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Lala! Lala! I mean.......Hi!

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Okayz everybody (who even still reads this)

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Okay my dear awesome, sweet fucktard (with love!) readers, I would first like to say I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Second, I'm happy to say that my oldest sister is now reading this!!!! Claps for her for reading my pervyness and Frerards (pauses for applause) Third, I'm scared to say that I won't be updating until I've written the rest of the chapters. Don't think I'm givin up on all of you, but I just need to write it all out. I don't know why at the moment, but I really don't care. It just feels like if I don't its gonna suck and I don't want it to. Sooooo............ Hugs and Ghosts, Lala
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