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He's small, but Fuckin adorable!

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Gerard and Maisy in a cupboard!?!?!?!

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He held my hand. My hand was connected with his. I was laying on my bed, again, thinking of today's events. The way he put his hand over mine, then us both swiftly running out of the room, holding hands. I was pretty disapointed of what Frank said, I know he wanted to say something else to me but he just didn't have the guts to.
I'm sorry I've just realized all I talk about Frank, but I could talk about him all day. Frank -- The guy I'm inlove with, since the day I met him a few days ago. He has the most beautiful russet green eyes, always underlined with red guyliner. He just has the most perfect pale pink lips, with a silver lip ring on the left side. His hair, is perfect in everyway, and his height, god! He's small, but fuckin adorable! I just want to pick him up and squeeze him tight.

~ One Week Later ~
I was in Art, again with Frank hoping this time he'd touch my hand. I had finished my portrait before anyone else had. So I started to draw Mikey, Bob, Ray, me and hiself. His birthday was coming up so I'd thought he'd like it. I had lightly sketched it out, I was just adding some detail, then I could go over it, darker. I had noticed Frank, keep peering over to my work, to try and figure out the light sketches.
'Hey, Eyes on your own work!' I said jokingly. Frank actually done what I asked, but with a laugh. I didn't have enough time to finish it, so I had to go over it in dark at home, now Frank wouldn't know that it was the cult.
My next lesson was Photography, Out of the cult, I was the only one taking that class. I took a chair from the back of the class, then sat at the back. Oh not to mention, Maisy was in my class, Joy. She has the same habit as Frank, scans the class for someone she knows, then sits with them. She eventually found me, hiding behind my raven black hair. She pulled a chair next to me, she was actually quite close to me, I didn't feel to comfortable. I mean she seems like a nice girl, her style was awesome, she was punk/scene, but got called emo, she was fine with it. But today what made me uncomfortable, was the things she was wearing, she was wearing a mini tartan skirt, with only a small vest top and converse. What was she playing at?
'Off you go guys!' Mr Smith sent us off to the field to take some pictures. I stood up, and put my chair back. I strolled out of the room, and with no surprise, Maisy caught up with me.
'Hey Gerard!' She took my hand into her, pale soft hand. Her grip was firm, I had no way of getting out.
'Um hi?' I said to her, I didn't really want to speak to her. Instead she carried on.
'So, How've you been honey?' She put my arm on to her shoulder, still holding my hand. I'm fuckin confused, I know that for sure.
'I've been good, Um Maisy I don't think you should be holding my hand, I mean what if Frank sees us? He'd think I'm hitting on you.' I tried freeing my hand, it didn't work.
'Who's Frank baby?' I looked at her. Is she having me on?
'Frank! Your boyfriend, Frank!' Her face expression is blank, she doesn't have a clue. We had slowed down and stopped outside of an old music room, that no-one uses any more. Everyone had passed us, Maisy was getting closer and closer to me. She opened the door to the old music room, pushing me "seductively" with her. She closed the door, it was dark with only a little bit of light coming from the window.
'Oh, Gerard. I know, Your new but your always on my mind! I want you! I want you all the time, next to me, touching my body somehow!' I looked at her even though she couldn't see my expression.
'But Maisy, I can't let this happen. Your going out with Frank! My, practically, best friend! This would break his heart if he found out.' Maisy took it the wrong way.
'But Gerard, baby. We just won't tell anyone, It would be our little secret! I know you want me, I've seen the way you've been looking at me!' She put her hands around my waist and started to run her hands down my body, down to where she reached my bum. She kissed my bottom lip. I obviously tried pulling away, but she wouldn't have any of it. I had to do, what I had to do. I don't care that it will get around the school now.
'MAISY GET OFF ME!' Maisy kept on moving her hands to my crotch.
'Baby, you love it really!' I put my hands on my shoulders, and pushed with all of my might.
'MAISY, I'M BI! I don't love you! Your going out with Frank.' I could hear her backing away slowly.
'Yeah, you run along and tell your petty little slutty friends of yours, tell them I'm bi!' Now I could hear her walk closer to me.
'Gerard, Why would you think I'd tell everyone?' She sounded upset, I don't think I should of said what I did to her.
'I'm sorry Maisy, but It's just the way you came on to me, so strong like this other girl at my old school, well I told her, she told the whole school. That's when my depression started. So you can run and tell Frank, your precious boyfriend, that the new emo fag, is actually an emo fag!' I had slid down the wall, sitting on the floor with my knees up to my chest.
'Gerard? Can I ask you, Why you don't want to hurt Frank? Why you told me your secret?' She's trying to twist the words out of me, I might as well tell her.
'Well, Frank he's my best friend and well it would kill me to see him get hurt, just like it killed me when you -- ah never mind, but I told you it because I didn't want to, again, hurt Frankie, I mean its happened to me once, I don't want it to happen to someone else.' I could feel tears forming from my eyes.
'You called him Frankie? Gerard is there something your not telling me?' I looked to my knees, trying to hold back the tears.
'I'm in love with Frank Anthony Iero, and when I heard the news about you two, It just killed me.' I blurted out, For fuck sake, I'm not very good at keeping secrets am I?

OH! Surprise chapter mwhahahaha ;) I might be able to update tomorrowm Just have to wait and see! Hope you like it earthlings, peace out!
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