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Chapter Three: It Never Ends ♫

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TeeHee, Could this be the first glimpse of frerard action?Regardless, theres nothing dirty... Yet;D..

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'Aw come on Frank! It'll be fun! Just one night?' Mikey pulled a pleading puppy dog face.

'Uhh... I don't know Mikes, I think my Ma's busy tonight, and I wouldn't want to bother her if it's important....'

'Theres always your mobile? Theres this little thing called a phonecall. You used one not so long ago to talk to me, remember?'

'Yeah come on Frankie, It'll be fun' Gerard winked, changing my mind compleatly. If Gerard actually wanted me to go, then i'd be more than happy, Especially when Gerard has 'fun' in mind! Just the thought of being able to spend a night laid next to Gerard sent me crazy, even if it was not doing anything, just lying there. But to fall asleep within a metre of this angel would be amazing.

'Hmm... Well.. Urrghh... Can you guys walk me back to mine please? I need to go and pick up some stuff for tonight' I smirked, and Gerard ruffled my hair. GERARD. RUFFLED. MY. HAIR! Oh my gosh! I was freaking out, big time. This wasnt like me, at all... It was probably being sat opposite Gerard.. It changes me, and sends me crazy.

'Thats the Frankie I know!' Mikey shrieked, and the people sat around the table next to our all turned around with shock. 'Oops... Bit loud I guess' He blushed.

'Come on then, Lets go?' I suggested. Me, Mikey and Gerard all sloped out of Johnny's and down the short route of allyways to my house. It didn't take long to get there, thank god. It was starting to get really chilly outside. I invited everyone in while I grabbed some more clothes for tomorrow, a vest to sleep in, and my toothbrush. And my teddy Panda Stanley. I'm sad, I know, but I can't get too sleep if I don't have him with me, even if he does stay in my bag for the whole day. I knew Mikey would let me borrow his eyeliner, although he didn't really use it, so I didn't bother to pack mine. Couldn't bear the thought of it snapping in half in my bag! I grabbed my Asking Alexandria rucksack and shoved all of my things in un-neatly, followed by a screwed up blanket from the top of my wardrobe, and the black pillow off my bed. I had to ramm them all right to the bottom in order to close my bag, but I had to be prepared! I shot back downstairs to find Mikey and Gerard had made themselves at home slouched on my couch watching some stupid family sitcom.

'RAWR!!!!! I've now stopped being such a diva, I'm now ready to head off too yours... Just, let me write my Mama a note first though.' I smiled as I pranced into the kitchen with my bag slung over my left shoulder. Gerard and Mikey didn't seem to aknowlage the fact that I was even in my house, let alone pretty much right infront of them. I grabbed an empty envelope from a pile of 'important' documents me and my Ma kept behind our fruit bowl, and a pen from nearby and scribbled a message onto the paper. Something about sleeping round Mikeys for the night, and telling her to ring me if she needed me for anything, blah blah blah. I felt kinda sorry for my Ma, because when I out somewhere, she was alone...

I wandered back into my living room and tried to get the attention of Gerard and Mikey. After what seemed like hours of trying to coax out of their TV trance, we left to get to Gerards house. Erm, I mean Mikeys house... Well, they both lived there.. erh, Donna's house. Ah, Whatever, we went to the Way household. We walked in the door and I was greeted with the pleasant smell of coffee. Yeah, Gerard and Mikey thrived on coffee. I drank it, but I could live without it. But not Gee. Gee couldn- Wait did I just call him Gee? Shit. All of this 'crushing' stuff was getting to my head. I was coming up with pet names for my best friends older brother. I mentally slapped myself. 'Ill forget that one then' I thought to myself as I wandered over to the couch and slumped down, slinging my bag on the floor infront of me next to the coffee table.

'Aw fuck it!' I heard a shout from the kitchen. It must have been Mikey, because I could vagley see Gerard still in the hallway. I got up and walked into the kitchen.

'Whats up Mikes?' I asked him playfully. Nothing seemed to be broken, and he wasn't bleeding... I couldn't see the problem.

'Coffee. My fat slob of a brother drank all of it' He huffed moodily. 'GERARD!!' Mikey shreiked, making me jump out of my skin. Gerard wandered in with a cute kind of 'IDidn'tMeanToDoIt' face.

'Yes, little brother that I love so very much?' Gerard was playing dumb, as he slowley walked towards Mikey with his arms outstretched.

'You owe me 5 bucks. I'm going out to get your lazzy arse some coffee. You two will be alright together for 10 minutes while I pop out quickly?' Mikey glanced at me, then at Gerard. I felt Gerards eyes pour into me aswell, and I gave him a quick smile back. I caught the planning in his eyes, and I had a tiny gut instinct that he could of been feeling the exact way I was at that moment too.

'YEAH! OF CO-' I was being too eager. I blushed and started again. 'Eh, I mean, Yeah, sure, we'll be fine, right Gerard?' I asked, sharing another glance before him nodding in agreeance.

'Cool stuff, I wont be long!' Mikey said, walking back over to the front door, and slamming it behind him, leaving me and Gerard. In a house. Alone. With just the two of us. Together. No one else, just us, and suprise suprise, I was freaking out. I felt sick to my stomache with nerves and excitement. I was buzzing.

'So, just us then' Gerard broke the silence between us.

'Yeah... Guess it is' I shrugged.

'Wanna go raid my comic collection?' Gee suggested.

'Yeah, sure, why not?' And with that, Gerard pointed to a door over by the cooker. 'The... Basement?' I asked curiously as Gerard opened the door and flicked on a light.

'Go have a look' He purred seductivley. 'Haha! Don't worry, I wont lock you down here, I'll come too' He joked. I took a few steps down the stairs and saw this whole new world. His bedroom was black, with one red wall. Not that you could really tell. His walls were lined with posters, photos and drawings. He was an amazing artist. There was one tiny window (if you could even call it that; It was more like a vent) that let a small band of natural light in. His room was reasonably tidy, although it didn't seem it. It felt quite cluttered and cramped, even though there wasn't really much stuff anywhere. 'Take a seat' He said as he sat down gently on the bed and patted the red duvet next to him...

Hi Guys, Sorry its short.. I wanted to tease you guys (Yush that means more waiting) so I couldnt write anymore and had to bulk out what I got:') No frerard yet... You'll have to wait for that bit! Thanks for reading, this is amazing, ive got so many hits on my story! Ahh!:D phassseeed Love you all :)♥
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