." I mumbled. Johnny Christ I am so awkward... (I don't say Jesus Christ I say Johnny Christ... Major A7X fan) someone save me.

Suddenly my phone rang and I nearly jumped for joy. I looked at the caller ID and saw Mama Donna's number. The words she said made my blood run cold.

"Frankie! Mikey's in the hospital! Second Chance Hospital NOW Frank!" and with that she hung up.

"Frank? You've gone pale and scared all of a sudden." Jamie said, looking at me worriedly. "M-Mikey's in the hospital. I have to go!" I shrieked, my voice a few octaves higher. I mumbled a quick apology and left Jamia to do the explaining.

I bursy through the double doors of the hospital and went immediately to the receptionist. "P-please can you tell m-me where Mikey Way is?" I asked, scared of what happened. She typed into the computer and gave me a sympathetic glance. "Room 4B. Take the elevator and turn left." She directed. I followed her directions and rushed to his room to find an unconcious Mikey and a crying Bob. "W-what...." I trailed off. Donna had tears glistening in her eyes as she hugged me.

"Mikey was raped and beaten hun." She sobbed, and I soon followed.

Poor Mikey!!! Who was the culprit?!?! Well you have to wait and find out! Review if you wanna know!!!
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