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City Of Sorrows

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When everything seems to turn grey.

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Hey people! Sorry i haven't updated much. Its cause my computer shuts down at random intervals and it deletes some of the work. Hope you enjoy!

Mikey was blinded by anger. He was walking, or rather stomping down the road, rain pouring down onto his back. He felt nothing except rage and a little guilt which threatened to overpower him. He didn’t know where he was going and, to be honest, he didn’t really care. All he wanted to do was to get as far away from his brother and Leila as much as possible. The rain was pounding down faster now, slamming hard into his back and head which made it harder to see where he was going and ended up colliding with something on his left side. “Fuck me!” he yelled as loudly as he could, not caring what the stupid neighbourhood thought. Then he looked up and realisation washed over him. He was standing outside Frank’s house and he somehow had collided with Frank’s letterbox. Mikey, who was still grumbling about the collision, began walking up the driveway.

Frank Iero sat alone in his house, half asleep, listening to The Misfits. He had a tiring day and he has homework to do, but that didn’t matter at this moment. His parents were out, so at least he wouldn’t get nagged by them. Frank smiled a little, a night alone with nothing but piece and quiet. Or so he thought. Frank was nearly asleep until he heard the doorbell. His eyes jerked open and he sat up quickly. What the hell is it now? He thought, rather annoyed he was awoken. He thought it was his parents back early but it was a complete surprise when he opened the door. He was staring at a sopping wet and seemingly dead-looking Mikey who was standing on his doorstep. “Mikey! What the hell are you doing here at this hour?” Mikey didn’t say anything, but what he did next surprised Frank. Mikey looked Frank straight in the eye, yelled and fell into Frank, sobbing so hard, he barely could breath. Frank grabbed Mikey, hugging him tightly “Mikey, oh man, what’s the matter?” Frank led Mikey to the couch and sat him down. Mikey gave a huge, deep and shaky sigh and began.

(Back down in Church Close)

“When I was younger, me, my mum and dad were very close. We did everything together as much as we could. But, because they were in bands, they had to go out loads, sometimes without warning. I didn’t mind too much, I was happy for them to be doing what they wanted to do. I had no brother’s or sisters so i stayed in the house on my own. They usually called me a lot when they went out, telling me about the shows. I remember i always used to ask “Did anyone crowd surf tonight?” cause i always ended up laughing about it. One day, they were going to a big gig up in Birmingham and they didn’t want me to say here on my own. So, they let me come along. I was really excited and i was bouncing up and down in my seat when we were on the way there. When we were going down Daleside however, I began to think something was wrong. There was this car at the end of the road and it came down, lost control and... and...”

Leila couldn’t say anymore as her breath was caught in her throat. No more words could escape her lips. She was sitting in her room once more, her back to the door. After Gerard had asked her about the newspaper, she ran back into her room in a flood of tears and wouldn’t let Gerard in. He had been banging on the door, asking her to let him in. Then she told him the whole story. He stood outside the door, wanting desperately to embrace Leila, tell her everything would be ok. “Can i come in now angel?” he asked softly. Leila stood up, breathed in deeply a few times and turned the knob on the door.

(Back in Frank’s house)

Frank gave a few audible gasps as Mikey told him about the events that had unfolded at Leila’s house. Mikey, at times, had to stop talking as his sadness threatened to overwhelm him. Frank couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Then i ran from the house and came here” Mikey finished, bowing his head, waiting for the torrent of anger and shock. “You did that Mikey?” asked Frank. He couldn’t deny it any more, Mikey nodded. Frank got up and gave Mikey a hug “Mikey, i don’t know what to say” Mikey sighed “You don’t need to say anything Frankie” he stood up and walked to the door “I’ll just go” Frank jumped up too “Where will you go?” Mikey turned back to him “I don’t know no one will care anyway” Frank marched past Mikey and stood in front of the door. “Mikey, If you think i am gonna let you walk out of here in the rain, with no where to go and no roof over your head, you got another thing coming. You can stay here” Mikey seemed surprised “Even though i am a monster who nearly...” Frank interrupted “Mikey, you are not a monster! You’re my best friend!” he yelled. The house fell silent “Come on” Frank said quietly “You can get some sleep and we can sort out all this shit in the morning”

(Back to Leila’s house)

Gerard latched his arms around her, gently rocking her backwards and forwards, words failing him. “Oh Gee” she sobbed “It was so horrible” Gerard shushed her into silence. “Come on angel, i think we need some sleep” He led her to the bed and let her settle down into the sheets before getting in next to her. Bare in mind, he still had only his jeans on. “Do you wanna get some...?” Leila began “Leila, i am ok, you go to sleep” he kissed the top of her head “Sweet dreams angel” Gerard pulled her into another soothing hug. Leila lay there against Gerard’s bare chest, feeling so warm and comfortable. She gave a little sigh and fell asleep, for once, feeling like she was safe.

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