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Memories: “Pleased to Please Ya”

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A/N: Also, the last chapter takes place on the 4th of July, 2 days before the notice went up on their website that Ryan and Jon left D: Enjoy! R&R

Brendon woke up slowly the next morning, still in a state of bliss from last night. He opened his eyes slowly, one hand creeping over to intertwine fingers with Ryan. He took his warm hand, a small smile on his mouth as he stared at the sleeping man. He took in everything; his sex-tousled hair, his swollen lips, the deep purple marks on his neck and collar bone, his well-muscled frame. Brendon ran the tip of his finger over Ryan’s abs, his finger barely ghosting the chiseled planes that made up his muscles. Ryan let out a happy sigh and pushed his chest forward into Brendon’s touch. Brendon’s smile grew. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t, he was helplessly in love with Ryan. But how could he not be? Ryan was truly beautiful, both inside and out. He had a kind heart and a sharp mind. He was graceful in everything he did. He was everything perfect that Brendon couldn’t be. He was Brendon’s Mona Lisa. He let out a breathy chuckle as he remembered the first time he’d called Ryan that.

It had been right after A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out had come out and they had just started their first tour. The band couldn’t have been more elated. It was right after their second show. They had gone back to the dressing room, still high off of the crowd’s energy and their own adrenaline. All of them were covered in sweat, the makeup beginning to run down their faces. Brent and Spencer had headed off to hit the showers and Brendon and Ryan were left alone in the dressing room. Brendon couldn’t help but sneaking glances at Ryan in the mirror when he thought he wasn’t looking. Despite being drenched in sweat, he absolutely glowed in the fluorescent lighting of the dressing room. He looked stunningly gorgeous. Brendon rocked back on his heels a little, tilting his head to the right as he studied Ryan. He felt like an artist, trying to capture his image in just the right lighting. He folded his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the other side, absolutely enraptured. Ryan was a great master piece. He realized that he wanted Ryan to be his great master piece. He eyed him hungrily, taking in his dark chocolate hair, his bangs falling just above his eyes. His eyes. He proceeded to ogle his gorgeous hazel eyes, the pupils dilated as adrenaline continued to course through his veins. He let his eyes move down to Ryan’s perfectly shaped nose and then they continued to drag down until he was staring at Ryan’s deliciously pink lips. They looked so…. Kissable. Ryan let out a soft sigh.

“Brenny,” he said quietly. Brendon jumped, startled from his day dreaming. He looked at Ryan guiltily. “Yes?” he asked. Ryan smirked. “Will you stop staring at my lips and just come kiss me already?” Brendon stared stupidly at Ryan for a moment, processing what he’d just said. And then he was in front of Ryan, his arms wrapped tightly around his waist, his lips barely touching Ryan’s. It was soft and sweet. For a moment. Ryan brushed his lips against Brendon’s, his mouth opening slightly to deepen the kiss. One of Brendon’s arms snaked up Ryan’s back and tangled in his beautiful, dark hair. Brendon tilted his head to the side more, his lips opening wider as he deepened the kiss further. Ryan slid his tongue across Brendon’s bottom lip, asking permission. Brendon opened his mouth a little more and Ryan’s tongue slid in, exploring his mouth. Brendon allowed his to return the favor. Brendon tightened his grip on Ryan’s waist and gently picked him up, setting him back down on the counter behind him. Ryan leaned forward so as not to break the kiss and wrapped his legs around Brendon’s waist. His hands were tangled in Brendon’s hair, tugging at it gently.

It felt like hours later when they finally broke apart, panting as they stared at each other, both of them beaming. Brendon felt like his mouth looked like a capital u. He let out a triumphant laugh. “I am Da Vinci!” he crowed. Ryan stared at him with a mix of alarm and confusion. Brendon giggled at his expression. “I am Leonardo Da Vinci. And you, Ryan Ross, are my master piece. You are my Mona Lisa.” Ryan ducked his head, a small smile on his lips. “You’re perfect. You’re flawless. And most importantly,” Brendon said, wrapping his arms around Ryan and pressing his forehead to his. “You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

Brendon was brought back to the present when he felt lips against his own. He kissed them back without hesitation, opening his eyes to see Ryan straddling him. Ryan grinned at him. “You had the cutest smile on your face, Brennybear. What were you thinking about?” he asked.

Brendon smiled back. “I was thinking about the first time we kissed,” he replied. Ryan laughed, putting his hands on Brendon’s shoulders and slowly running them along his arms. “I remember that. You must’ve stared at me for ten minutes before I said anything,” he reminisced.

Brendon laughed. “I was overwhelmed by your stunning beauty.”

Ryan giggled. “I also remember thinking you were absolutely insane when you stood up and screamed that you were Da Vinci.”

Brendon grinned up at Ryan, shivering a little as Ryan’s fingers started ghosting down his sides. “It made sense in my mind. I’d been thinking about it before you said anything. And then I just realized how great of a turn my life was taking, thus making you my Mona Lisa. You really are the best thing that ever happened to me,” Brendon murmured. Ryan slowly slid his hands back up Brendon’s torso.

“I loved that. When you called me Mona Lisa. It made me feel special. Loved,” Ryan quietly admitted. He pressed his nails against Brendon’s clavicle and started dragging them down Brendon’s body, causing him to shudder violently. “Mona Lisa,” he said huskily. Ryan grinned. “Pleased to please ya,” Ryan replied, adding pressure to his fingernails. Brendon whimpered softly, his fingers tanging in the sheets. Ryan pushed his hands back up Brendon’s body, across his collar bone, over his shoulders, down his arms. His slender fingers wrapped around Brendon’s wrists, slowly pushing them up until they were above his head. He rocked forward a little, using his weight to pin down his arms so he was unable to move. He put his lips to Brendon’s ear. “I’m going to wear you out,” he whispered, listening as Brendon inhaled sharply. He grinned wickedly, moving so that his head was hovering just above Brendon’s, their lips millimeters apart. “Oh, kiss me,” Ryan whispered, and Brendon pushed his head up to meet Ryan’s lips.
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