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Chapter 6

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Gerard talks to Mikey, Hollie thinks she can help Lucy with her problem.

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Lucy’s POV…
At around half five our front door opened. I’d been home for about three hours because Becca had told me to go home. “Lucy, I’m home!” Hollie yelled up the stairs.
I ignored her but apparently she wanted to talk to me. I figured this out when she knocked at my bedroom door saying “Lucy, I need to talk to you.”
Yet again I ignored her but she still came in. “Did I say you could come in?”
“Well no… But this is really important.”
“What is it?”
“… I heard Becca talking to you outside today.”
I looked away from my JLS book to look at her “What are you on about?”
“I know that Becca’s blackmailing you.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
She ran over and started shaking my shoulders “Yes you do so don’t lie to me! Becca’s blackmailing you because she thinks Gerard is cute!”
I shook her off “Hollie you’re being stupid.”
“Lucy, I already know. So there’s no point in lying to me.” She sat on the bed opposite me “Just so you know when I left Gerard’s house… Becca was still there. I think she’s trying to stay as long as possible.”
“Okay, fine, Becca’s blackmailing me!” I snapped “But I don’t see what you’re planning to do about it?”
Hollie gaped at me “Excuse me?”
“What do you mean?”
“No, what do you mean? What do you mean what am I planning to do about it? You’re the only one that can tell Becca that enough is enough!”
“I can’t, you heard what she’ll do!”
“Dude, you know that in the end Becca’s going to show him anyway!”
“No she won’t, she’s keeping it to herself.”
“If she really wants to be Gerard’s girlfriend then she’ll stop at nothing to get him. Why can’t you see that?”
“Look Hollie, I’ve got this under control.”
“No you don’t!”
“Hollie please, don’t say anything to her. And I don’t plan to say anything to her either. I want to do things my way.”
“How’s that working out for you?”
“Hollie!” I yelled “I’ve got this! So just leave me alone!”
She blinked at me before getting off my bed and running off. I knew she’d be upset all night but it couldn’t be helped. If I told Becca to back off, she’d show Gerard and then Gerard would dump me. He’d hate me; he’d get everybody else to hate me… Chloe and Hollie would believe me obviously but it’s not like they’d just break up with their boyfriends to hang round with me. I’d be all alone again and then maybe Gerard would decide to go out with Becca…
Chloe came clattering into my bedroom “I just got back from Ray’s house! He’s so hopeless at flirting you know!” She sat on the bed opposite me “Did you hear? Becca’s going out with Bob!”
I sat up straight “What did you say?”
“Becca’s going out with Bob.”
“But I thought-“ I stopped myself quickly “Never mind. How nice for them.”
She narrowed her eyes at me “You’re acting weird.”
“No I’m not.”
“Yeah you are!”
“I know, I know… I’ll leave you alone now.” She smiled at me cheekily “You’re so moody now-a-days.”
“I’m just stressed.”
“About what?”
“School…” I laughed nervously “You know me!” I held up my homework “Always worried about this!”
“You have always been a bit of a nerd,” Chloe giggled “Sorry! I’m going to go and watch some TV. Hopefully you cheer up soon.”
She went back downstairs and I was free to get on with my homework. Boring as it may be, it took my mind off a lot of things.
Once I was done with it all I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go and see Gerard. Maybe Becca had left? But if she hadn’t she’d be really mad at me for showing up.
Instead, I decided to text Mikey – Becca still at your house
I got a text back almost straight away – Yeah, she’s in Gerard’s room
I’m not worried about Gerard cheating on me because I totally trust him. But I’m worried about what Becca will talk to him about. Will she tell him some of the stuff I had written about in my diary? Had she taken it with her? Was she going to show him?
I rolled over, hid my face in my pillow and started to cry.
Hollies POV…
Why was Lucy in such a bad mood with me? I was only trying to help. It’s not fair that Becca can just get away with this. I’d tell Chloe but she wouldn’t keep quiet like me, she’d tell anyone who’d listen including our pet goldfish.
Brainwave! Becca must be keeping Lucy’s diary at her house… If I went over, I could steal back the diary and me and Lucy could destroy it!
I sent Becca text – Can I come over to your house please? In ten minutes?
She text back in seconds – Umm yeah sure
I ran into Lucy’s room and said “I’m just going over to Becca’s house…”
She shot me a warning glare “Hollie…”
“I’m only going over because she’s my friend!”
“Yeah, she must be one of your best friends. Blackmailing your sister-“
“You’ll change your mind when I get home. I won’t say anything! I promise.”
“Doubt it. Bye!”
“See ya!”
I ran out the house quickly and over to Becca’s. She still wasn’t back yet but her parents let me in. I walked up her stairs and found her bedroom. “How long will Becca be?” I whispered to myself under my breath.
I started searching. I checked her bedside table, went through a couple of her draws when suddenly I heard the clatter of stairs. Someone was coming up!
But it wasn’t Becca home yet. It was just her little brother using the bathroom.
I looked under her bed, at her desk… And suddenly I found it! In the most obvious place of all – Her book shelf.
I heard the stairs again and I looked around. Shit I hadn’t brought my fucking bag with me. Where was I supposed to hide this diary? Wanting to get it out of here, I shoved it inside my jacket.
Becca walked in “Oh hi Hollie.”
“Hi Becca,” I smiled at her “Do you know what sucks? I forgot to tell my parents I was coming over and now they’ve just texted me saying they want me home. So I’d better be going…”
I stepped round her when she suddenly stopped me and said “Hand it over Hollie.”
I paused for a while before replying “What are you talking about?”
“Her diary,” She said “Hand it over.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
She shoved her hand into my jacket and pulled out Lucy’s diary. I tried to grab it back but she held it out of my reach “She told you about this?”
“No. You did.”
“What do you mean {/I/] did?”
“I heard you and Lucy talking at Gerard’s house. Do you know how hard Gerard worked to convince Lucy to go out with him? All that effort he put in? He really likes her. And you’re not going to change that.”
“Oh aren’t I?” Becca asked “The less time that Lucy spends with Gerard and the more time I spend with him, the more he’ll get to know me-“
“You’re lying to him!” I snapped “You told him that you love rock music. Back in England, you were always teasing me and Chloe about our music taste. Your favourite singer is Justin Bieber. So don’t lie to me.”
She smiled “Oh well. And anyway, soon Lucy will spend no time with him at all. And he’ll start to regret going out with her. He’ll start telling me all his worries. And the more I’ll subtly try to convince him to break up with her.”
“You don’t deserve him,” I told her; shaking my head “I thought you were a nice girl. I thought that Lucy was your friend!”
“Just get out of here,” Becca said “Your parents are waiting for you.”
I glared at her before saying quickly “And don’t think about showing Gerard that book.”
Becca nodded slowly “I won’t… If… You call Mikey fat.”
“To his face, at school on Monday with me around.”
“But he’s insecure about his weight… Even though he’s like dead skinny.”
“And don’t even try to tell him about the diary or I’ll just show Gerard.”
I decided not to mention that Mikey already knew everything about the diary. I sighed heavily and left the house.
When I got home, Lucy was there to greet me “What exactly did you do?”
“Things didn’t go as I planned!” I told her “Okay?”
Gerard’s POV…
“Mikey?” I asked, entering the living room “Can we talk about something?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Lucy’s acting really weird lately. Have you noticed?”
“What do you mean by weird?”
“Well every time we try to be alone… Becca’s always there. And then shortly after Becca shows up, Lucy just disappears.”
“Are you sure that it’s not just Becca acting weird?”
“No. Becca’s being really nice-“ I noticed the look on Mikey’s face “What do you know?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Mikey, I know you by now! You’ve got that look on your face that says you’re not telling me something!”
“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Tell me what you know!”
He groaned “I can’t! I’m really sorry but I can’t!”
“Why not?”
“Because I promised Hollie that I wouldn’t tell anyone.”
“Not even me?”
“Especially not you!”
“Well who means more to you, me or Hollie?”
“Gerard, don’t…”
“I’m serious!”
“If you told me something and told me to keep it to myself, I wouldn’t tell Mom. Even if she bugged me forever. It’s kind of like that.”
“But this is about my relationship!”
“Gerard, I’m sorry, but if you’re really upset then talk to Lucy about it!”
“She’ll deny everything.”
“Then she doesn’t want you to know, does she?” Mikey stood up “I’m sorry Gerard but if your own girlfriend can’t tell you then who can?”
“My own brother perhaps?”
“Goodnight Gerard.” Mikey said angrily, going upstairs.
I sighed and leaned back against the sofa. What’s going on? Why is Lucy acting all funny whenever Becca’s hanging around? Is she… Embarrassed about me?
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