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i'd smash his face for six bucks and a dr. pepper

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Gerard hears some shitty news...

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I was sitting at the back left corner, in English, on my own. No-one had really realized me, it was day two of school, it was going good, well apart from yesterday morning. The lesson was just about to start, when the large dirty green door swung open. A small dark figure strolled in through the doors, I realized it was Frank. Fuck. Frank is in my English class, how the fuck am I supposed to concentrate?
'Please don't sit with me, Please don't fuckin sit with me!' I was mumbling under my breath. Frank scanned the class, BOOM! he found me, sitting at the back of the class, not giving him eye contact. He strolled up the isle towards the table I was sitting at, at the back.
'Fag!' I heard Jason, one of Dylan's friend's say to Frank. Bob taught me all of their names, I learnt the name's and faces straight away. Frank kept walking towards me. He pulled the seat out, threw his bag to the floor, then plotted himself on the uncomfortable plastic chair.
'Dude, why didn't you say anything to that Jason kid?' I gazed into his gorgeous russet green eyes, without making it too obvious. Frank sat there and shrugged.
'I dunno, It's just not worth it.' I wish I had his attitude.
'If I was you, I'd smash his face for six bucks and a dr. pepper' This for some reason made Frank laugh.

~Time laps~

I was sitting in the lunch hall with Bob, Frank, Mikey and Ray again. Just talking about shit, Frank told the guys what I'd said in English, they all seemed to find it funny, but I didn't laugh, and well Mikey, he just smirked. I realized I was, again, staring at Frank. I couldn't help it though. The thought of kissing Frank's lush pale lips, running my tongue over them, tugging at his lip ring. Fuck! I wanted him bad.

Frank's P.O.V

Oh Gerard did make me laugh in English when he said he'd smash Jason's face in. Gerard for some reason wasn't laughing. I was picking at my bread roll I'd brought, when I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. I was too scared to look up to see who it was, so I just sat there, picking at my bread roll. At that moment, someone or something tapped me on the shoulder. I stopped picking at my bread roll, looked up and turned around. In front of me stood the most beautiful girl, I had ever seen.
'Hi Frank, Can I talk to you?' Her sweet voice spoke out, I nodded, I stood up weak in the knees and followed her to the corner of the lunch hall.
'Hey Maisy, What did you need to talk to me a-about?' I managed to stutter out.
'Well Frank, I've had my eye on you for a while now and well, I would just love to ask you out?' She went all shy which I found adorable, she was biting on the side of her thumb. I was speechless, no-one had ever asked me out.
'Yeah sure' I was so happy, by the looks of it so was Maisy. Maisy was the type of girl, who wasn't fake, she was an individual. She gets shit off people, for being an emo and being ugly, but she's never given in to them, she's always held her head up high. I think she's beautiful.

Gerard's P.O.V

I was panicking, what could Maisy be talking to Frank about, that would take nearly the whole of lunch?!?! I saw him stroll back over to us, with a huge grin on his face, bigger than it was when he left. Something bad must of happened.

Mikey's P.O.V

I carefully watch Gerard's every panicky movement, he knows something has happened. I just can't wait to see how he reacts to Frank's news. You all may think I'm being a complete bastard here, but believe me I'm not, if he just told me the truth then I wouldn't be like this, He lied to me, his own brother, we've never kept any secrets.

Gerard's P.O.V

So I watched Maisy and Frank stroll back, they both stood at the end of the table, building up tension, which was fuckin killing me in side. They were both grinning like fuckin cheshire cats. I noticed Mikey staring at me. Did he fuckin know? Did everyone know? No I was just being paranoid.
'So guys, we've got some news.' Frank stopped talking to smile, idiotically.
'We're kinda together now!' My eyes widened, Mikey burst out laughing. I couldn't fucking move, Yeah Mikey definitely knows.

Hey, I'm so sorrry for all the different P.O.V changes, but I really do hope you like it, but tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to update, so I'll see you saturdayyy ;)
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