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Chapter Two: I drink Coffee, Not just Ribena ♫

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EDITORS NOTE: Awwaah! Im sorry guys, Yes I am actually alive! I wrote this chapter on my phone before, and It published the first like sentance. I wasnt impressed. But I remembered most of it. Its been a busy week or two so I havent exactly had alot of spare time. But this chapters done :L Im also working on two oneshots, so keep your eye out ;) Love&Hugs to you all :P Enjoy!

'BOB!' I squealed to get the tall blonde man’s attention as he stood behind the counter, boredly. Bob was so characterised, and his appearance portrayed it. I could read him like a book through his playful blue eyes. I could tell exactly what he was thinking, and how he was feeling... Most of the time he was happy and joking around, but he had a serious, stern streak through him. His silver lip band caught the light, and my eye. We both got our lips pierced on the same day. We were drunk at the time, no surprise there. My Ma was NOT impressed.

Bob came running towards me, full speed, with arms outstretched. We collided with such power that I almost fell over. We both laughed as he loosened the bear hug, and let me go. I could finally breathe again! Ray didn’t seem too impressed that he didn’t get acknowledged, and Bob picked up his cold glare. Bob smirked and pounced onto Ray, who was by this point, alarmed too say the least. His pupils were dilated with fear as Bob rugby tackled him into a hug. I just sat sniggering loudly like a schoolgirl.

‘What can I get you then?’ Bob winked as he stepped back behind the counter, ready to serve.

‘Erm, I’ll have an, erm... Errrrrrrrmmmmm’ I said undecidedly as I looked up to the menu board that I practically knew off by heart anyway. ‘I’ll have a banana milkshake then please, and whatever my dear Ray wants?’ I joked.

‘Two double shot coffee’s coming your way’ Bob replied, and we all broke out into smiles as he pressed a switch on the coffee filter. Bob knew me like he knew the way around his house, which ment he knew I hated banana. My brain relaxed a little when I inhaled the familiar aroma of freshly printed paper and coffee like the store always smelt of. Ray broke my daydreams when he pushed past me to make his way to a table. I followed, with Bob not far behind me. We got there and slumped down on the retro, red leather diner benches.

‘I’ll take my break now, while its quiet’ Bob winked.

‘So, have you heard? Marvel are supposed to be bringing out a new comic!’ I started the conversation flowing. Big mistake. For the next half an hour solid we were sat there coming up with new ideas on what this new comic could be about. Suddenly my phone started vibrating on my arse cheek. ‘Hold on guys, phone call’ I smirked as I pointed to my phone. I got up and walked out of the comic bar, flipping the top of my mobile and reading the caller ID before answering the call.

‘Hello Mr. Im-too-busy-with-my-brother-who-just-got-back-from-art-school-to-hang-out-today, how’s it hanging?’ I answered jokily.

‘About that’ Mikey trailed off... ‘You lot still at Johnny’s Comics?’

‘Haha, Of course, why wouldn’t we be?’ I replied.

‘Oh, right, well stay there. And is it okay if Gerard comes with?’ Mikey asked nervously. My heart stopped beating. It was like someone had injected me with a million butterflies in my stomach and they were aching to get out.

‘Y-y- Yeah, of c-course.... I mean, come on, why wouldn’t it be?’ I stammered. I was so nervous, but thrilled at the same time.

‘Sure, order us two coffees, we’ll be there in five’ Mikey said coolly before hanging up. I closed the lid of my phone and slid it back into my pocket. I pulled down my brown ‘The Ramones’ top as I closed my eyes, sighed and walked back into Jays Comics, practically buzzing. It was sad that I was so excited about my best friend and his brother coming to get a coffee with us. I wandered back in and sat down in my seat next to Ray.

‘Mikey will be here in like, five minutes, and he’s bringing Gerard as well’ I felt my face ignite with red after I said that, and had to stare the other way. I soon realised I was staring at the door, waiting for Gerard and Mikey to walk in.

‘Ill go grab them a coffee each’ I said as an escape route.

‘Ill come too’ Bob replied quickly. Damn. I didn’t need Bob hassling me as well. All I wanted to do was get away from there! I suddenly felt a hard nock to my ribcage. I shot round and glared at Bob coldly. ‘Dude what is up with you today man, its ever since that phonecall with Mikey, youve been really quitet and like... spaced out!’ Bob questioned.

‘Huh?’ I asked, looking at Bob with a confused look on my face. ‘What you on about? Im fine!’ I whispered before placing an order for Gerard and Mikey two Caramel Latte’s with the Blonde Polish lady. Ding Ding. The bell for the door went, and my eyes flicked over to the door. I saw Mikeys tall figure first. The dyed blonde quiff, that was always straightened and gelled. The square white glasses that matched his face perfectly. Then I saw Gerard, and I melted. His eyes met mine almost instantly. He beamed a smile in my direction, and my knee’s went weak. I almost collapsed onto the floor, and had to grab the counter for extra support. This was going to be an interesting meeting, and I loved it already...
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