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Chapter 4: An artist?

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Discovering new talents and feelings

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" uh...Tasha? You're kinda staring at there food on me or something?" Gerard was grinning uneasily at me. Oh god, had I been staring? Crap.
"..muh? What? Sorry, I was miles away.." I flashed a smile and looked anywhere than at him.
"Doesn't matter. So what do we do now?" He was still smiling at me, walking right beside me, our hands almost touching. I quickly shoved my hand in my pocket.
"Well, it's activity break, so we can do pretty much whatever we want for the next hour,"
" That's awesome! Well, where do you want to go?" His eyes were bright, looking at me again. DAMN! STOP DOING THAT!
" well, there's the library...the art room..."
" Art room. Where is it?"
I pushed open the door, the strong smell of acrylic paint and fixative filling the air. I looked at Gerard behind me, his face lit up. I could tell he couldn't wait to get in there.
He dumped his bag on the floor and knelt down to open it, his hair falling over his face. His bag was stuffed with drawings, he tugged out a battered file, and placed it on the table next to me.
" are all of those yours? Can I look?"
" Sure, go ahead, fine by me" He replied, picking up his pencil and starting to draw.
I opened the file, I'd always loved looking at other people's drawings, although they always made me jealous, seeing as my drawing wasn't nearly as good. The first couple of sheets were quick sketches of superheros, their masks filled in with black ink, their outfits interesting and unique. " wow, these are amazing Gerard, do you like superhero comic books?"
" Uh...yeah I do..." He looked up at me from his drawing, (another superhero, this time a guy in a gorilla suit with a human head)his pale face turning pink. Wow, that was so cute." I've liked them since I was little..."
" Thats cool, you have a really good style." what was I talking about? Who was I to talk about his drawing style? Why am I such a nerd?
" Thanks, do you like drawing?" He'd paused in his sketching now to push his fringe out of his eyes.
" yeah, I really like drawing but I'm pretty crap to be honest, I'm better at copying stuff."
The bell rang loudly, interrupting our conversation. I carefully put the drawings back into the file and pushed it across to Gerard, who shoved it back in his bag and stood up. I picked up my battered, grey canvas shoulder bag and we made our way out into the corridor. Some year sevens were hanging about, as usual, ten minutes early for thier next lesson. "Whoaa.. emo.." one cocky little ass-hole whispered to his friend, pointing at Gerard. The other kid laughed and stuck his foot out to try and trip us. I glared at them, but said nothing. They'd have a better comeback than I would anyway.
"Sorry" I said as we walked.
" it's fine, see you later? "
" yeah, see at end of school." I turned and entered the biology room, lessons suddenly seemed so boring without Gerard to talk to...
The final bell rang at last, causing me to throw my diagram of the respiritary system into my bag and stand behind my chair, desperate for Mr Kirke to dismiss us. " Miss Bortnyk you look eager to leave, you meeting someone?" Sir said, seeing that I was the only one stood behind my chair. " She's meeting her boyfriend sir!" Ella said, " He's dead weird sir, all emo-ey and messy looking." I flushed red, but thankfully sir just raised his eyebrows at me and let us go.
Hurrying out the door and down the stairs, I ignored the cackles and jeering that followed me. Why did I have such stupid people in my year? As if a guy like Gerard would ever like me back. I was nothing special. We were just friends thats all. As usual.
I made my way to my locker, grabbed my coat and went to wait by the front door for Gerard.
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