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I'll wait until you wake.

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Update. Sorry it's a shorter chapter. Will Frank wake or will it be the end and will he leave Gerard and Mikey forever?

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Okay, this one's a little shorter. No one reviewed or rated the first chapter, so here's a shorter one. Enjoy it, and please R&R :).

Once were back at the hospital we sit down in the waiting area.
"Are you sure you want to wait until he wakes up? It could be 7 years." Mikey asks.
"Well then I guess I'll wait 7 years, won't I?"
Mikey sighs. I don't think I'd actually wait here for 7 years, but i'd come back every day.
"Mr. Way?" A young nurse asks me.
"Yeah." I sortov mumble.
"Frank's not awake yet, but you can go in to see him."
"Thanks." I smile.
At least I can see him. Me and Mikey take the elevator up to level 4 and stop at the door.
"How about you go by yourself."
"No." I say, and grab Mikeys hand.
We walk in to see an unconscious Frank hooked up to different wires. Mikey and I sit there for a long time, just staring at him.
What if he doesn't wake up? What if he's in a coma for 30 years? No, he couldn't be. What if he dies? What if he wakes up and has a panic attack?
I feel a tear roll down my cheek, and Mikey sits next to me and hugs me tightly.
"Wanna go back down stairs?" He asks.
"Maybe... We could wait in the hallway here?" I ask.
"I'm sure we could." he smiles.
"I'm sorry boys, I'll have to ask you to leave now. You can wait in the hallway if you're not keen on going home." An older nurse interrupts us.
"Okay." I sigh.
Me and Mikey go into the hallway and sit on a quite small leather couch.

~6 hours later~

"Gerard, why don't we go home. It's 3am." Mikey says.
"No, I want to wait." I say. "You can go. I'll call you if something happens or if I need you."
"Are you sure?"
"Positive." I smile.
"Okay, but first. Tell me..." He starts, "Do you like Frank? Like, more than a friend?"
I won't lie. I do like Frank more than a friend. I have for a while. Ever since I met him actually, 3 years ago.
"Er... Um, yeah." I feel my face go red.
"Thought so." Mikey laughs, "Bye Gee." And he walks down the hall, until he disappears around the corner. I guess it's just me now.
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