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Chapter Seventeen - Nell

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"Run away! Like it was yesterday! And we could run away, run away from here!"

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I lay in bed all day. Its so boring. All I can do I watch TV and run my fingers through my little sister's fur.

Katrina really was cute. A little leopard with soft light brown fur. I kept petting her as she purred against my side.

I sighed, getting lost in my thoughts. Mikey's face danced around behind my eyes, making me smile. Kat hissed, pulling me back to the present.

She was hackling, looking at the door. Hmmm her ears must have picked something up. After a moment, I heard fast foot falls and breathless talking.

I placed my hand on my baby sister's back “Its okay Kat.” I pulled my fingers through her fur again. Seconds later, the double doors to my room burst open, slamming into the wall.

A horrified Mikey rushed in, followed closely by a flustered Christian. From where I was, it looked like Christian was about to pass out.

Mikey ran over and fell to his knees. Kat hissed and clawed at the air between them. I slapped her paw lightly.

“Knock it off Kat. Hi, sorry about her Mikey.” I smiled apologetically at him. “So what's-”

“Nell, I love you.” he said, cutting me off. I blinked in shock. Even Kat slipped into her human form she was so shocked.

My heart sang in my chest. I took his hand in mine. “I love you too.” He squeezed my hand, blinking back tears.

Over his shoulder, I saw Christian trembling. I sighed, shaking my head at him. “Ya know Christian, you may be a cougar, but you have no guts. I swear I'm the only strong one. No wonder Mom and Dad hate me.” I rolled my eyes.

My siblings looked ready to scream protests but Mikey waved his hand.

“Its not important. Nell love we have to get out of here. I'll explain later but I have to make sure you're safe first. These two can come too but we have to go. Now.” his hand tightened on mine, fear and pain burning in his eyes.

I put my free hand on his cheek, twining my fingers in his soft hair. “Mikey, you know I'd force these two and go with you, but I can't move. Bruce gave me something to drain me to the point to where I can barely feel this.” I ran my thumb over his cheek softly.

His eyes popped. “What?” I nodded, playing with his hair.

“Here,” he cupped my face in his hands and leaned forward, touching his lips to mine.

I gasped, putting my arms around his neck as the lightening seared through my numb body. My arms, legs, even my toes came burning back to life. Tears sprang to my eyes as the pain lashed through my torso.

But I ignored it, focusing on the feel of Mikey's lips on mine. His hands on my face. Then, all to soon, he pulled away.

At the loss of contact, the pain gnawed at my body. I bit back a scream, but that didn't stop the tears from escaping the corners of my eyes.

Mikey noticed and wiped them away with his thumb. I smiled softly and held my hand out to him.

“Help me up. You two go grab some things you can't live without and hurry. And no toys either.” I spoke to my siblings softly. My gaze fell back on Mikey. “Please tell me you drove.” I asked hopefully.

He nodded and took my nerves vanished. The two had scampered off to gather their things, leaving the two of us alone in my huge room. His hand grasped mine and he pulled me to my feet.

I swayed. My legs hadn't been used in almost two days. Mikey wrapped his arms around my waist

His beautiful light brown eyes sparkled with worry as he looked at me. I just smirked and put my arms around his shoulders. Before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine.

I sighed happily at the touch. My fingers twined in his hair again. He pulled me closer, deepening the kiss.

My arms tightened around him as my body erupted in sparks. But they felt good. Mmmm so good.

Someone cleared their throat by the door and we jumped apart. I refused to move my arms from his neck though. “Could have knocked ya know.” I glared at Christian.

He rolled his eye at me, setting his bag down by the door. “I did, but you two were too.....uh, distracted that you didn't hear me.”

Before I could respond, Kat ran back in, her blue bag slung over her shoulder. “Can I says bye-bye to Momma before we go Nelly?”

I locked eyes with Mikey. “We can't risk getting followed love.” he whispered softly. Kat tugged at my shirt.

Her soft silver eye bore into mine. I looked at Christian, who just raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms. “Yeah. Can't we say bye to Mom and Dad Nelly?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“No. Sorry guys but we don't have the time. We have to go now.” Kat frowned and nodded. Christian picked up his bag with a sigh.

I snagged my fang necklace from my dresser and slipped it on. The four of us made our way down the hall. I repressed a groan when one of the servants how had been taking care of me gasped in shock.

“Miss Nell! What are you doing out of bed?!” She was actually one of the nurses I had became friends with. I opened my mouth, but Christian shocked me into silence, pushing Chloe roughly against the wall and growling into her face.

“You saw nothing, you got that?” I saw his fangs an inch away from her face. Her eyes were bugged and full of terror.

“Christian! Down boy!” I puled him off of her by his shoulders. Chloe remained pressed against the wall. I touched her shoulder. “I'm so sorry about him, but I need you to not tell anybody that you saw this okay?” She nodded and I squeezed her shoulder lightly “Thanks Chloe. If you need anything, you know my phone number.” I smiled softly and let go of her. She fell to her knees and we continued down the hall.

We made it out to the car I recognized as Ms. Wa- I mean Donna's without any more run-ins with anybody. Right when I let my guard down, Mom's car turned into the huge driveway.

“Shit! In, in! Hurry!” Kat and Christian slid into the back, closing the door quickly. Mikey went around to the driver's side and got in. But when I tried to open my door, my hands shook so bad I couldn't get it.

“Nell?!” My eyes bulged. My hands froze at Mom's voice. Thankfully, the catch of the door popped and open and Mikey pulled me in.

I slammed the door shut, thanking God that she'd parked on Mikey's side. By the time she'd gotten around the front of her car, we were pealing out of the driveway. We sped down the street, Mikey's hand on mine.

There was the fact that I was weak enough to look back. Mom was staring after us, her face blank. Mikey's hand tightened on mine.

“I'm fine.” I ripped my eyes from the mirror. He rubbed his thumb over my hand.

“Where to now?” he asked softly. I smiled.

“To the apartment. All my stuff is there and we need to pick up Sen.” Christian snorted slightly. I turned in my seat to look at him. “Not that I'm not proud of you and all, but where'd that come from exactly?”

His face fell. “I don't really know. But it felt good. Really good, actually.” His face went pink.

I knew what he meant. “I'll explain it to you later, my dear spazmat of an older brother.” I patted his knee lightly.

Wooo!!!!! Three in one day!! Beat THAT! Lol still in a good mood!

Hugs and French fries

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