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darkness,darkness everywhere,do you feel alone?

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I sit starring for hours,not at anything specific,just starring.My dream had left me
baffled.And now im sitting on my floor with my knees brought up to my chest,leaning on my bed

for support.Who the heck was this guy?Do I know him from somewhere?That angel seem to be the
only thing I can think about,not the fact that I was dead in the dream made it bad.Then it hit

me,was this a warning?My self-consience telling me to stop cutting mabey?Most likely.I pushed it to the back of my mind and locked the dream away in a little black box,where I kept all of

my dreams.The clock on my bedside table read 4:52.Thats way to early to be getting up on a saturday.I pushed myself up from the ground and walked to my door,debating over weather I would

get caught sneaking around at this hour.Even if its just for coffee.Do I really want to risk getting beaten with a baseball bat?I sighed,this is one of the only turned down coffee.Instead

I got out my laptop and opened two tabs.One for youtube,and the other for my usual chat room.Very few people were on,so I clicked on my youtube tab and put on one of my favorite

songs,plugging in my earphones as to not wake my mother.I smiled softly as "You Are The Moon" came on.I clicked back onto the chat tab and scrolled through the online people until I found

someone named "Geefreak".I clicked the persons name and looked at his profile.The picture made me click 'chat now' before I had time to think.He looks so much like the angel,that its

unreal.Yes,there are some differences like the fact he doesnt have wings and instead of a sad smile has a cocky smirk on his lips.But there is most definatly similaritys.I watched intensly

as the screen says "Waiting for confirmation".Waiting....waiting...BING!A smile enveloped my face as I was sent to a chat room with this "Geefreak" person.



Geefreak:Do I know you?

Frankiestien:No,I was just bord and felt like talking to someone.

Geefreak:....Ok well im Gerard.

Frankiestien:Im Frank.

Geefreak:What are you doing up so early?

Frankiestien:I had a weird dream,and couldnt go back to sleep.Why are you up?

Geefreak:Cant sleep.Fucking annoying cat outside.

Frankiestien:Haha,that sucks.So what school do you go to?

Geefreak:Im starting at a new school Monday,Belleville High.What 'bout you?

Frankiestien:Guess Ill see you Monday.

Geefreak:Really,you go there?

Frankiestien:Yep,and it sucks balls.

Geefreak:Why?Whats wrong with it?

Frankiestien:Homophobic bastards,plastic bitches,and shity teachers.

Geefreak:Sounds fun :P

Frankiestien:Not if your anything like me.

Geefreak:What do you mean 'like you'?

Frankiestien:Black Flag,The Misfits,Disturbed,Antrax,dresses in almost all black,and..uh thats

Geefreak:Those are great bands,black is all I wear,and thats not all.Your hiding somthing.

Frankiestien:Mabey Ill tell you Monday.

Geefreak:Ok Ill be looking fordward to it.

Frankiestien:So,why are coming in the middle of the year?

Geefreak:Mabey Ill tell you Monday.

Frankiestien:No fair thats my line!

Geefreak:Yeah,well I just took it.

Frankiestien:Fine take it.Ill come up with a better one!

Geefreak:I'd like to see you try,but I should go.It's 6:00 and I have stuff that I have to
do.Ill talk to you Monday?

Frankiestien:Oh,ok.Yeah I'll see you Monday.Bye!


I smiled and Shut off my laptop.This person is coming to my school Monday,and he seems to like

me so far.Mabey Ill end up with another friend to add to my currently low number of them.I crawled back into bed and felt sleep tugging at my eyelids.Just as I was about to fall

asleep,some lyrics ran through my head "Darkness,darkness everywhere,do you feel alone?" and thought,just for a second,and I knew the answer.No,not anymore.
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