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Two new faces, and two lost brothers.

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The basement was dark, being lit up by flashlights and candles. Cleaning supplies lined the walls, stacked neatly on shelves and in boxes. There was a table in the middle of the room, a light dangling over it. Kyle pulled a string, the light turning on shortly after. It flickered, faltering every few seconds. But it wasn't unusual for that to happen in this new world they had. The light illuminated the table, showing a lump covered by large cloth. Ryan walked towards the table slowly, everyone gathering around as Kyle gave the group a large grin. Brendon cut his right hand on the corner of the table.
"Ready?" He asked as he looked at all of the curious faces.
"Stop stalling and just show us what's there." Lightning said as she stared at him, ready to pull the cloth off herself. He pulled on the edge, ripping off the large piece of dark grey cloth. Underneath was a large creature, one that all of them had seen before. This one had a large hole in it's head, one that looked like it had been made by a bullet wound. The skin looked slimy and the creature smelled like it was rotting. Holes were appearing over it's body, showing the oddly colored inside.
"You killed that yourself?" Ryan asked as he pulled his eyes away from the creature and up to meet Kyle's eyes.
"We were going to get weapons to defend ourselves. Went out to the city and found some there. But those...things were all over the place. Now all the others are dead. I had to get at least a little bit of revenge so I killed it. I wanted to show you the best place to hit it, because it's most defiantly not the head. That just pisses them off."
"This is unbelievable. How did you do it?" Brendon asked as his left hand reached down to meet Ryan's. Ryan looked over to see that Brendon's eyes were filled with fear. He squeezed the latter's hand, making Brendon look over at him. Ryan gave him a reassuring smile and Brendon looked back down at the table.
"You take out the knees first, and there's a spot on their back that's a lot like where the spine connects with the neck in humans bodies. It's the best place."
"I'm just going to guess that you've killed more than one?" Lightning asked as she looked up at Kyle. He gave her a small smile.
"Yeah. It was the only one I was able to bring back." Kyle said with a small shrug. "We should probably go back upstairs. It looks like you guys need some sleep." The group wondered back upstairs, Ryan smirking as he saw Spencer and Jon on the couch. Brendon noticed the small smirk and the two sat on either side of the older boys.
"You know, even after you've showered, both of you still smell musky." Ryan said as he crossed his legs, looking at Spencer.
Brendon spoke soon after. "I agree Ryan, it smells almost as if, the two of you have been fucking."
Ryan laughed a little, looking at Jon. "Have you two been fucking?" A blush spread across Spencer's face as Jon shook his head.
"You two are so immature." Jon said as he laughed a little, shaking his head.
Spencer sighed. "Shower's open." Ryan and Brendon nodded and got up.
"Where are you going?" Ryan asked as the two started to walk down the hall.
"I'm going to go take a shower." Brendon stated matter-of-factly.
"But I was going to go take a shower." Ryan said as his brows furrowed.
"Hey, we're short on water. You two can shower together!" Spencer yelled from his spot on the couch. Ryan gave a nervous sigh and the two started to walk back down to the shower.
"Is there a girl locker room?" Lightning asked and Kyle nodded, leading the two females to the other room.
"Sooo, how did you guys get here?" Kyle asked as he sat down on the floor, looking across at Jon and Spencer.
Jon spoke. "We drove. A while back we got a large car. It's pretty easy when you find one that's unlocked. All you have to do is hot wire it."
"What about the dog?" Kyle pointed to Remix, who was sleeping on the floor next to one of the chairs.
"He's Lightnings. She loves that dog, and it's not like he's badly behaved." Spencer said with a shrug.

Everyone was asleep, the fire that was still burning being the only source of light. The light made the room glow, making shadows long and abundant. Lighting was the only one who was awake, staying in the fetal position as she stared down at the locket in her hand. The other hand was used to softly pet Remix's matted fur. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, though she didn't make a sound. Her teary eyes scanned over the sleeping group.
It seemed, that only after they had fallen into sleep that their true personalities would come out.
Spencer was curled on top of Jon, his face in the crook of the older mans neck. They had gotten the couch because 'Jon needed it to rest on since he was injured.' Of course, it was Spencer who had spoken the words, Jon didn't really seem to care. Their legs were tangled together, Jon's arms wrapped around Spencer's waist. The two really did love each other, but they were the most obvious out of the group. Spencer talked slightly in his sleep, Jon snoring lightly. But they looked happy. The end had come and they were still happy.
Ryan was on the floor next to Brendon. There was a blanket over the two of them, starting at their waist and going down. Brendon was curled onto Ryan a little, flopped partially on Ryan's chest. His head was resting under Ryan's chin, his hair tickling the others neck. Ryan's arm was resting across Brendon's shoulders, holding the latter close to him. One of Brendon's legs was in between Ryan's, his arm resting by Ryan's head with his fingers tangled in the formers hair. Both Ryan and Brendon were snoring, Ryan drooling slightly.
Dementia was curled in a chair, resting her head on her shoulder. She was the most silent out of the group, though based on her face contortions she was having a nightmare. Her legs were tucked under her as her arms hugged them.
Kyle was missing, but she knew that he had left a while ago. Why he had left and where he had gone was something unknown.
Lightning's eyes went back to the square open locket, staring at the picture as she held onto the only memory of her life before everything had happened. The picture was small, taken during Christmas break so everyone in her large family could be in it. Her mother and father stood in the back, wearing hand knitted items of clothing. Her mother had red-orange hair with green eyes, her father having blond hair with blue eyes, something that had to have looked odd to other people.
There were four other boys in the picture, each of them sporting the same red-orange hair that their mother had along with the baby blues that their father held as his own. The only kids that seemed to not follow that rule were the twins and one of the two young girls. The twins looked like middle children, and both of them had different colored eyes. They looked exactly the same, one eye blue, with the other green. The girl was the only one of the kids who didn't have red-orange hair, but instead had the bright blond that was known as her fathers.
The order of the kids seemed hazy, one boy being the oldest, the girl with blond hair being the second kid, the twins were third and fourth, another boy being fifth, and then there was her. She was the youngest in a large family, yet she seemed like she belonged just as much as all of the others. Most of the kids looked to have at least a two year difference from when they were born. The most being a four year difference.
She closed the locket when she heard the door open, looking up to see Kyle.
"What are you doing still up?" He whispered once his eyes caught hers. He made his way over to her, sitting down next to Remix.
"Couldn't sleep." She said as she wiped her eyes quickly.
"What are you holding?" She clutched the locket, covering it with her hand.
"I'm not sure. But I know that it's important. You know how I said that I've lost my memory?" He nodded. "I keep getting these little flashbacks. Like pieces of my memory being restored. But it's all blurry and unclear. All I know is that I had a family...And it's gone now."
"You should get some sleep, we're going on a survivor hunt tomorrow." Kyle stood, walking into another room. Lightning looked down at the closed locket and sighed.

"There's nothing out here but rubble!" Brendon yelled as he kicked a piece of broken plastic that had fallen from a shop. A hole formed in the red plastic where his foot had broken through.
"Would you stop complaining?" Spencer yelled back as he walked into an abandoned convince store, weapon raised.
"It seems like there's nothing here now, but you never know." Ryan said as he patted Brendon's back.
"Ryan! You're supposed to be looking for something to give Jon when we get back!" Lightning yelled from her spot on top a pile of rubble, looking out to make sure nothing would attack.
"Come on." Ryan said as he took Brendon's hand, stopping when he felt dried blood. Ryan grabbed Brendon's hand, allowing the palm of it to face upwards so he could look at it."How long have you had this?" Ryan looked in Brendon's eyes as the latter shrugged.
"Got it last night."
"Brendon! You should have told me! It could get infected. God, it's probably already infected." Ryan opened his bag, digging in it until he found a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you Ryan." Brendon whispered as Ryan poured a little bit on the cut, making Brendon try and pull his hand away as the cut started to sting.
Ryan sighed. "You have to tell me next time. There's not very many of us to begin with, and if anyone died I definitely do not want it to be you." Brendon nodded once as Ryan tied a piece of clean bandage over the wound, tying it with a piece of old cloth. The two made their way to one of the few buildings that was still standing walking in and looking around. It was hard to say what it was they were searching for, or what they would find.
"I found something!" Spencer shouted and soon enough everyone was running towards the sound of his voice. When everyone got to Spencer, they all stared at him like he was dumb.
"There's nothing here." Ryan said as he stared at Spencer.
"No! There's a door that's locked from the inside!"Spencer seemed lees than pleased that no one believed him.
"Lightning, you're the optimist. You open it." Brendon said as he hid behind Ryan.
She nodded, pulling out a butterfly knife which she used to unlock the door. The metal opened slowly, the hinges screeching with rust. Behind the door was a staircase, rickety and old. Made from chipping concrete.
"Spencer, you found it, you go first." Lightning said as she looked at the dark staircase.
"Are you kidding me? I have someone to go back to! You go." Spencer said as he pushed her slightly. She looked at him, her eyes quickly filling with pain and tears.
"Fine." Flashlight in hand she walked down the steps slowly.
Ryan looked at Spencer, frowning at him in a disapproving manor. "You've done it now. If there's nothing down there that will kill us, then she'll be the one who'll kill you."
"She's too nice for that. And you know I didn't mean it to come out that way." Spencer said as he looked back and forth between Ryan and Brendon's faces.
"Just go." Brendon said as he followed Lightning down the stairs.
There was a small room at the bottom of the crumbling stairs, a door directly across from them. There was nothing else in the room, just a thin layer of dust and the large metal door. She walked towards it cautiously, everyone standing behind her in silence. She tried opening it, finding that it was locked from the inside like the one before it.
"Whats wrong?" Ryan asked as he put his hand gently on her shoulder. She stared at the door, thinking.
"The locks different. It's a bolt lock. Actually, I'm pretty sure that there's a few different locks." Lighting said slowly.
"We could knock." The three others all looked at Brendon, Ryan raising his brow at his younger friend.
Ryan said, "Do you really think we could knock?"
"No, he's right. It's worth a shot." Lightning said as she turned around, lifting her fist to knock against the large metal door. The sound echoed in the small room, making Spencer shake. The door opened slightly, revealing one bright green eye.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" The voice was loud and demanding.
"We're just looking for survivors. We don't mean any harm." Ryan said as his hand went down to Brendon's. The door slammed closed, the sound of locks being undone coming from the other side. The door swung open to reveal three people, all holding guns up at the other group.
"Drop your weapons." They all followed the command, guns and knives being gently placed on the floor as two of the people went behind them to push them into the room. It was large, about the size of a small theater. There was a table in the corner and a hall that went off with plenty of doors. Supplies seemed to be abundant, weapons lining one of the walls while food lined another. There were a few couches and chairs, pillows and blankets spread over them. There was a pair of twins, the two looking oddly familiar to Lightning as she was pushed to the ground.
"What are you doing here?" One of them said as everyone in the group felt the barrel of a gun against their heads.
"We're looking for survivors." Brendon said with a whimper. He was trembling with fear, making Ryan worry slightly. He squeezed Brendon's hand, making him look over at Ryan, who in turn gave him a reassuring smile.
Spencer spoke. "We're the resistance. We just need people to help us, or at the very least know we're not the only one's left." The sound of something dropping echoed followed by a gasp.
"Grace?" One of the twins ran over to Lighting, getting down on his knees to lift her face up. He smiled, tears forming in his eyes. "It's really you." She looked at him, her brows furrowing.
"Who is it Loki?" The other twin asked as he sat down next to his brother. "Grace?"
"I'm sorry, but who are you?" She asked as she moved her head away from his hand. The two were silent, both frowning as they recoiled.
"We're your brothers." Twin number one said.
"Loki and Louie, don't you remember us?" Twin number two asked as he tilted his head at her. Both of them were on the verge of crying.
"I don't even remember my name." She said slowly.
Both of them spoke in unison. "You're Grace."
The one named Louie spoke next. "Our little baby sister."
Loki followed. "The last child to be born in our family."
The two spoke at the same time once more. "Why don't you remember?" Louie pulled out a pocket knife, looking to the three boys that had been pushed onto their knees, guns against their backs. He tackled Ryan, putting the knife against his throat. Brendon let out a scream.
"Did you do this to her?" He screamed, pressing the knife into the skin enough to make him bleed slightly.
Spencer shouted. "Don't hurt him! He didn't do anything! We haven't done anything." Brendon was hyperventilating at the sight, his hand holding onto Ryan's in a bone crushing grip.
"They didn't do anything. I don't know how I lost my memory, I just did." She said as she looked at the boy who said he was her brother. He got off of Ryan who sat up.
"Why do they always go for me?" He said as he looked over at Brendon and Spencer who both shrugged.
"Lighten up guys. No need to shoot any of them." After Loki said it all of the weapons were lowered, allowing the group of four to move freely.
"So what are your names anyway?" Spencer said as he stood, brushing dust and dirt off of himself.
"I'm Loki, and this is my twin Louie." The twins stood next to each other, showing just how much they looked alike. If it weren't for the slight differences in their clothing they would be exactly identical. Both of them had the same short haircut, their reddish-orange hair going off in a style that seemed like it would involve hairspray of some kind. They looked about five years older than the had in the picture, tattered clothing covering their cut up and bruised skin as their blue and green eyes shined with hope. Brendon and Ryan picked themselves off of the floor, Lightning staying on the ground as her mind tried to process the fact that some of her family was alive, and standing in front of her.
"And that's Jamie." Louie said as he pointed to a girl that was leaning against the wall, she gave a little half wave and a lip-glossed smile. She was a pretty little thing, a few cuts covering her cheek and arms, her brown collarbone length hair covering her neck while it shined with a red tint. Her green eyes caught the light, making them shine with a slight yellow, her tall figure giving a long shadow in the dim lighting.
"And I'm Seth." The last boy said as he stuck his hand out for Spencer to take. He had the face of a child, a mischievous grin playing on his lips as his baby blues shined with the thought of knowing something no one else knew. His blond hair was disheveled, brown streaks littering it as it framed his face.
"We should probably go." Lightning said as she stood, brushing herself off.
"But you can't leave us!" Loki started.
"You just got here." Louie finished, the two twins pleading with their multi-colored eyes.
"We have to go. You can always just come with us." She said as she looked at the floor.
"What do you guys think?" Loki asked as he looked at the other two who shrugged.
"We could use a change of scenery. This place gets dull after a while." Jamie said with a shrug.
Brendon spoke, "We have a car, so you could bring your stuff." He was smiling, his fingers laced with Ryan, who shrugged.
"We could always use more people."
"Then it's settled, I guess we'll go with you guys." Louie said as he wondered over to the wall of weapons to start packing them.
Seth spoke. "What are your names anyway? I know that her's is Grace because the twins have already said it, but you never said yours."
"I'm Ryan, that's Brendon and Spencer." Ryan said the words as he pointed at the two other boys. Jamie helped the twins pack food and weapons, Seth going over to pick up a few blankets and pillows. It didn't take long for the group to finish and leave, finding the car. "I think I'm going to look a little more."Ryan said as he started to walk away from the car.
"Ryannn!" Brendon yelled as he looked at Ryan's fading figure. "You guys go on ahead, we'll find our way back." Spencer nodded and drove back to the amusement park. Brendon ran after Ryan, his hand colliding with the older male's shoulder. "Ryan, where are you going?"
"I'm looking for something." He said as he looked up at a concrete building. The sign said it was a music shop, making Brendon's brows furrow in confusion.
"In there?" He looked back to see that Ryan had already knocked down the door and was walking inside the shop. Brendon followed close behind. "What are you looking for."
Ryan picked up an acoustic guitar, the strings in perfect condition, though the base had a giant hole in the side. "Don't you think it would be good to have something to lighten the mood? Just something that can remind people of what life used to be like." Ryan walked out of the shop, Brendon following close behind.
"Might as well go and find some beer and marshmallows."
"That, is why I love you." Ryan said as he kissed Brendon's cheek, the two making their way to a convince store. Brendon got a few six packs, Ryan grabbing a few bags of marshmallows. The two walked out of the shop, both holding a mass amount of items.
"What do we do now?" Brendon asked as he looked at Ryan who was already walking away.
"We look for a bike with a side seat."


So um....Yeah. Lightnings family sound familiar? It's changed a little...But it's still a lot like the one it's based on.
I know I still haven't used all of the characters that you guys have given me, but they will show up soon enough. And I am still taking characters if you want one to go in the story. Same requirements as last time.
And thanks to chelseadeline for reviewing last chapter. Meant a lot.
-xoxo Pansy.
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