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Chapter 7

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Yew get a bit of Becca's POV! OMG! :O

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Becca’s POV…
On Monday, things started falling into place. I made Lucy go and hang out with someone else. I don’t know who she went to talk too but I don’t care. And then what I hoped for happened! Gerard started telling me exactly how he felt about Lucy ditching him all the time. He was finally opening up to me.
We sat down next to each other. I sat a little too close for just friends but I don’t think he even noticed “Do you know why she’s avoiding me?”
I was quiet before saying “Well maybe she’s developed an interest in someone else…”
“Do you really think that? Has she said anything to you?”
“Well she mentioned this one guy… I can’t remember his name. Apparently he’s pretty cute.”
“Are you serious?” Gerard asked angrily “She likes another guy? Is that why she doesn’t wanna go see Smashing Pumpkins on Thursday?”
“I think that this guy she likes is going over to hers to study with her.”
Gerard sat there, thinking about this “Do you think that instead of seeing Smashing Pumpkins I should stay with Lucy so I can catch her out?”
“No!” I said quickly “You deserve to have some fun Gerard. If she’s going to act all moody and secretive then you deserve to have a little fun at least.”
“But Becca-“
“Gerard, you’ve wanted to see Smashing Pumpkins for ages. I think you deserve this opportunity.”
Gerard smiled “Thanks Becca. You’re really sweet.”
“It’s okay Gee.”
“… Did you just call me Gee?”
“Oh yeah…”
“That’s cool,” Gerard smiled again “I don’t mind.”
Once the bell rang for third lesson, I reminded Hollie of what I wanted her to do. And at lunch I followed her to where we were gonna meet Mikey.
On the way she started having a go at me “This is stupid, why do you want me to do this?”
“Because it’ll ruin your life.”
Her mouth fell open “What!?”
“It’ll be fun to see anyway;” I smiled “I love watching people argue.”
Finally we met up with Mikey. He went to hug Hollie but she had to push him away. “Mikey…” Hollie glared at me quickly before returning her gaze to Mikey “You’re fat.”
“… What?”
Hollie stood there awkwardly before running off. Mikey turned to glare at me “Why did she just say that?”
“I don’t know,” I lied “Sounded like she’d been keeping it to herself for a while.”
He looked at me for a long moment as if he knew something. But then he shook his head and marched off “I need to talk to Hollie.”
I smiled as he walked off. Things were starting to fall into place.

Chloe’s POV…
At lunch time I went to find Frank. I found him in the dinner hall eating a cheese sandwich. I sat opposite him and said “Frank, tonight I’m gonna apologise to your parents.”
“Are you sure?” He asked, putting down his sandwich “I don’t know how it’ll work out. I’ve never had to apologise to my parents before.”
“No, not ever. I always do as I’m told.”
“Really? You?”
“Okay, I always do as I’m told at home.”
“Look,” I sighed “I just want to try, okay?”
Frank nodded “Alright, alright. Whatever you want.”
Gerard’s POV…
Back at home, I found Mikey sitting on the sofa watching some random crap on TV. I sat next to him “Mikey, I think Lucy’s interested in someone else.”
“Oh really?” Mikey asked, turning to look at me “Well my girlfriend called me fat.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah she said it at break.” Mikey twiddled his thumbs awkwardly “I think I know why but she won’t talk to me. She’s avoiding me.”
“Go over to her house. But before you do can I have some advice?”
“What is it?”
“I was talking to Becca at break and she says that Lucy told her she’s interested in some other guy-“ I saw Mikey biting his lip “What is it!? Please just tell me what you know!”
“I’m really sorry but I can’t!” Mikey mumbled “But I can tell you one thing… Lucy doesn’t like some other guy.”
We were both silent before Mikey said “If you want and told Becca that you were going to force Lucy into going to see Smashing Pumpkins on Thursday… I dunno how to say this but Lucy wants to go. Tell Becca you’re gonna force her then go to Lucy and keep insisting you want her to go. Then tell her that Becca’s okay with it. Then she’ll want to go.”
“Why? What’s Becca got to do with any of this?”
Mikey stood up “Nothing, nothing at all. But you’ll have to explain to Becca because she’s going to go and stuff you know…” I was about to say something when he said “Anyway, I’m going over to Hollies house… To talk to her…”
“Fine!” I sighed.

Hollies POV…
Someone tapped on my door three times then just opened their door by themselves. I couldn’t see who they were because I was lying on my bed with the back to the door. “Hollie,” Lucy whispered “Mikey’s here to see you…”
I didn’t say anything but someone sat on the bed next to me “Did Becca make you say it?” Mikey asked “Did she make you call me fat?”
I rolled over and sat up. I nodded “But I wasn’t supposed to tell you.” I whispered.
He put his arms round me “So she knows that you know?”
“I thought I could fix things,” I mumbled “I was gonna help Lucy destroy the diary… But Becca caught me trying to sneak it out her house.”
“And now she’s blackmailing you too?” He asked “Hollie, you’ve gotta do something.”
“Why? Why do I have to anything?”
“When Lucy was the only one being blackmailed then yes it was Lucy’s responsibility but now you’ve been brought into it too. So now you can do something about it.”
I shook my head “Lucy’s the one that has to suffer with the consequences. It’s not my place.”
“I know you’re trying to help but I can’t do anything!” I cried “Like I said, Lucy will be the one to suffer. Not me. She’s the one that makes the decisions here and she’s chosen to do nothing. So I have to accept that.”
“Even if it makes your life miserable?”
I smiled at him “I have you. My life will never be miserable.”
That shut him up about Becca. We both lay back against my bed talking about random crap for ages. We didn’t mention Becca or Lucy or the diary. And for a while I could pretend to be happy.

Lucy’s POV…
At around eight pm Gerard knocked on our door. I didn’t answer, Chloe did but she sent him upstairs. No warning either. I was sitting cross-legged on my bed in my snoopy pyjamas and she just sent him upstairs.
I didn’t notice him come in either. My door was already open a little and when you push my door it doesn’t make any noise. So there I was, sitting there in snoopy pyjamas, reading Twilight when I heard Gerard say “You look adorable!”
I snapped my book shut and turned to look at him. I grinned “What are you doing here?”
He ran and sat opposite me on the bed “I’ve decided… You’re coming with me on Thursday to see Smashing Pumpkins.”
“Gerard, I-“
“You have to come! I’ve already been round to Becca’s house and explained the whole thing.”
I went quiet “What did you say?”
“I told her that I didn’t want to go without you. I told her I was going to come round here and force you into coming with me. She told me not too because you really didn’t want to… But in the end I convinced her. It’ll be boring without you Lucy. Please come with me?”
“… Becca’s really okay with it?”
“Yeah,” Gerard nodded “So will you come with me?”
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