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I feel your pain

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You shall find out the culprit... nuff said

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You wanted it, so here it is. Thx for those who reviewed!!!

Third Person POV
The three people in the room sobbed. Mikey was still unconcious. He was covered in bandages, and his slightly tan complexion was deathly pale. Bob sat on a chair right beside Mikey's bed, his face clearly heartbroken. He hated seeing Mikey like this, and he felt so powerless. Bob felt tears streaming from his eyes. How could he forget the state his angel was in?

Bob flicked through the Hellboy comic book he was holding. Mikey had stepped out to get some Starbucks for both of them, Mikey knew how much Bob loved whipped cream. Bob set the comic back to it's rightful place on the shelf and looked around. Mikey wasn't back yet and it has been... 15 mins since he left. Bob walked out the comic book store and looked around, again no Mikey. Puzzled, Bob gave an inhale of confusion when he froze. He took another breath and identified the familiar smell


Bob looked around for the source, but no one had a cut or anything. Once again puzzled, Bob took a deep breath and could vaguely pinpoint the location

The alley near the old motel

Cautiously and quietly, Bob crept to the alley and popped his head around the corner for a peek. It was slightly dark, but he heard a groan of pain and the sour tang of blood was strong. 'Suck it up Bryar! You're a man!' Bob thought confidently and he slowly walked deeper into the alley. He heard another groan of pain and walked faster until he got to the source. He let out a gasp of horror, sadness and pure hatred towards the culprit. There on the ground, bloody and on the brink of conciousness, was his angel

Bob rushed to Mikey and crouched right beside him, by now Mikey's eyes were glazed and Bob knew he was unconcious. A small pool of blood welled around his body, which was slumped in an awkward angle. But that's not what made Bob's blood boil with fury. Mikey's pants were down, sperm was trickling from his ass and as Bob looked closer Mikey had traces of sperm in his mouth. Bob felt tears threatening to pour from his eyes, but he wiped them away and flipped open his phone and dialled 911

"9-1-1 How may I help you?
I need an ambulance! My uhh friend is unconcious and he's beaten up real bad
Sir please tell me your exact location
Delta Street, the alley beside the old motel
Thank you, the ambulance is on it's way."

And with that the conversation ended. Bob pulled Mikey's pants up and took his glasses and slipped them in his pocket. "It's gonna be okay Angel, you're gonna make it." Bob mumbled, trying to convince the unconcious Mikey and himself. The tears came and he silently cried and waited for the ambulance sirens to get closer.

'I should've gone with him. I can feel his pain now.' Bob thought over and over again. He buried his hands in his face and cried. Cried hot tears of pain. Hefelt a hand on his shoulder and glanced back to see a heartbroken Frank. 'Since when dis Frank get here?' Bob asked to himself. But all thoughts quickly vanished when he heard a small cough. He looked and saw a faint pink stain dust the cheeks of his boyfriens. Mikey's eyes fluttered open and he looked around the room. Bob immediately hugged Mikey, his eyes streaming with tears of happiness. "You're awake, I found you in the alley." Bob cried. And the memories of what happened came back to Mikey. He let out gut-wrenching sobs and wails as he clung on to Bob, who cradled him gently in his arms. A long time later Mikey calmed down and two police officers came in.

The first policeman was well-muscled, tattooed, lip piercing and honey eyes. The second cop was slightly taller, thinly built, blue-eyed with black hair and tattoes as well. "I'm Officer Sanders and this is my partner Officer Sullivan." The muscled cop spoke while his partner gave a brisk nod. "Mikey is it? Do you remember what happened?" Sullivan asked quietly, he was the more sensitive of the two and had a past of abuse. "I r-remember stepping out and getting g-grabbed. T-they took me to an a-lley where they r-r-raped me and beat me." Mikey stammered. Both cops gave softer glances, Mikey was only a young boy, girls did get raped but homosexual rape didn't happen as often. "Do you remember who assaulted you? Was it more than one?" Sanders pressed gently, not wanting to pressure the traumatized lad. "I-It was B-Bert McCracken and J-J-James Wellings." Mikey's voice cracked as he confessed. Both officers glanced at each other and nodded.

"Haner, Baker and Seward. We got another homo rape case, same assailants. Send out patrol cars immediately." Sullivan commanded through his walkie-talkie. The two cops then turned to a distraught Mama Donna. "Ma'am, your son is a victim of two serial rapists. We've been tring to get them for quite a while. The station will call when news comes up." Said Sanders. And with that, the two left and left the four to their silence.

-Le Gasps!- What happens next?! Well review and I'll update. James Wellings is a teacher in my school which my friends nicknamed 'The Rapist' and I couldn't resist. Thanks for letting me borrow the idea Natalie. Oh and Review!!!
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