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Chapter 15: Permission and Dress Sense

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Don't tell me how to dress or act mum!

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I decided to ask when we were all sat watching TV, a relaxed setting which hopefully wouldn't end up in an argument. It took me about 15 minutes to build up the courage to ask, anxiously glancing from mum to dad. I don't know why I was so nervous, it wasn't as if they were going to lock me in the basement for simply asking to meet up with a friend.
" Mum, are we doing anything tomorrow?"
She looked at me, confused, " erm... no, why?"
I tried to look casual, " Oh that's alright then, its just because I'm going to the park with Gerard tomorrow and then to his house."
She was staring at me, I knew what was coming, " Who's Gerard? I'm not sure I want you meeting up with him if I don't know him."
"He's a guy in my class, he's new. We're friends, he's not an evil murderer or anything mum. We like the same music and the same stuff..."
" Tim what do you think?" she turned to my dad, who'd completely zoned out of the conversation, " She wants to meet up with her friend from school tomorrow, but he's new so I don't know him. I'm not sure about it."
" Oh let her go, if he's her friend. If he's in her class then he's not going to do anything at her is he? And she's mature and responsible enough." Oh thank the lord for dad. THANK YOU.
I smiled, " So can I go mum?" this could make or break the situation.
" Alright, but have your phone on loud, don't mess about, and don't go anywhere else alright?"
" Yes mum... I'm 15 don't forget..." Yes.... now I'd got that first awkward agreement out of the way, I could go out and meet Gerard whenever, I didn't need to hide anything. I settled back into the armchair, trying to appear calm, as if I couldn't care less if she'd said I could go or not, but the inside of me was bubbling like a volcano and electricity buzzed through all my bones.
A few minutes passed, I was thinking about tomorrow and how awesome it was going to be, but then mum said " Tasha, I'm getting a bit concerned about the way you're dressing and the music you're listening to. I don't want to you turn into a horrible, grungy, emo, weirdo who dyes their hair weird colours and isn't very attractive and who takes drugs." Where the hell did that come from? I stared at her, words failing me. Eventually I spluttered, " Where the heck did that come from mum? I don't dress like an emo and I'm not allowed to dye my hair normal colours, never mind weird ones. I dress how I like, I don't like looking like all the other girls at school, they all dress so boring and dip their heads in don't want me to be like that do you?" I couldn't believe she was telling me this, how could she not trust me? How could she just not let me be myself?
The music blared over the sound of water hitting the bottom of the shower, this was perfect. The only place where it was just me and those beautiful little pink portable speakers. I shampooed my long hair, rinsed it then wrapped it up in a towel. I looked at my face in the ridiculously large mirror above the sink. I was okay looking, I was neither hideously ugly nor massively beautiful, but I still didn't see what Gerard saw in me. I guess I never would. I stuck my tongue out at my reflection, grabbed my screwed up clothes and my speakers, went into my bedroom and closed the door.
After taming the wild beast which was my hair, I yelled goodnight to mum and dad and tugged on my pajamas, (a big I heart NY t shirt my brother had bought me in New York and blue shorts. Wow, wasn't I cool?) and flopped into bed, turning up my Ipod. I wondered what he'd be thinking about right now. Was he as nervous as I was? Was he as excited as I was? I drifted off eventually, Tonight Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins filling my ears.
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