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When You Go Would You Even Turn To Say...

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She knew we weren’t going to talk, and that we were going to shout. But still, she ran into the garden, with her hands over her ears.

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A.N: Okay, I am really sorry this took so long. I got my laptop on my birthday, as promised. But my mum went to London, so my boyfriend came round and he hates me writing these for you all D: but I'm working on the 10th and 11th chapter NOW to make it up to you all... Hope this is enough to show how sorry I am... -Leaa xx

Chapter 9

Frank left 12 hours ago, I hadn’t spoken to Lyn-Z all that time and she wouldn’t let me see Bandit. I was led on the sofa, in my skeleton onsie – which I hadn’t worn in years! – thinking about my future, forgetting the past and trying to work out the present.

It was hard to think that this was it; the end of me and Lyn-Z. We had an amazing story, she was an amazing person. But this was it.

Unfortunately, she’d been ignoring me. I wasn’t even allowed to hold Bandit, tuck her in or anything! It was like I was being shut out of my own life. Lyn-Z hadn’t spoken to me, since Frank came in and told her everything.

I hated him for that; I wanted to tell her in a way that she wouldn’t hate me as much. She’d hate me no matter what way I told her, that was a fact, but I didn’t want her to hate me this much.

“Lyn-Z, please…” I called, submissively, she needed to see that I was trying to be nice and wanted to be forgiven. Instead of even acknowledging my existence, she walked off as if I’d never said anything. “Oh, c’mon! You’re being ridiculous! Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming, at all!” I yelled down the corridor. She turned around and gave me a death glare.

“Oh, so you and him planned this? I knew there was something going on, Gerard. But, I didn’t think it would end up like this. You didn’t see it the way I did. The way he looked at you, all the time, the way you smiled at each other. And the kissing on-stage? Ever since the beginning, that’s been ‘your’ time to do whatever you want to each other. So, don’t you ever pretend that ‘it was for the haters’ because that, that is bullshit!”

I bowed my head, and pouted. Not in a way that I acted like a three year old, but that I was generally unhappy with my life. Never did I think it would end like this, I thought that maybe we’d die together and be buried next to each other. Call me cheesy, but I really wanted that to happen.

“Lyn-Z, it’s been like this for a while. I really loved you, don’t get me wrong on that, sugar. But, it’s me. I love Fra-“

“Don’t even say his name around me,” she hissed. “I want nothing to do with that low-life. And if you think you’re ever seeing Bandit with him around, you’ve got another thing coming.” Her eyes narrowed and focused on my pocket, that’s when I noticed it was ringing.

I took out my phone and read who it was calling.

“It’s him, isn’t it?” Lyn-Z said, coldly. I nodded and she left the room.

“What did Jamia say?” I asked, answering the call. To be honest, I was shitting bricks about it. Lyn-Z had reacted this way and we’d only been together since 2007, Frank and Jamia had been together since forever!

He laughed down the phone; I didn’t feel so nervous or angry anymore.

“You’re never going to believe it! She’s agreed to sign the papers. And we’re all going to meet up soon to choose who gets what and time we get to see the kids,” I could hear that he was smiling, and I didn’t blame him.

“That’s great news, Frankie,” A smiled took over my face too.

“How things over there?” My smiled disappeared, as quickly as it appeared.

“Not so good. She’s not talking to me. Well, she just had a go at me, saying that I won’t be able to see Bandit with you,” His expression was the same as mine.

“What!? But she’s like… I wanted to be her Uncle Frankie, and teach her guitar and drink juice together at the park…” I imagined how he was acting, he was looking down and his eyes were watering.

“Frank…” I said, what he’d told me make me giggle a little bit. The fact that he had thought about all that just for my little girl, when he had his own, made me realise just how amazing he actually was.

“Gerard…” he echoed.

“You seriously meant that, didn’t you? Even though you have your own daughters,” I giggled.

“Well, I was going to do the same with them…” he mumbled. I looked down to find Bandit, tugging at my leg, smiling that killer smile. She was going to be a heartbreaker when she grew up. And I knew for a fact, no one was going to be good enough for her, in my opinion anyway.

“Frankie, I’ve gotta go. Bandit wants her daddytime and Lyn-Z’s busy, so this might be my only chance for a while,” I started mouthing words at her and making funny faces, she was laughing like Frank did. That’s when I decided I was going to let Frank come with me to see her, I didn’t care what Lyn-Z said, Frank was going to be a part of Bandit’s life.

“Okay, I love you,” he said, with a smile on his face.

“I love you too, I’ll call you later!” I replied.

“Mhmm,” he had his mouth full of food, the greedy fucker. I put the phone down, and returned it to my pocket.

“Who’s Daddy’s special princess?” I asked my daughter. She giggled and pointed at herself, as I bent down to pick her up and made her feel like an aeroplane. She laughed louder, while I span her around.

When I finished spinning her, I noticed Lyn-Z standing at the top of the stairs, with a suitcase. I looked up at her, with a curious look on my face. Her eyes were cold and dark.

“Put her down.” She said, slowly. I let Bandit down, and I kissed her head.

“Go play in the garden, sugar. Mommy and Daddy need to talk,” I explained to her. Her smile dropped, she knew we weren’t going to talk, and that we were going to shout. But still, she ran into the garden, with her hands over her ears, preparing herself. “Why have you got that suitcase?”

“Because I’m going on tour, with the band. They said I can take Bandit, protect her from her cheating father’s lies,” she replied, smugly.

“You can’t do that! The road isn’t safe for her, and you can’t just decide to go on tour,” I told her.

“I’ll do what I want, when I want. And I don’t want to sign your stupid divorce papers, ever,” her voice was so cold and angry. I understood why, but there was no need to take Bandit away. “I told you that I’d make this hell for you.”

As she walked off, I realised I didn’t recognise her anymore. She was a different person, someone I’d never met before.

“Goodbye, Gerard,” I heard as she opened the door, took Bandit by the hand and left.

That was it. I’d never see either of them again.
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