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A/N Okay first of all, i'm so sorry for taking so long to update! A lot has been going off and i've just had no time at all! Secondly, i'm going to cuba on thursday for a fortnight, so i wont be updating for a while! :( And finally, a massive thankyou to everyone who reviewed! I actually love you all! So here's the next chapter anyway, hope you like it! :) xoxo


"Where's the fag?!"
"What the actual fuck?"
"You heard! Where's the fag? We saw you helping him yesterday!"
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! You mean Gerard? I dunno. I don't even know the kid. How should I know where he is?"
"You're his new boyfried aren't you? We saw you helping him, staring longingly into his eyes, hand on his shoulder, comforting him, carefully taking him to safety."
That comment just baffled Frank. He actually found it hillarious, but couldn't be arsed with fights today. He just raised his eyebrow at Adam, who was currently blocking Frank from entering his classroom - not that Frank cared particularly.
"If you say so, moron."
"Who do you think you're talking to, midigit?" Adam was clearly getting more and more wound up at the fact that Frank couldn't give two shits about him being there.
"Yeah, who the fuck are you to talk to him like that?!" Frank heard a familiar voice calling from behind. He turned his head and saw none other that Bob walking over to the two boys. Frank looked completely dumbfounded as Bob went and stood by Adam's side standing over Frank. Adam looked over at Bob with a confused look.
"This kid bothering ya?" Bob asked Adam.
"Nothing I can't handle."
"Shame, I really felt like beating the shit out of some FAG today." The word 'fag' said harshly and directed straight at Frank, who's face still held the same utterly mortified expression.
"Well, then be my guest." Adam offered.
"Really? Hey, well thanks!" Bob stated, slowly closing the gap a little between him and Frank. He gave him a quick wink and then spun around his fist colliding directly with Adam's cheek.
"I feel so much better for that, cheers!"
Of course, this was part of a little act Frank and Bob had going on, where Frank would act the perfect little victim and Bob would help whoever was threatening him, while Frank stood looking terrified and Bob would just kick the ass of whoever was threatening Frank. They had done this many a time and it had always seemed to amuse them one way or another, especially when they see the look of realisation on the muppets face after they've just been knocked to the ground.

Both Frank and Bob turned and walked away after high fiving each other. They heard a faint 'you're gonna regret that' but didn't take any notice as the voice was muffled, probably due to a very bruised of not broken cheek bone. Frank did, however, wonder whether that Gerard kid was alright, he had seen him being rushed to hospital after all! Maybe I'll go and visit him later he thought to himself as he and Bob made their way to music.

Bob was currently beating his drums with all his might while Frank was strumming along in time with the beat on his beloved 'Pansy'. They never really 'wrote' music, they just sort of played and made it work as they went along, which is what Frank loved, just having the ability to make something so random sound so good. He and Bob had played together since they were about 5 years old and had learnt how each other played so they knew what sounded good or not.
Frank's mind, however, was not in the same place as usual, and Bob noticed something was bothering his best friend.
"Dude, what's up?"
"Huh? Oh, nothing. Why?"
"Well, clearly there's something on your mind, you've not exactly been acting normal all lesson. I've asked you a million questions and you've just ignored me. Talk to me man!"
Frank sighed "I dunno, I guess i'm just thinking about Gerard and how I can help him. He seemed badly beaten, and being rushed to hospital in the middle of the night isn't exactly a good thing."
"Wanna go visit him tonight?"
"Yeah, okay." Frank smiled at Bob, who always had the ability to read his mind.


"You're gonna be fine, you need lots of rest and a few tests need to be done, just to check you're alright inside, but you'll be fine." Mikey had calmed down, and Gerard was fully awake now. He tried to offer his younger brother a smile, but whenever he looked into his eyes he just felt a pang of guilt wash over him. He blinked back tears which were threatening to escape from his eyes.
Gerard hadn't spoke since he had awoken, Mikey didn't seem to think anything of it though, he was too far up on cloud nine to notice.
"How're you feeling dude?" Ray was sat on the opposite side of the bed to Mikey who still had a tight hold on his brothers hand.
Gerard didn't respond to Ray's question, but just looked up and stared at the ceiling.
Again Ray was ignored. Panic started to set into Mikey's emotions as his current train of thought was that Gerard had somehow managed to make himself go deaf, by the consumption of alcohol. Fair to say Mikey has a dramatic imagination.
"Gerard come on, talk to me. I just wanna know how you're feeling."
Gerard said nothing, he just shut his eyes and a single tear fell from the corners.
Mikey noticed his brothers tear and was sent into protective mode.
"Gerard, tell me right now, what's wrong! I am NOT going to let you go through whatever it is alone! Now you talk to me or I am leaving this hospital right now!" Mikey himself not quite believing his words and Ray just raised his eyebrow as if he was challenging him, because it was quite obvious Mikey really wasn't going anywhere.
Gerard lay there silently, not really knowing what to say if he's honest.
"Fine. Come on Ray, lets go!" Of course Mikey was not really mad at Gee, but he knew it was the most likely way to get a response. Ray looked at the younger Way in slight shock and was soon being pulled out of the room.
Mikey swung his head round to see a tear stained face looking at him with pleading eyes.
"Please don't go."
"Finally." He said while rolling his eyes and smirking a little at the fact that his plan had worked.
Gerard simply sighed, defeated as the two other boys made their way back to their original seats.
"So what's going on Gerard?" Ray asked with more concern that Gerard would have expected.
"I just.. I dunno, needed to get away I guess. I was hurt, emotionally and physically and needed to get away." His voice was barely over a whisper.
"No, Mikey, let me finish. I couldn't handle the constant beatings, for things that are beyond my control. It's not fair to be bullied for things I can't help. They wanted rid of me, so that's what I tried to do - get rid of myself. I'm a waste of space."
Mikey opened his mouth to protest but Ray got there first.
"Gerard Arthur Way you are not a fucking waste of space. You are the best goddamn brother a kid could ask for and you're the best goddamn friend a guy could ever want, you're caring, kind, generous and you're always there when I need you. If you weren't here, who would I go to with all my girl troubles?! I mean come on.. it's not like Mikey has a clue is it!?"
"Fair point!" Gerard smiled at Ray's comment, knowing that Mikey wasn't the best guy to go to for advice, when he can't even make toast without nearly killing himself.
"You scared me Gee."
"I know Mikes, i'm so fucking sorry!" Tears were now falling down doth the Way's faces, and Ray was trying desperately hard to fight his away.
"Ray, can I talk to Mikey alone for a second?"
"Sure dude, I best be getting home now anyway, y'know what my mom's like. Glad you're alright Geetard. The 'fro and I love you."
Gerard openly laughed at Ray's randomness and Mikey just looked at him as if he were an alien.
"Bye Ray, I love you and your 'fro too!"
"Yeah, whatever, bye Ray!" Mikey practically shoving him out the door.
"So.. you wanted to talk to me?"
"Yeah. I.. well.. I saw Mom, Dad and Grandma."
"Huh?" Mikey was easily confused.
"I died Mikes, technically. I was with them and I was happy, but i felt as though something was missing. The Dad took me to this massive ball. I looked in it and saw you. You were a mess! Holding my hand at my bedside, crying and whispering things to me. That's when I realised it was you that was missing! I realised how fucking selfish I'd been and how I needed to be there for you, to look after you properly, not in fucking spirit! So I was given the chance to come back to you. I'm so fucking sorry I hurt you Mikey! I know I was stupid! But I promise you I will never do something like this again! Never! I love you and I'm not going fucking anywhere without you!" Gerard was practically sobbing by the end of his explanation and Mikey was too openly crying still clutching his brothers hand.
"Gee.. thank you! I don't know what I'd have done without you here! Hell, I probably would have joined you!"
"Mikey!! No! No matter how fuking hard it gets you are never to do something like that! Ever! Is that fuking understood?!"
Mikey knew Gerard was not joking and wasn't going to stand for any protesting.
"Fine, but still, I would be lost without you!"
Gerard smiled at his brother.
"Now get some sleep Gee, you must be tired, y'know what with dying and everything." Gerard liked the fact that Mikey was already able to make a joke out of it. Some may have been offended, but Gee knew that this was Mikey's way of getting over it.


Gerard was awoken with the sound of vaguely familiar voices in his room, he knew that he recognised the voices but he just couldn't place them. Mikey had gone home to sleep after being forced by Gerard to leave, and Ray was already at home.
Slowly Gerard opened his eyes and was greeted with a very strange sight. Two kids around his age standing awkwardly in the doorway, as they had been doing just the other day. Frank and Bob. Gerard was able to remember who they were but was unsure as to why they were there.
"Frank? Bob?" Gerard's voice was a little hoarse from the lack of water but they seemed to notice him.
"Uhh, hey Gerard. We uh, we just thought we'd come and see how you were doing." Frank stated a little uneasily.
"How'd you know I was here?" He asked very confused about the situation."
"Frank heard the ambulance last night, he saw it was your house and it was you being carried out on the stretcher. He then decided to wake me up at stupid-o'clock-in the morning to tell me, so cheers for that buddy!" Bob said to Gee with a little smile so he knew that he was just kidding resulting in a chuckle from Gerard.
"Ah, well, sorry about that man!"
"We went to your house earlier and your brother told us you were still here. We explain how we knew you too. He seems like a pretty cool kid!" Frank was desperate to get on Gerard's good side if he was going to be able to help him at all.
"He is! He's the best!" Gerard felt himself welling up a little again at the thought of his baby brother.
"Right man, well i'm gonna head off, y'know, stuff to do, people to see." Frank knew what Bob meant by this obviously but Gerard was none the wiser that Bob was about to go and beat the shit out of someone.
"Thanks for coming Bob." Gerard waved with a smile as Bob left the room.

Frank and Gee were in the room now, Frank located where Mikey had previously been seated, Gerard still lying in his bed, though more upright now. There was a strangely comfortable silence between the two boys.
Gee was the first to speak, making Frank jump slightly.
"I appreciate you coming to see me y'know."
"Ah, it's no biggy, I just wanted to check you were alright and that. I know I dont know you, but you seem a cool kid. You shouldn't let them assholes beat you down all the time. You shouldn't let them get to you so much and you wouldn't end up in situations like this. Be stronger, and you wont want to end your life."
"I guess, it's just.. wait.. how'd you know that was why I'm here?!" Gerard avoided Frank's gaze ashamed.
"When we asked Mikey whether you were alright he broke down, crying and shit. We just stood there somewhat awkwardly.. We asked what was going on and he showed us the note you left him and explained. I dunno why he trusted us so quickly, but hey, like I say he's a cool kid."
Gerard felt a whole array of emotions. He was mad that Mikey would just tell there two strangers what had happened, he also felt bad because of how he was coping with it and he felt relieved because it meant he wouldn't have to come up with a lie as to why he was there.
"Oh." Was all that could come out of Gerard's mouth.
"Hey, it's cool, we've all been there man. Well, maybe not all of us, but y'know what I mean." Frank was trying to lighten the mood a little.
"Really? You have?"
"Yeah, it's not a nice story. Might tell you some other time. I'm over all that now though. And I wanna help you get over it too."
"Why would you wanna help me? You don't even know me." Gerard didn't want to sound rude, he just didn't understand why this stranger was wanting to help him.
"Because I know what it's like to be in your shoes. Being bullied for no reason. It's not nice and you shouldn't have to put up with it. So i'm gonna help you." Frank had a smug smile suggesting that Gerard was receiving this help whether he wanted it or not. He did realise however, that if he was going to become close to this boy that meant he would find out about his sexuality sooner or later, so he figured it'd be better just to tell Frank now to give him chance to leave with no regrets.
"There is a reason i'm bullied." Gerard stated simply.
"What'cha mean?"
Gerard sighed and decided just to come straight out (no pun intended) and tell him.
"I'm gay." He averted his gaze now to his lap waiting anxiously for Frank's response. He was surprised when the reaction he gat was a hand on top of his.
"That's who you are. That's not a reason to be bullied, it's something beyond your control. Homophobes aren't worth the air they breathe." Even Frank was surprised at his sensitivity. He guessed it was just because he knew how Gerard felt.
"So, you don't mind? You still wanna help me?"
"Dude, I'm into guys and girls so I wouldn't worry about it. At least you've made your mind up!" Frank added a wink at the end of his sentence to ease the tension a little.
Gee smiled at Frank, feeling remotely happy and excited about the weeks that lay ahead of him.

I know not really a lot goes on in this chapter, but the next one should be a bit more interesting. ;-) You're just gonna have to wait 2 weeks before you can read it :') PLEASSSSSSSSE R+R. It makes me happy :) xoxo
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