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i still need more! :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/08/02 - Updated: 2011/08/02 - 56 words



    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-08-02 09:00:53 AM

    hey, sorry if this is too much info or whatever, I just hate it when people don`t give enough info. I have a guy and a girl-2 best friends, that ok? If you only want to use one thats fine. If you need anythign else just let me know. Have fun writing
    Toxic Faith. Nicknamed Toxic
    Real name-James but hates it and used to go by Jamie or sometimes Jay.
    Age-whatever fits.
    Looks-natural black hair, thick fringe falls forward into face, electric blue streaks through it. Cut into choppy layers. One eye is a blue grey colour, the other a blue green. (sometimes people do have different coloured eyes. I read it somewhere.) eyes are sometimes outlined with black eyeliner but not normally. Often surrounded by dark circles from lack of sleep. Tall, very thin-suffered with eating disorders.
    Outfit-black jeans-not skinnies just normal ones, am old, faded, bloody band tee (anything really. his fave bands are Iron Maiden, The Cure, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Amber Pacific) red converse his best friend and her sister scribbled on. A black leather jacket covered in badges and patches. Always keeps a guitar pick in his pocket-he got it at a concert he went to with his best friend (Toxic Rose) a silver chain is worn lodes around his neck that has a silver pick on it with a “D” on it. (the first initial of his friend’s real name) covered in tattoos and piercings-plugs in ears, a rook and a helix. (Just look up a diagram of it if you aren’t sure what it is or leave it out if you want) has snakebites, his tongue pierced.
    Personality-kind thinks worst of himself, either very loud or very quiet. Is either extremely low, or hyper and super happy. Flirts a lot but would never cheat on someone. Doesn’t believe in love as his heart has broken too many times. Would die for his friends. hate being told what to do, especially if he knows it’s wrong. Loyal friend but doesn’t trust easily.
    Anything else-bisexual parents didn’t accept him, used to be a drug addict and drank too much, but Toxic Rose helped him stop. Because of this he doesn’t drink anymore. smokes a lot-she tried to make him stop but eventually gave in.
    Toxic Rose nicknamed Rose.
    Age-whatever fits.
    Real name-Dakota Nyx (Dakota means friend or ally, Nyx means night)
    Looks-waist length black and red hair-black underneath red on top. Cut into lots of different layers, never too neat. Threatens to cut it off as it annoys her but Toxic Faith won’t let her. Emerald green eyes often outlined with black or red eyeliner, red lips, pale. Average height and weight but very underdeveloped-no hips/breast. Very self conscious of this and Toxic Faith teases her about it sometimes. tattoo of a rose on her foot and the name “Dakota” on her left wrist and £Rose” on the other. (Rose was her little sisters name) nose, tongue, lip, belly button and ears pierced-twice on the lobes and the top part of one.
    Outfit. Black skinnies, black knee high studded boots-keeps a knife in left one. A black top with random bits of silver and a bleeding red rose on it surrounded by skulls. Wears a silver necklace with a “D” an “R” and a “J” on it. (her, her sisters and her best friends initials) red wristband saying “fuck all authority” written in black.
    Personality-kind thinks worst of herself. Loyal friend. Crazy and random, morbid. Not someone you want to get on the bad side of. Don’t piss her off if you enjoy living, as she will kill you, slowly. Seeks revenge a lot-doesn’t forgive easily.
    Anything else-used to be a strict veggie but now will eat meat if she has to. She will complain about it very loudly though. misses her sister terribly and tries to find her, but doesn’t really think she is still alive.


    (#) KILLJOY88 2011-08-02 08:35:48 PM

    Killjoy name: Amplified Dream (nickname: amp)

    Real name:Olivia



    Costume: Neon pink jacket with two black fangs on the back, Black v neck t-shirt underneath, Dark blue boyfriend jeans, always has on black and yellow rayban sunglasses, and black leather Dr. Martins

    A breif description of yourself (Looks): deathly pale skin, Black hair, shaved on the sides, pink and yellow on the top, nobody ever sees her eyes but their red (meaning shes albino), smokes a pipe, and constantly bites her lip which funghoul (frankie) scolds her about alot.

    Little things I should know about you (Personality): Very tough but loyal, she is easy to piss off, she keeps most people at a dictance, most people find her creepy/mysterious/scary, has a nose ring, a lip ring, and a tattoo of black fangs on her wrist, nobody knows what they mean, she is very observant and most people find this unsettling, her only real friend is funghoul/frankie.

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2011-08-02 08:55:34 PM

    Killjoy name (Be creative) : Cyanide Killer (Cy for short)

    Real name: Ryan Johnston

    Age: 17 (change if you feel like it :D)

    Gender: Male

    Costume: Wears a paint-splattered white t-shirt, dark red skinny jeans, and thigh-high fake leather boots. Mask is a dark red spiked gasmask.

    A breif description of yourself (Looks): 5'8, somewhat muscular, naturally dark red hair, skin that doesn't tan or freckle, dark green eyes

    Little things I should know about you (Personality): I'm really friendly and I make friends easily, but I do have a bit of a temper

    Killjoy name (Be creative) : Northern Lights (North for short)

    Real name: Leslie Johnston

    Age: Same as Cyanide Killer (they're twin brothers)

    Gender: Male

    Costume: Dark blue shirt under an open, green button up, loose black jeans, knee-high leather boots

    A breif description of yourself (Looks): Basically the same as above, except North is 5'2 and super thin

    Little things I should know about you (Personality): Very shy and quiet, doesn't talk much, tends to overthink

    (#) KILLJOY88 2011-08-02 09:13:05 PM

    (my boyfriend wanted me to put an audition up for him)

    Killjoy name (Be creative) :Bloddy Stereo

    Real name: Xavier



    Costume: Green T shirt, dogtags, Black knee high converse, grey skinny jeans, nose ring

    A breif description of yourself (Looks): Black "emo" hair with dark blue streaks in the bangs, 5"11', big chocolate brown eyes, insanely skinny but eats like a fat man, perfect teeth (basicly hes hot)

    Little things I should know about you (Personality): Very hyperactive, sweet, likable, comes from a broken home but doesnt let it affect him, really likes Olivia, she ignores him but secretly feels the same way, He gets very jealous of any guy who talks to Olivia, can kick your ass if he wanted to but he normally doesnt, bisexual

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03 01:47:29 AM

    Killjoy name- Colorful Shadow

    Real name- Jasmine Price (but if you call her by her real name she will kill you)

    Age- 17 (but you can change)

    Costume- a floral tank-top and a leather jacket on sometimes. Black shorts with a red belt that had a 'C' and a 'S'. Fishnet tights with black knee high boots. A necklace that says 'Price'. Fingerless black gloves. Mask is green, blue, and pink. Bandana when she is not wearing her mask is purple and red. Gun is yellow and orange and has writing in red that says 'beware the CS'

    Looks- Dark brown hair that has red and blue streaks. Dark brown eyes that change color from time to time. Pale skin that tans easily. Has cuts from an epic fight before. 5'4 and skinny because her food is always taken away from her.

    Personality- shy, sometimes nice, cusses alot, can break a bone if she needs to, if you really piss her ofg you will have to get a shoe out of your ass.
    The colorful part in her killjoy name means has a colorful side of her which is when she is nice. The shadow part means that she is dark sometimes, like when you piss her off.

    Hope I helped.

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03 02:07:49 AM

    My little brother wanted me to audition for him.

    Killjoy name- Lightning Strike

    Real name- Derek Price

    Age- whatever

    Costume- a blue t-shirt that has a lightning bolt on it. Sometimes a leather jacket. Black jeans not skinnies. Dogtags that his dad gave him. Black fingerless gloves. Black converse. Mask is yellow with a small black lightning bolt near the corner. Bandana if not wearing mask is blue, yellow, and black. Gun is black with a lightning bolt.

    Looks- dark brown hair thats spikey that has an electric blue color at thr end of each spike, dark brown eyes that changes color time to time. Pale skin that tans easily, 5'3 and skinny.

    Personality- shy, nice, even though he is the little brother he always looks after his older sister, can break a bone if he needs to, cusses alot, gets distracted easily, gets pissed off easy.
    The lightning in his killjoy name means that he is fast as lightning, and the strike means that he will sneak attack and will strike jyst like a bolt of lightning.


    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03 02:27:00 AM

    In my first audition I put that I would kill anyone that would call me by my real name. I did not mean to type that. My brother was just bugging me by calling me a nickname I really hate and I said I was going to kill him if he called me that again. So if you can forget about that part that would be nice.
    Now I need to kill Derek.

    (#) KILLJOY88 2011-08-03 08:26:39 AM

    (sorry i forgot some shit, im bad at this ;)

    Things I forgot for Amplified Dream: Curses ALOT, doesnt like to be told shes to young to smoke, doesnt like to be told what to do EVER, mask is black, yellow, and pink diagonal srtipes, gun is pink with her normal black fang pattern on it, and she has three scars on the left side of her face, she never tells anyone how she got these but it was when her sister (Brooke)killed her parents, She let Amplified Dream live but gave her the scars as a reminder.

    Things I forgot for Bloody Stereo: I ment to type "Bloody" NOT "Bloddy" (I suck, I know.), curses but not nearly as much as Amplified dream, mask is green with black and blue X along the sides, gun is green with black and blue X all over it, slightly bossy, fun loving, sometimes dorky, very oblivious, very popular with girls but doesnt notice because he's so oblivious.

    (sorry i forgot all that whoops ^.^)

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03 02:31:36 PM

    Now my little sister wants me to audition for her. Killjoy name-Cosmic sun. Real name-Amy Price. Age-13. Costume-A yellow tank-top that is orange at the bottom. A leather jacket on sometimes. Red skinnes with black boots, a black studded belt. Wears a silver heart shaped necklace she got as a gift. Mask is the color yellow and has spikes in the corner to make it look like the sun. Gun is orange and has yellow spots on it. Looks-Dark brown hair that is curly, dark brown eyes that change color time to time. Pale skin that tans easy. Has red nail polish on all the time. 5'1 and skinny. Personality-Kind of like her older sister but does not get pissed easily, nice, can beat the living shit out of people sometimes, sunny everyday, gets distracted easily.

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