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Chapter 36

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Lily's POV

"Okay Sarah, your turn," Alisha said while passing magical stick of awesomeness (it was paint mixer) to Sarah.

"Do I have to do this? I mean I didn't even volunteer for this whole escapade," she complained. Brandy jabbed her in the ribs.

"We kidnapped you, you have to play. Don't make us kicking Frank out of this room for nothing. It would make Kat sad." Brenda whispered the last bit and glanced at Kat who was staring off into space. She gave Kat a swift kick.

"Huh?! Oh! Yeah! Really sad, I'd be super sad. Like I'd become depressed and need pills and shit," Kat added quickly. Brenda rolled her eyes while Alisha and I supressed laughs.
"Fine...umm...dare?" Sarah mumbled, sounding really unsure. Jill jumped at this sweet (we had to. She seems really cool. Along with Pete’s girlfriend.)

"Schhweeet!! Okay, I dare you to....shave Pete's legs." Jill grinned wickedly. Sarah’s jaw dropped and a look of pure horror donned her features.

"You have GOT to be kidding me. I'm not shaving his legs! He'll kill me!" Sarah shouted in protest. However, Lacie obviously wasn't taking shit today because she quietly walked out of the room and returned not five seconds later with a razor and some women's shaving cream....


"Just stay quiet and maybe he won't wake up." I advised in a whisper. We were all standing inside of Pete's room. He was lying comfortably in his bed, looking threatening as ever.
"Okay, just so you guys know. If this is how I die, trying to shave a grown man's legs, then I am haunting ALL your asses." Sarah threatened quietly as she approached Pete's bed. He was breathing slowly with an occasional soft snarl thrown in. Sarah tiptoed over to the end of the bed and pulled back the covers just a little bit. Thankfully for her, Pete was wearing boxers. (Batman boxers to be precise.)

"I hate all of you," she muttered before spraying some shaving cream on Pete's exposed hairy man legs. Then, she began to carefully slide the razor along one of his legs. We all made faces when she showed us how much hair she got just by going up once. It was nasty to say the least.

"He's a heavy sleeper isn't he?" Brenda observed in a hushed tone. Lacie and I furrowed our eyebrows and shook I my head. We both exchanged glances. Pete had always been a light sleeper, a VERY light sleeper. This was weird. However, since nothing happened, I couldn't complain. Things were going fine, he hadn't woken up to kill us all, and Sarah had already finished a whole leg.

"Wow...he is going to be so ticked when he-" Sarah began.

"Wakes up?" A gruff voice answered. We all stared at Pete, his eyes were wide open and his face could only be described with the word: Murder.

"EVERYBODY HAUL ASS!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. In less than half a second everyone began to dart out of the room at high speed. However, since SOME of us don't come equipped with insane vampire powers, some of us have to rely on their best vampire hunting skills...

"Now Pete, c'mon buddy, lets be reasonable about this. I mean it was just a practical joke. You know a good "ha-ha"? It's not that big of a deal, your hair will grow back..." I trailed off as I stood cornered against the wall outside of Pete's room. Brandy and Brenda had somehow managed to get out.

"Oh so it was a joke," his anger melted and his face transformed into a smile. Why is he smiling? He shouldn't be smiling! Peter fucking Wentz does not smile! This is a bad day.
"Uh-huh. We were just kidding," I reasoned as Pete stepped closer to me. I looked sideways down the hall, nobody was there. I'd been fucking abandoned.

"Pete...why don't you stay where you are." I gulped. He was only about two feet away from us and I shudder to think what the hell he's got in mind for revenge.

"No, I think I need to get just a little closer. I really do like pranks. In fact, there is this one I have in mind that involves a human girl and some rope," he finished with a toothy grin. I made a face.

"Sounds kinky but I doubt Gerard would appreciate it," I responded with my own grin. Pete's face got that enraged look again and just as we thought he was going to kill me or do whatever it is he was planning with that rope, Alisha swung in. No I'm not kidding you, she literally had like a vine thing and SWUNG right into Pete, successfully knocking him to the floor unconscious. Then, Kat and Jill pulled out a body bag (I prefer not to ask where they got it) and zipped him up in it.

"Wow...the next time Beckett kidnaps me can you guys be my rescue team? You guys are much quicker than Gerard." I said in awe.

"Yeah and you don't totally fail and get yourselves kidnapped like Lily." Brandy remarked from beside me. I smacked her. She stuck her tongue out at me and I made faces back. We are so mature.

"So I say we get back to Kat and Frank's room before Pete wakes up and rips through the bag," Lacie suggested. We all nodded and left, watching the body bag warily until we were safely around the corner.


"Okay Lily, I think it's your turn now." Kat grinned wickedly as we all sat down and formed a circle. I sighed. "Fine, do your worst."

"Truth or dare?" She asked looking a little too excited.
I paused for a moment but then flashbacks of the hell we'd just been through came back to me. "Truth."

Kat looked annoyed but Sarah's eyebrows shot up. Then, Sarah leaned over and whispered something into Kat's ear. I gave a look to everyone else but they just shrugged. Kat looked back to me and smiled.

"Okay Lily, why don't you tell us what exactly you and Gerard were up to earlier. We want details, what were you doing that took you so long to get to Frank and I's room?"
I sucked in a breath, looked straight at Sarah, and then at Kat, before responding with, "monopoly."

Everyone's faces went from excited to "WTF?"

"You heard me, we were playing monopoly. Gerard is like addicted to it, and he knows how to own the boardwalk and rack you up with bills and debt till you owe him everything down to your soul." I answered with a straight face. They all looked dumbfounded. Then, Alisha must've noticed the corner of my mouth twitching slightly from the effort it was taking to not break out into a fit of laughter.

"You little liar! You're trying so hard not to laugh right now, aren't you?!" She shouted and glared at me. That's when I broke and swore at her ability to notice that. Brandy smacked me in the back of the head and Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Okay, answer now or we'll go ask Frank, Mikey, or Ray. We KNOW he's told at least one of them cause he's such a girlie man." Alisha said while crossing her arms. I sighed.
"Spill, bitch." Jill demanded seriously.

"Fine, fine! We were making out and he realized he hadn't "properly" asked me to be his girlfriend. So he did and I said yes. There, happy now?" I asked bitterly.

"No, but we'll let it slide since we love you." Kat answered looking smug. I rolled my eyes.
About fifty rounds of truth or dare later and seeing Alisha perform her version of Jump On It and hearing about how the meaning of life can all be found within The Walrus And The Carpenter from Lacie, (not to mention watching Alice In Wonderland twice just be sure we got it all) I was wondering about the time. I turned and looked to a clock conveniently placed behind Jill's head. "Jill could you move your head?"

"Are you calling me fat?" She asked looking horrified. I rolled my eyes...again.
"Yes, in fact you are the fattest woman I know. If I didn't care about your feelings so damn much I'd slap you and tell you to get your fat ass on weight watchers. Now will you please move your goddamned fat head so I can see how much sleep we have not gotten?" I asked and waited for her to move.

"Sure." She shrugged and tilted her head. The clock read, well, nothing. Something else was blocking it but it was too dark in the room to tell what. I turned nonchalantly but then did a double take as the red numbers glared back at me. Whatever had been blocking the numbers had moved....

"Um guys, there was something blocking the clock from behind Jill's head and it just moved and I don't think we're the only ones discovering the meaning of life anymore." I said somewhat nervously. Then, a man wearing burlesque type mask dropped from the ceiling into the center or our circle. He hissed loudly and we all jumped back while screaming.

Not a second later, four other masked men fell and then there was a moment's hesitation before they leapt at us. None of them were recognizable to us in the darkness so we had only one option: flee! Kat dove for the door but the one that went for her crashed them both into the wall. Lacie successfully ripped the door open though and the rest of us dashed out. We all took off down the hall with the masked guys at our heels.

"WE JUST ATTRACT ALL THE CRAZIEST LOONIES! FACE IT, WE'RE MAGNETS FOR THE WEIRDOS!!" I screamed back and then gasped as I noticed Sarah trip beside me in a fashion oh so similar to that of a horror film. We all hesitated, thinking of going back for her, but then one of the masked men jumped right onto her and roared at us. Alisha, Brenda, Brandy, Lea, Lacie, Jill and I broke back into a dead sprint as the man's three remaining pals caught up to us.
"SPLIT UP!" Brandy yelled as we approached the corner of the hallway. She dove left into a room, and everyone else went right, and me, like the idiot I am, I kept running down the hall and turned the corner that lead to where we'd left Pete hours ago. However, now there was a torn up body bag laying in the hall and Pete was nowhere to be found. At that, I was at least a little relieved. While I'm running for my life, at least I don't have to worry about Pete being ticked and yelling at me for letting them zip him up in a body bag.

I looked back over my shoulder and noticed that there was only one chasing after me. He seemed at ease with his pace, like he was waiting for me to get tired or make a mistake. I made a face. We'll see who wins this, buddy. I noticed a bathroom door up on my right and I quickly dashed into it. I slammed the door shut behind me and fumbled with the lock for half a second before getting it right and forming the only barrier between me and the lunatic outside. There was a loud bang as he must've collided with the door. Then, there was silence. I sighed.

However, as we all know, the world loves to ruin shit for me and soon the door handle started jangle and I could only guess that he was picking the damned lock.

"Fuck!" I whispered and backed away from the door just in time for the masked guy to burst through. He was waaayyy taller than my shortness (that much I could tell in the dark) and he loomed over me as kicked the door shut behind him and locked it. Not a good day.

" you crash sleepovers as a hobby or is this an occasion?" I questioned meekly as I backed away from him. I felt around for anything I might use as a weapon in the dark but, of course, there was nothing but toilet paper, which would only succeed in making a mess for Patrick to clean up later.

Scary man reached out in one swift movement, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me to him. Now, I had been by the toilet but now he had me cornered between him and the bathroom sink. "So is this how you typically meet women? Cause I think that might be bit strange." I commented drly.

Then, ignoring my words, Mr. Masked Man flipped me around so that I was facing a mirror over the sink instead of him, tore off his mask, flipped the bathroom light on, and placed a hand on either side of me as he locked eyes with mine through the mirror.
"I only meet women I really like this way. They're only worth it if they give you a good chase." Gerard smirked at me through the mirror. My eyes went wide.


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