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Sweaty Palms and Oak Trees

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Gerard is left speechless, but can he pull his act together and get over his paranoia?

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I sat there, staring at my feet. I was dying inside, I needed to get out of there, but if I did they'd start asking questions. So I sat there, in silence. I could feel a eyes on me, watching my very slight movement. There was an awkward silence between all 6 of us, I couldn't handle it. I looked up.
'So, isn't this great news?' I couldn't let anyone see the pain I was in, also I hate awkward silences. Mikey looked at me, with a confused expression, I smirked at me, trying to give him the impression I was pretending to like Frank. He fell for it, oh poor innocent, stupid Mikey.
'Yeah it's amazing!' Frank smiled cheerfully. I wanted to kill him so much right now. Maisy whispered something into Frank's ear because he smiled, picked his bag up, then left the hall with her, They were up to something. Bob and Ray had gone back to their conversation, Mikey turned his body around to me.
'So? What the fuck is happening with you man?' I looked at my food just sitting on the table, then back to him.
'Nothing, You know I don't eat.' I tried changing the subject, Mikey gets distracted easily.
'Well, I thought you liked...Frank?' I smiled at him.
'Yeah, Dickface, as a FRIEND! Do you know what friend means?' I started to laugh. Mikey still didn't have a clue.
''Okay then, so if you've never liked Frank, that way. What was it with the dream?' Fuck, he's caught me out. I tried thinking for a story.
'Yeah, It's not what you think. I had a dream about us all and well Frank turned really, like, aggressive, if that's the right word? and yeah I was calling his name, because I wanted him to stop, well we all did.' That was an actual dream I had so really I wasn't lying, but it wasn't the dream, Mikey was on about. I smirked at Mikey.
'You understand now?' Mikey nodded, I don't think he does understand but at least for now, I've gotten him off my back. The end of lunch bell went, we all walked to our last lesson class, which for me, was Art. I had art alot during the week because I picked it for my exams.
I took my seat in art, then guess who strolled through the doors. Frank Iero, the one person I didn't want to see at the moment. He, as always, scanned the room to look for me or someone he knew, and bingo he found me, sitting at the back of the classroom, as always. He pulled the stool out from under the table, then sat down throwing his bag onto the floor.
'Sup.' I ignored him, I always do in art, he knows that. It's nothing personal but I just love art, well I want to do well in the class. Our teacher Miss Rogers walked to the front of her class, to tell us what to do. As soon as she starts talking, everyone is under her control/power. It's quite scary really, but we all have a good laugh with her, she's a fun teacher to have.
'Right today, We're going to finish our final projects. So when I'm finished talking start working.' Most of the people in the class done a small "woo" but then others just sat there, smiling. Our final projects were we got to do portraits of people, so like celebrities, friends or people who inspire us. I know it seems like a really simple task, but actually it's not. So like she said, when she finished talking to go get our work. I stood up from my stool, to go get my work when a hand was placed on mine. I turned around to see who's hand it was. I was shocked to see who it was. It was Frank. He stood up, next to me and smiled at me. I was confused, I mean I'm normally confused but this time, I was extremely confused. He took me out of the class, which I wasn't too pleased about. Frank started to run, god I hate running. He took me to the big oak tree, I saw earlier.
Frank let go of my hand, god how I wish he didn't. He walked a little bit in front of me.
'I can't believe what you did back there, I couldn't of been able to do it.' Frank said with his back facing me.
Wait what!?! Does he know? He can't know! I mean it's impossible for him to know! I told Mikey that I didn't, so how? who?
Frank turned back around to me smiling, my palms getting sweatier than they were before.
'I...Thanks for breaking the awkward silence. Dude you've got sweaty palms, it's gross!' Frank started to laugh, fuck me! His laugh is adorable!
Maybe Frank does know, I mean he did think before he carried on, what he was going to say, he could of just got scared, ya know like I always do? I just give up with this all now.

This chapter felt so long to write, but I hope you liked it :D I'm extremely sorry, but I won't be updating Monday (Tomorrow) or Tuesday, because on Monday I've got a stupid detention with my art teacher. The on Tuesday I will be super busy getting ready for Wednesday, because Wednesday is the last day before summer :D so yeah :) Anyways see you guys Wednesday evening x
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