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"if I knew what?" I look at Gerard confused, he looks at me speachless.
"I... Er... Gotta go just forget it." he picks up his lonely blubefore card of the dirty concrete ground before running of past a large green shipping container where the bus usually stops. What am I supposed to know? We need to help Gerard I know that, something about him just feels so special like we are connected, through the blood or something? We both don't have blood so it's not that. My brain hurts.
"frank!" katies voice jumps me out of my thoughts.
"Frank... Earth to Frank... I've just been talking to you for the last 5 minutes but you have been looking at the tree with a confused smirk on your face? Is this something you usually do? If it is I will be slapping you every 2 minuets while I'm talking" BAM her hand hits my face gently with drawing me from my daze again.
"ow fuck.. Sorry I just dont know what Gerard means" I go to slip of again as the sting of her slap finally emerges making me feel like a whale slapped me.
"Frank just forget it, maybe he will explain at one point right now he needs our help Even if he's not acting like it but just where would he go?"
She looks at me hoping that maybe just maybe I would know where a boy I met like today usually goes in his hard brother saving times.
" maybe the bus stop? Not the little one I mean the one in steyning? Its only a 2 minuet walk and it's the only other place he could of gone from here?"
"it's worth a shot, I just hope that any buses haven't turned up yet."
We sneak past the green shipping container onto the creepy craked pavement carefully treading over tree roots and rubbish. I hear katies foot steps behind me on the single track path, tap...tap...tap...tap the sound is almost hypnotic, undisturbed until a truck whirls past at high speed making me jump and become once again aware of the tree sheltered road once again.
Sunlight, the revealing of life, we break free of the trees into the village walking past the small pub full of alcoholics and business lunches, we continue ever more past some houses and round the corner to the so famous high street laced with cars, shops, cigerett butts and broken glass we pass the first shop, the model bakery then the next shop, and the next shop, getting closer to the bus stop that faces a small clock tower, and that's when I spot him, sat on a bench coffee in hand cigerett In the other and just pure misery etched into his young pale face. I quickly sprint across the busy road to face the boy with a secret that is causing him so much pain.
"gee." sorrow.
I'm so sorry thats it's been so long I've just had a lot of problems at the moment and I've just been putting of writing, I hope people are still reading but I understand if your not
Katt x
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