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Chapter 14: Outcasts

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Sometimes you've just got to stick your finger up at everyone else and get on with your life.

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We'd been sat on a bench in the park, (far away from the playground, we'd learnt our lesson) for about ten minutes. Gerard had his arm around me, his hand entwined with mine. I'd almost forgotten what Rachel had said to me. I just wanted to relax a little. With the crazyness of the last few days, it felt good to just sit still. I leant my head against his bony shoulder, causing him to tense slightly. I sat up again, "Sorry... did my wierd head hurt you?" I was paranoid of ruining everything. I'd waited for this for a long time, I didn't want it to disappear in the blink of an eye. “ No, your wierd head didn’t hurt me, your wierd head can go right back to where it was, thank you.” I laughed and put my head down again, relaxing. This was definately the wrong moment to tell him about mine and Rachel's little....discussion, but it kept knawing at the back of my head. I couldn't hide it from him.
We eventually untangled ourselves from eachother at about half-four, and started making our way back to my house. I turned to him, suddenly panicking, " Rachel saw us yesterday and she said she's going to tell everyone about it..."
Gerard looked at me, confused, " Wait.. what?" I'd gabbled, he hadn't heard me properly.
I took a deep breath,"Rachel saw us yesterday. She said she was going to tell everyone."
"aaaannd that bothers us how exactly?"
" you don't care that we are probably going to get the piss taken out of us every day?"
He smiled, his big eyes (which today he'd outlined with black eyeliner, making them look even bigger and more gorgeous) still shining, " No. I don't. Like you said, I'm not taking anyone's shit ever again, and you aren't going either. Now come here and give me a hug because it's freezing and this stupid school uniform is useless at keeping me warm." I could hardly refuse could I?
I still felt uneasy the next day, walking as quickly as I could to the locker rooms to throw my coat in my locker. I dropped my bag in front of locker 41 and fished around in my pocket for my key. It wasn't long before the people around me realised I'd arrived.
"Hey, it's Tasha. Where is he then?"
"So he's not made you try and kill yourself yet?"
"Do you lend him your make-up or something?"
"Is he a good kisser then?" one boy rammed his face close to mine, making disgusting kissing noises. I calmly bend down to pick up my bag. I walked to the door. I turned to them, looking at their stupid faces. None of them even came close to Gerard, who's face was earnest, who's eyes were caring and who's personality was fifty times better than all of these silly little boys put together.
" Grow up boys." I turned sharply and made my way to the form room, as the locker room erupted in jeers, name-calling and laughing.
The rest of the day wasn't much different, everywhere we went we were greeted by questions, all of them idiotic and laden with spite. At lunch I saw Rachel, with Ella and Susie on either side. They saw me and all started nudging eachother, giggling. Rachel glared at me, evidently pissed off that the rumours weren't getting to us. Well, she could happily glare at me all she wanted. Gerard must have seen me staring at her because he slipped his hand into mine, squeezing it tightly. I looked at him and smiled. When I turned back to the three crows the looks on their faces could have soured milk as a glance.
We were spending every evening at the park, sitting on the bench, listening to music and chatting. It became a routine, but never got old. Every moment was exciting, everything we talked about was interesting and funny, (even when Gerard would grab me in a headlock because we were debating about something and I didn't agree with him) and the fact that we were outcasts didn't seem to really bother us anymore.
One day we'd been talking about our favourite horror movies, and after a playful argument about whether Carrie or The Shining was better, (I'd ended up with a serious noogie, but I'd stood by my decision, Carrie FTW) we started heading back to my house. "Well, guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" Tomorrow was Saturday, normally by this time I'd be contemplating spending the evening with the TV and chocolate, rather than planning what to wear to meet up with a very attractive boy the next day. "Of course,same place." He pulled me close, his arms going right round me, making me feel safe. I breathed in his warm coffee and acrylic paint smell, with a slight undertone of shampoo. I tingled all over, my legs threatening to collapse. "See you tomorrow." he mumbled into my messy hair, "Now let go of me, because I can't breathe.." I loosened my grip, lifting my face out of the folds of his shirt.
"Stop being so awesome then." I smiled, tilting my head to receive a kiss, my arms winding themselves around his neck.
I managed to close the door due to sheer will power after 5 minutes of looking down the road as he walked away. I pelted up to my room and flung open the doors to my wardrobe. Shit. I bought so many clothes, yet when I needed them they decided to hide from me. I finally settled on my favourite black pinstripe blazer covered in badges, a white sleeveless top and my dark grey skinny jeans and my military boots. I needed to look halfway decent considering he'd only seen me in my school uniform, AKA the least flattering outfit in the universe. Now I just needed to ask mum if I could go out tomorrow. And that wasn't going to come easily.
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