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Chapter 35

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Duct tape

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Gerard slid one of his hands up so that it was caressing my cheek and the other moved to the side of me. I reached my own hands up and instinctively felt myself entangle them in his hair (though I felt a little awkward about it). Gerard obviously liked the reaction he was getting from me and smiled into our kiss. He let this go on for a little while but then, just as it was growing more demanding and hungry, he pulled away. I inhaled a sharp breath.
"Hey, Lily?" Gerard said quietly, almost as though he wasn't sure if he wanted me to hear. I glanced at him while trying to regain my composure and keep myself from blushing.

"Hrmm?" I mumbled and straightened myself up and noticing how badly I'd messed up Gerard's hair. He seemed to be worrying about something else because he sighed and did that oh so familiar thing that he does and locked his eyes to mine.

"I just realized something. I never asked you properly." He stated clearly and with a forced confidance. Confusion made it's way onto my face.

"Umm, never properly asked me what?" I questioned. Gerard smiled and leaned back down towards me.

"Be my girlfriend?" He asked, looking hopeful. I blinked and felt my mind go blank.
"I..erghh..grraahhmmm..." I mumbled out, unable to form a complete sentence. The hell is wrong with me?!

Gerard frowned and began to turn away from me,"oh...well it's okay if you don't want to. I just thought that maybe...Whatever, it's okay."

"NO!" I finally shouted and grabbed his shirt. I jerked him back towards me and my eyes searched his face frantically. He looked shocked.

"No! W-wait, no, I don't mean no! I-I mean yes!" I stuttered in panic. Gerard gave me a confused look and I let out a frustrated sigh.

"Lily, are you okay?" He asked looking really concerned. I sucked in a breath.
"Wh-why do you like me?" I whispered. Gerard's eyebrows shot up in shock.
"Why do I like you?!" Gerard restated my question.

I nodded. "You didn't tell me when we were locked up in Beckett's dungeon. You said, and I quote, "we should talk about this later when you can handle it." Well, it's later." I said, hoping he'd finally explain everything to me. Gerard just nodded his head in agreement. "I suppose you're right."

I smiled. Then, Gerard lifted a hand and brought it up to my cheek. I felt my face getting red. He let out a quiet chuckle.

"Lily, you are so adorable. You are strong and independent. You won't take shit from anyone, be they vampire or human. You are so independent. And I don't really need anymore reasons than those. Then again, when I make you nervous and jumpy, you act so..." He trailed off in thought.
"S-so what?" Dammit, why can't I form a freakin' sentence?

"So cute. I love it when you get all hot and bothered," as he said this, he slid a finger along my jawline and I shivered. "Just like that. So I think I know what the answer is but I need to have it confirmed," he whispered. "So tell me your answer Lily."
"I...erhh...umm..." Dammit, he really does know how to make me nervous.

"Say yes..." Gerard breathed, and I inhaled his intoxicating scent. My head felt clouded and my thoughts became a jumbled mess.

"B-but for us to be...we'd have to go on a..." I didn't finish my sentence, feeling awkward.
"Of course, I did promise you one. So is that yes?" He questioned hopefully. I swallowed.

Not a second after the words left my mouth, he attached his lips to mine in the best kiss I have ever had. Then, he pulled away for a moment.

Gerard grinned, "Good, because I don't know what sort of crazy thing this vampire would have done to change your mind."

I couldn't help but let a smile spread across my face and then, Gerard placed another softer kiss on my lips.

"Have fun at your sleepover." He winked and then before I could move an inch, he was gone. I rolled my eyes.

"Damn vampires and their vampire powers...."


Kat, Alisha, Brandy, Brenda, and Sarah exchanged a look as I approached them outside of Lea and Ray's room.

"What was that?" I questioned curiously. Brandy grinned. "Nothing, we were just wondering what was taking you so long. Thought we might have to kidnap you. What were you and Gerard doing that took you so long?"

I rolled my eyes. "We didn't do anything. What makes you guys think we were doing anything?"
Kat started laughing hysterically and I think the confused look on my face must have been priceless because the rest of the girls started laughing too. "Umm....guys?"

They went right on laughing for another good four minutes and FINALLY stopped long enough for Kat to pull out her cell phone. She flipped it open and pulled up a picture of one man with his hair standing up in all directions and walking down the hall with a happy grin that would put any other smile to shame.

"Fuck." I swore and that sent the three of them laughing again. I have such great friends...
"He passed through here not two minutes before you arrived. Gerard was so busy daydreaming that he didn't even see us take the picture." Alisha laughed. Kat nodded and placed a hand on my shoulder. "I think you should frame it."

"And I think you and Frank should get a room but just because we think something, doesn't mean it's going to happen." I retorted swiftly. Kat managed not to blush but after that remark she kept her mouth shut. The girls glanced sideways at each other and back at me.
"Bye the way, who is taking care of Bob while we party?" I asked a little worried.
"Patrick said he'd have Andy and Joe take care of him," Alisha answered lowly. Everyone went quiet. Nobody knew what to say about Bob.

" who's ready to walk in on Lea and Ray's sexing?" Kat asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Please, I think they would be a bit louder than that if they know." I said, bringing some awkwardness back. Brandy seemed oblivious to it (kinda like my sister Maggie...).

"Ehh, they could just be really quiet," she joked. We all made grossed out faces and Alisha placed her hand on the door knob. Then, we all paused, before we ran in screaming at the top of our lungs: " DON"T FORGET PROTECTION!!"

A VERY startled Ray jumped away from an equally terrified Lea, faster than a crack addict when the cops bust in.

"HOLYMOTHERFUCKERSHIT!" He bellowed as he fell backwards off the bed he'd sitting on and landed his ass on the floor. Lea's eyes were larger than plates and they grew even larger when Alisha appeared by her side in less than a second, not giving Lea anytime to register what the hell was going on. "You're coming with us."

Five minutes later and the world's craziest match of human tug o' war ever, we had Lea. Mind you she was thrown over Alisha's shoulder and screaming for help from Ray who was duct taped to the dresser (don't ask how).

"I think this is going to be a great sleepover," Kat laughed optimistically and I nodded in agreement, the sound of Lea's complaints echoing all through the halls.


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