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Tragedy In Daleside Lane

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The truth is reviled!!! Enjoy!

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Yeah, i know its short. Sorry. Just enjoy! :)

Even though Leila was still scared half to death, shaky and was very tired, she hopped out of bed and half jogged down the hallway to where Gerard was standing. It was dark in the hall and Leila could barely see Gerard’s outline. She was breathing shallowly as she was worried about what Gerard had found or seen. He was standing in the middle of the corridor, his back to her, looking like he was holding something “What’s the matter Gee?” she asked, leaning over his shoulder. Gerard seemed to not hear her. He was staring at the words on an old news paper, his mouth half open. “Gerard whatever is the...” she stopped. She began to read the text on the old paper and her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. It read:

This morning on the 17th July, a car was found flipped over on its side. The accident occurred at 8pm on Daleside Lane. The driver of the car and the passenger were killed instantly. The bodies that have been found have been identified as drummer Mr James Brook and pianist Mrs Emilia Brook. The couple where apparently going to a concert with there daughter Miss Leila Brook, but police say they haven’t found her yet. A spokesmen from the police said “If the daughter is still alive, then she will be alone. We looked up her family and her parents where the only family she had. So if anyone knows the whereabouts of the daughter please get in contact and any witnesses to the collision or anyone with information about the crash is asked to call the force”. A friend of the Brook’s and singer, Lucy Simon said “James was very careful when driving. He was very careful with everything he did. I have a feeling that this wasn’t an accident” The police are not positive about this statement but an investigation will be taken place immediately. A funeral for the couple will take place in a week’s time. We send our deepest condolences to any family and friends of the couple.

Gerard looked up at Leila whose eyes were filling with tears

“Leila, what the hell is going on?”

Yep, it sucked... Hope you liked :)
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