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Chapter 8

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Becca continues to be mean!

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Lucy’s POV…
Things seemed to be going quite well. Although Hollie had had to call Mikey fat, he knew why and everything was fine with them. And even though Gerard has no idea what’s going on, he seems to be taking control of the situation without realising. And now I get to go see Smashing Pumpkins with him on Thursday! Unless something else goes wrong which I highly doubt.
I did a get a bit of crap off Becca though today “You told him, didn’t you?” She asked me in Maths. It was a day where we could sit wherever we wanted and since Becca and I are such ‘good friends’ she chose to sit by me.
I shook my head “No, he just really wants me to go see Smashing Pumpkins with him.”
“Tell him you really don’t want to go!”
“He won’t take no for an answer Becca,” I told her smugly “I’m sorry but I’m going to see Smashing Pumpkins on Thursday and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
She smiled at me “Well, I can’t get in with your ticket…”
“What are you talking about?”
“None of your business,” Becca snapped “But on Wednesday night I’m going over to Gerard’s house and you’d better not show up.”
“Gerard told me he doesn’t like hanging round with you all the time.”
“Well he agreed to it. I told him I was having some trouble with science and he agreed to help tutor me.”
“You’re great at science!”
“Gerard doesn’t know that!”
I sighed heavily “Becca, he likes me. Why can’t you just accept that?”
She glared at me “People can change Lucy.”
“Do you know how long it took him to make me tell him I liked him? He still liked me after all the mean things I did…” I paused “He still liked me…”
“But how much more can he take?” Becca asked “You were mean to him before you were dating sure. But how would he feel if he knew you were still being mean about him while you were dating?”
I groaned, realising she was right. But she wasn’t asking me to do anything mean to Gerard, anything humiliating… In fact, she wasn’t asking me to do anything. I was off the hook and although she’d be with him all of Wednesday night it was only to study Science! I’d be with him all of Thursday anyway without Becca. Just him, me, Hollie, Mikey, the crowd and the band. Yay!
At break Gerard told Becca that he wanted some alone time with me and she listened! She totally backed off! She spent the entire break talking to Chloe, the only triplet that still likes her/the only triplet she’s not threatening. So me and Gerard we… Yeah, I’m gonna end that sentence there.
So today, has been a good day.

Hollies POV…
I was at home picking out an outfit for Smashing Pumpkins tomorrow when suddenly Becca bust into my bedroom. I groaned “Lucy said you were at Gerard’s house ‘studying’.”
“Family crisis, I had to leave.”
“What happened?”
“Why is it any of your business?”
“It’s got something to do with my boyfriend.”
“They had to go see their Grandma in hospital or something,” Becca shrugged “Mikey told me to tell you he’s still on for Smashing Pumpkins tomorrow though.”
“Oh cool.”
“But you’re not.”
“What do you mean?”
“You remember that I was going to go to the concert with Lucy’s ticket?” I nodded “Well now Gerard’s making Lucy go. And with one day to go to the concert, you’re going to tell Mikey you don’t want to go anymore and that you’re giving me your ticket.”
I shook my head “No way! I really want to go!”
“I don’t care. Go and tell Mikey that you don’t want to go or I’ll show Gerard Lucy’s diary.”
“What do you think this is going to prove?” I yelled at her “All you’ll see is Gerard being sweet and acting like a couple with Lucy, while you have a terrible time. And Mikey wants me to go so you’ll be ruining it for him too.”
“You think he actually cares?” Becca snorted “I bet he wouldn’t even try to convince you not to go!”
“Yes he would!” I argued “I don’t wanna give up my ticket. Why can’t you just buy my own?”
“You guys have standing tickets. The only tickets left are seated.”
“That’s not my problem.”
She grabbed my arm “Yes, it bloody is. Unless you want your sister and her boyfriend to break up, you’ll go on round to Mikey’s house and tell him that you don’t wanna go.”
“How am I supposed to go and see him when he’s at the hospital?”
“He’s coming home at around nine.” Becca informed me “I want a text between ten and eleven from you saying that you spoke to Mikey and that I can have your ticket.” She smiled sweetly at me “See you tomorrow!”
After she left, I grabbed my hairbrush and threw it at the door she just walked out of. She hadn’t shut the door so it went flying into the corridor. Chloe popped her head through and asked “Is everything okay?”
“I’m fine,” I muttered angrily, sitting in my bed, trying to hold back the tears “It’s just a period pain. I’m fine.”
Chloe shrugged and walked off. I really want to go tomorrow but how can I? I don’t want Lucy and Gerard to split up. I hate Becca…

Chloe’s POV…
Something’s up with my sisters. Hollies in her room crying and Lucy’s in the living room watching Glee. I know Hollies a sop but someone must’ve said something to have upset her. And last time I checked, me and Lucy always teased Hollie for being a Glee fan. Lucy was really annoyed when she found out that they’d covered Justin Bieber and that was the very episode she was watching!
To be fair, I’d only noticed because I was in such a good mood. I’d gone over to Frank’s parents’ house to apologise. Things didn’t start out well but…
For a start, I knocked on the door and Frank’s Dad answered. He glared at me before hissing “No, Frank can’t come out. Not now and not ever.”
“I’m not here to see Frank,” I told him quickly as he started shutting the door “I came to apologise properly to you and your wife!”
He re-opened the door and looked at me for a long moment before finally saying “Fine, I guess you can come in…”
He let me in and I walked down his small corridor. He directed me into the living room where his wife was sitting on the sofa knitting. I looked at it. Looked like someone was going to be receiving a new sweater soon.
She looked up at Mr.Iero “I’m making Frankie a sweater!” She glared at me “What’s she doing here?”
“Apparently, she’s here to apologise.” He told her, sitting next to his wife.
I chose to stand in front of them instead of sitting on the sofa opposite “I wanted to apologise for yelling at you both in the restaurant the other night. But you have to understand that you were offending my family and I really don’t like it when people say mean things about them. Especially my sisters because we’re closer than anything.”
“Are you saying that what we said was wrong?” Mrs.Iero asked, raising her eye-brows.
I took a deep breath and nodded “I’m not saying I handled it right though. I over re-acted and I’m aware of that. But-“
“Stop right there!” Mr.Iero interrupted. I was terrified, I was certain he was going to kick me out of his house. But instead, he nodded at me “We apologise for offending your sisters. We’re sorry that we said you couldn’t date our son. You’re free to see him whenever you like now.”
I grinned at him “Oh my god, thank you! I’ll say it again, I’m really sorry about what I said!”
“Don’t worry,” Mrs.Iero smiled at me “Frank’s not in, he’s over at Ray’s house. And we’re awfully busy. We hate to chase you out…”
“Oh no, it’s okay!” I said quickly “I’ll just leave now…”
So now things were okay with me and Frank! I text him the good news. He didn’t text back for ages but when he did he was happy too.
If only my two miserable sisters would cheer up, I could be fully happy!

Mikey’s POV…
Not long after me and Gerard had got back from the hospital, Hollie came over. Gerard sent her up while I was getting changed. I was pulling off my tee-shirt when she came in. My eyes widened when I saw her “I was just…”
“Getting changed?” Hollie suggested. She walked in and plopped herself down on my bed “Why are you so skinny?”
I pulled my tee-shirt back on and mumbled “I’m really not.”
“You are,” She told me as I sat next to her.
I looked at her “Why’d you come over?”
“Is your Grandma okay?” She blurted out.
I nodded “Yeah she’s recovering quite well. She had a heart attack but the Doctor says she’s doing pretty well. Gave us all a scare though.” Hollie nodded “That’s not the reason you came over though. What’s up?”
She took a deep breath before saying “I can’t come see Smashing Pumpkins tomorrow. Take Becca with you.”
Immediately I shook my head “No way, you’ve been looking forward to this! And don’t deny it Hollie because I know you have!”
“Something came up-“
“More like Becca wants to go and you have to do everything she says.” I snapped “You can’t let her push you around!”
“It’s got nothing to do with Becca…”
“Don’t lie to me!” I yelled “I already know she’s blackmailing you and your ashamed and stuff but don’t start lying to me!”
She sniffed before starting to cry “Please don’t be mad at me…”
I put my arms round her and she leaned her head on my shoulder “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at Becca but because she’s not here I’m accidentally taking my anger out on you. I’m sorry. But please just tell me the truth.”
There was silence before she finally admitted “Okay, it was Becca… But what am I supposed to do?”
“Does Lucy know?”
“No because she’d feel guilty and I don’t want her to feel that way.”
“Why can’t she just get her own ticket?”
“Because apparently we’re standing and there’s only seated tickets left.”
“They’ll be selling some by the door!”
“But what if they’re not?”
“I invited you!” I told her “Me and Gerard were the ones who brought the tickets, we’re the ones who choose who uses them. If Becca can’t get a ticket on the night then tough luck.”
“She’ll tell Gerard-“
“No she won’t, I promise!”
“But what if she does?”
“Why can’t you just trust me?”
She sighed “Fine, okay but if things go bad then-“
“Yeah, yeah, I know it’s my fault.” I laughed “If it matters for anything… I’ve decided that it’s okay for you to keep my jacket.”
“I was gonna keep it anyway!”
“That’s why I’ve decided to be okay with it.”
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