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Shopping Trip

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The fanclub goes on a shopping trip and Gerard runs into a familiar face.

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'Only the third day and I already feel like killing myself' I thought. I stared miserably in front of me, trying not to pay attention to the sounds around me. Chantelle was prattling about some "slutty whore who stole my vintage gucci purse!" while Mrs. Wallace told her off for her bad language. Philip was singing off-key to 'Helena' while Lisa smashed her crayons on the walls.

As long as no one adressed me I should be okay.


Well, so much for that.

"Yeah?" I said, turning around to see Chantelle. The girl looked furious; I wouldn't be surprised to see flames burning in her eyes.

"Tell me you agree with me! Tell me you agree that Mitchelle is the biggest whore in the universe!"

I had no idea who Mitchelle was but I wanted to shut her up so I nodded my head; Chantelle beamed. "Like, oh my god Geraldine, I knew you'd agree with me! You're like my sister from another mother or something!"

"Ha ha" I muttered. The doors burst open and I felt instant relief wash over me; anything had to be better than chatting to Chantelle 'Way'.

"Oh the nerve of him...I can't believe him..." ranted a furious voice that I identified as Vicky's. I glanced up and caught site of her; she looked develished and as angry has her tone suggested.

"Something wrong dearie?" Mrs. Wallace asked, pausing her knitting momentarily.

"Yes somethings wrong!" she yelled back. "My stupid boss...he...he...oh what the hell?"

There was a moment of silence.

" exactly is the problem here?" I prompted. Vicky shot me a death glare; I laughed nervously and slid backwards.

"I told you its my fucking boss!" she took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. "I headed over to work today - early as usual; you'd think that would be enough for the bastard."

"Vicky" I said, raising my hands in the air. "Calm down. Explain."

"Shut up!" she barked. I shoved my hands against my sides, as if burned. Vicky looked slightly ashamed.

"Sorry Geraldine" she apologized. "I'm just so pissed right now. I mean I'm doing everything he told me to do but apparently thats not enough. The asshole wants more; he asks me "have you decorated the room yet?" What the hell? He never even told me to decorate the godammned room, its not on the list. I tried telling him that but he blew up at me; he was all "Oh honestly Victoria I don't know what you were thinking. How can you have a fanclub if your meeting spot doesn't look the part?" Vicky took a deep breath, winded from her rant. "The bastard even had the nerve to call me Victoria - no one calls me Victoria!"

"But Victoria's such a pretty name -" started Philip.


The man shut his mouth abruptly. "Of course, of course" he agreed, hurriedly.

"Anyway" Vicky continued. "I told him that he never put any of that on the list and he said "it should have been obvious." How in any way or form was it obvious?"

"Well, ugly people become middle aged virgins" Chantelle replied, matter-of-factly.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

Chantelle looked taken aback. "What do you mean? It has to do with everything! An ugly person will never have sex just like an ugly room!"

"How the hell can a room have sex?" I asked, bewildered.

"Like, oh my god Geraldine your so funny!" Chantelle giggled. "It's like, a figure of speech silly!"

I nodded my head slowly. Vicky clenched her teeth.

"Look I don't care about how this room looks alright? I just want to get this over and done with...that asshole - do you know what he said to me? And I'm quoting his word for word; "I want you to go and do this pronto or you can kiss that promotion goodbye!" she banged her fist on the wall. "The nerve of him!"

"...So" Philip said, looking nervous as he spoke. He was probably afraid of being snapped at again. "What are you going to do now?"

"We" Vicky said, grinding her teeth together. "Are going shopping."

"Oh my god are you serious?" Chantelle squealed.

"Thats good dearie" Mrs. Wallace said, absenmindedly. "I needed to buy some more blue yarn - Lisa, the little angel ate my last one."

"Geraldine, you look distressed" Philip noted. 'Distressed' was putting it lightly; I felt like throwing myself out of a two story window and ending this nightmare right now.

"I'm fine" I assured Philip, mainly because answering "I feel like committing suicide" would get me chucked in a mental institution.

The shopping center was quite a while away from where we were so we hitched a ride in Philips 'My Little Pony' van (no that wasn't a joke - he really had one of those things). The looks we received while on the road were humiliating. I curled into myself and tried to look unseen.

We finally reached our destination after what seemed like forever. Once we got inside...well things weren't as bad as I'd thought they'd be. Sure, we got a lot of odd stares but that was mostly because of the fact that Philip was singing 'Teenagers' at the top of his lungs. Things could have been worse though.

I immediately stopped my thoughts because didn't I know better than to say 'things could have been worse?' Everyone knew things always went wrong when you said that.

"Like, oh my god, its Frank Iero!"

'No. No way...'

I looked up and bit back a wail of despair; sure enough at the far end of the store stood Frank in all his midgety glory.

"Um Chantelle" I said, taking hold of the girls arm. "Why don't we go stand over there with Mrs. Wallace and Lisa?" To tell you the truth the last thing I wanted to do was stand by those two; Mrs. Wallace was in a heated argument with the store owner. Apparently Lisa had been caught robbing candy from the front desk; if the volume of their voices wasn't enough then the chocolate that coated the small girls face gave her away.

However they were at the opposite end of the store and almost hidden by a row of shelves; Frank would never be able to see us there.

"I wanna see Frankie!" squealed Chantelle. "Frankie! Frankie! FRANKIE!"

"Chantelle!" I hissed, trying to shut the hyper girl up. She was not only going to gain Franks attention but also everyone else's in the store.

"Oh my god Frank Iero its like an honor to meet you!" Chantelle said, lowering her voice. A horrible feeling formed in my gut and I turned around; sure enough Frank was now standing behind me.

"Well hello ladies" he said, shooting me a pointed look at the last word.

'Shit, shit, shit' I thought, trying to hide my blush and look for an escape root at the same time. While I was doing this, Chantelle began to blabber.

"The only thing that could make this better is if Gerard Way was here too!" she squealed; then she paused and her eyes grew wide. "Oh my god, is he?"

"No, no he's very...busy" Frank shot me another pointed look. I glowered at him.

"I hate you..."

"Oh my god how can you say that?" Chantelle demanded, her voice a mixture of disbelief and anger. "It's Frank Iero! He's like, second best to only Gerard Way and seeing how Gerard is practically a god, thats saying something!"

Frank snickered. I felt my face grow red; Chantelle seemed to mistake my embarrassment for shame and her expression softened.

"Oh no need to be sorry, I forgive you!" she said, putting a perfectly manicured hand on my shoulder. "Just be glad that Frank isn't up to Gerard's standards because if he was...well, then I'd have to kill you." She patted my shoulder and beamed.

There was a moment of silence.

"But don't worry, no one is up to Gerard's standards" she assured me. "So that means your safe...well unless you insult Gerard of course. But you wouldn't - right?" she narrowed her eyes and a dangerous glint appeared in them.

"I...of course not" I replied, my voice sounding weak to my ears.

"Excellent!" Chantelle beamed. "I...wait, wheres Frankie?"

Frank was gone.

I shrugged my shoulders and tried to look apologetic (really, on the inside I was throwing a mini party with balloons and punch and everything). "I guess we scared him off."

"But I was going to ask him for an autograph and for Gerard's phone number!" she half-wailed.

"It's too bad I guess" I said, inwardly shuddering. Thank god Frank had left when he did; knowing him he would have given it to her just as a joke.

Chantelle stared at me for a few moments and then her lip began to tremble and she burst into tears. "Like, oh my god, its not fair!" she wailed, running off.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned around - and bumped straight into Vicky.

"Oomph!" she groaned, the bundle of material she had been holding tumbling out of her hands.

"Oh" I said. "Sorry."
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