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Every living creature on Earth dies alone.

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"The king and his men stole the queen from her bed." Ryan was sitting on the floor, his legs pulled to his chest with his arms wrapped around them as he stared at the window. "They bound her in her bones." He sang softly, barley above a whisper as he tried to not wake any of the others. "The sea be ours and by the Powers." He was staring into the creatures eyes, trying to find what was hiding behind them. The people at the base treated all of them poorly, but they at least gave the boys food and water. All of which Ryan found impossible to consume as he watched the creature behind the window slowly die. "Where we will, we'll roam."
"Ryan, what are you doing still up?" Brendon whispered as he sat on the cold dirty concrete floor next to Ryan. Ryan moved his arms, allowing his legs to fall so he was sitting criss-crossed with his hands in his lap. He stared at his hands, his mouth trying to form the words of an excuse.
"I couldn't sleep." Brendon looked at Ryan for a moment before looking up at the creature. "It's beautiful, you know. Sure it's not normal, but look at it's eyes." Brendon glanced at Ryan before looking into the creature's dark green eyes that seemed to shine in the dim lighting. "They've been starving it."
"They've been starving us."
Ryan sighed, running a hand through his hair. "That's because we haven't been telling them what they want to know."
"The hell if we know anything!"
"Shh, Brendon, Jon and Spencer are still asleep." The two boys glanced behind them and Spencer snored, Jon twitching slightly.
"They keep suggesting that we tried to kill them, or that we took their things, and that we know that thing. Like it was our fault that it got out."
"I know." Ryan looked into it's eyes once more, knowing what it was going through. "But just look at it. It's in a worse condition then all of us combined. And for all we know it has a family, friends, more of it's kind to get back to." The two were silent until Brendon spoke.
"I guess we're more like it then we thought." Ryan leaned against him, his head dropping to Brendon's shoulder as he looked at the creature. The room was silent, the only sound being three of the boys soft breathing, and Spencer's light snoring. There was no real way to tell how much time passed before Brendon started to talk.
""There are so many things that I need to ask you. Sometimes I'm afraid of what you might tell me. Sometimes I'm afraid that you'll tell me that this is not a work of fiction. I can only hope that the answers will come to me in my sleep. I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to."" He spoke the words quietly, not wanting to wake the other boys as he said the lines he knew by heart.
"Donnie Darko?" Ryan asked as he lifted his head.
"Yeah, we should watch it when we get out of here."
"If we get out of here." Ryan corrected. Silence again overtook the air and Ryan sighed. ""Every living creature on Earth dies alone.""
"What an absolutely cheery topic to wake up to." Ryan jumped at the sound of Spencer's voice, falling over on his back as he pushed away from Brendon.
"How long have you been up?" Brendon asked with a small smile, trying not to laugh hysterically at Ryan.
"Long enough." Spencer said as he rolled his eyes. He looked up at the creature behind the glass, staring at it the same way Brendon had. "It's kind of creepy, don't you think?"
Ryan shook his head. "It's just lost. You know better Spencer. Just look at it's eyes." The three stayed silent, all of them sitting in a row as they looked up at the creature they had yet to name. The room seemed to be still, each one of the young boys keeping to themselves as their thoughts ran like wildfire through their minds. It wasn't until the door opened and Jon woke up that they were all pulled out of their own individual worlds. There was a tray placed on the inside of the room, a guard quickly shutting the door as he left the little amount of food and water for the four boys to share.
"Oh look, food." Spencer said as he got up, walking over to it at a slow pace. Brendon got up after him, Jon sitting on the floor by the tray.
"There's no way that's enough food for all of us." Jon said as he shook his head. Ryan looked back at the glass.
Brendon's brows furrowed as he looked back at Ryan. "Aren't you going to eat?" Ryan shook his head no.
"Not hungry." Ryan muttered.
"Ryan, you have to eat." Jon said as he gave a disapproving frown.
"Why should I eat when it doesn't even get water?" Ryan snapped, turning to face the other three boys.
"Ry...It's not even human." Spencer spoke calmly, keeping the words quite as he tried to calm Ryan.
"That's bull. If it were a dog you would feel more sympathy for it." Ryan said as he looked back up at it, pulling his legs up to his chest to rest his head on his knees. "I just can't help but feel sorry for it. We at least have each other, but it has to be feeling alone right now."
The rest of the boys stayed silent, sighing as each of them soon felt the same way towards it that Ryan did. The food and drinks stayed by the door, everyone having a feeling uninterested towards it. The door opened, the silence disappearing as a few people in uniforms walked in.
"Which one of you wants to go first?" The head of the group said with a large grin. Ryan's hand latched onto Brendon's and Spencer's, but couldn't reach Jon who stepped forward.
"I'll go first." He said as he looked at all of the men in uniforms.
"Jon, don't." Spencer said as he reached out for Jon. He turned around, looking at his friends before giving a sigh.
"I'll be fine. Trust me." Spencer's arm dropped back down beside him as two of the men handcuffed Jon, pushing him into the hall. The door slammed shut, a look of worry covering each one of the boys faces as they stared at it.
"They took him." Spencer collapsed to the floor, his head going in his hands.
Ryan sighed. "Spencer, he'll be fine. If they wanted to kill us, they would have done it days ago." Spencer nodded, his head rising to look at Ryan who gave him a reassuring smile.
"Right, everything's going to be fine." Spencer said with a small nod.


PartyPoison: Their so so. I know what you mean, but just about everyone hates hands. Probably because their secretelyevil.
I never really thought of it that way. But I do remember hearing about this sort of rumor when the camera first came out. It was believed that every time someone took your picture, that they took a part of your soul. I always thought that was kind of strange.
The thing about makeup artists is that they don't have to be intimidated, they just tell the actor or whatever what to do and they pretty much have to listen. If they don't then they'll end up looking like a child put on their make up or something.
Don't feel bad about not reviewing. It's just something to tell me that someone's reading the story so I'll continue it. (I have a lot of stories I haven't finished yet that people have reviewed. But let's keep it between you and me.)
It is the Weasley's. I love 'em. A family of gingers (or daylight walkers as one of my sisters friends calls them) would just make my day if I saw them walking around in public. And yeah, no one should hit Ryan, he's just trying to take care of everyone else. It's like he's the adult or something.

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