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Chapter Four: Romance ♪

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The action youve all been waiting for, enjoy! I know I did! Haha♥

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‘Man! The Misfits are my all time favourite band!’ I squeaked as I shut my eyes and laid backwards onto Gerard’s bed. Mikey still wasn’t back yet, he’d been gone for over 15 minutes. Me and Gerard were both laid next to each other on his bed, listening to The Misfits on pretty much full volume. Being so close to him just felt so right, like fate was just crying for us to be together. I had to have a lot of self control to not touch Gee, or do anything to him. I mean, ALOT of self control.

‘Frankie? Can I ask you something?’ Gerard cut my thoughts short.

‘Erh, yeah, sure I guess, what’s up?’ I intruded curiously as I sat up, gazing into his nervous looking hazel swirled orbs. I felt my heart skip up a few beats, as if it knew what he was about to say before Gerard did!

‘See, well, Ive erm, been thinking, yeah that’s right’ He murmured. ‘ Well, see, I don’t know how to put this any less awkwardly... God i’ve been planning this all day, and it’s all gone to pot’ He chucked lightly before turning serious again. ’Frankie, I really lik-‘ I leaned in while Gee was in mid sentence and kissed him. You didn’t have to be smart to work out what he was about to say.

I had just kissed Gerard Way. On the lips. As in, the same Gerard Way that most girls I knew were dying to be with him, and a few guys, also. He was hot. Not just hot, but also Bi. He was a bit of a player to get to the people he wanted, but that’s just something that drew me towards him even more. He was like my own personal venom. It felt so good, but too much of it would kill me.

When I kissed him, It wasn’t heated, or..sloppy, no, just, affectionate. A sort of ‘hush up, I know how you feel’ kiss. But although it was only a peck, as soon as our lips met every single one of my senses went wild. My arms went tingly, my stomach did spirals, and I felt so unbelievably sick, but fuck it, it was worth it.

....Shit. But what if he wasn’t going to say that he liked me. What if he was just going to ask me for advice? Fuck. Oh my fucking god. What have I done? I could have just lost everything. If that was the case, he would tell everyone in school how I tried to make a move on him and me and Ma would have to move because I would get beat up every day at school and..

‘Oh my god, Gerard I’m sorry, I just...’ I got up and began to walk over to the stairs, but I felt a strong grip grab my wrist.

‘Stay, Frankie. Please?’ Gerard whispered. How could I resist? I let out a sigh of relief as I took a step back and sat on the edge of Gerard’s bed. I nodded feebly as to indicate for him to say something to break the silence.
‘Frankie, Ive liked you for a while now. I know i shouldn’t because of Mikey and everything. Just listen and hear me out?’ I nodded urging him to carry on. ‘I really like you Frank, I mean really like you. And depending on how you feel about this now, and then... I can picture spending my whole life with you. I know we’re both still young, but I just picture us being together for a long time after now. To be completely honest with you Frankie, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone more than I want you right now’ I was speechless. I couldn’t take it all in. I had just went from major crush to partner. Woah. There were physically no words strong enough to describe my feelings. All I could do was nod and laugh. My emotions were so shaken; I had no idea what I was feeling.

I bit my lip as Gerard got up and faced me before leaning down and kissing me again, only this time with alot more passion, and with a lot more confidence. Our lips collided with force as Gerard pushed back my shoulders lightly, knocking me over onto my back, making it is easier for him to climb on top of me. Our lips moved in time with each other as my hands crept up his back and tangled themselves in Gerard’s long black hair. Gerard’s tongue pushed out of his mouth and slid across my lip ring, as if asking for access, which was of course granted. Our tongues fought for dominance in-between our mouths, but I don’t put up much of a fight.

‘Gerard...’ I murmured in delight.

‘Mmm...’ Gerard groaned in response. My tounge explored every inch of his mouth. Our first proper kiss was exactly how I imagined it to be. I felt myself getting hard as Gerard grinded his hips against my member, making me even harder than I already was. It wasn’t long before I started to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen my brain was getting. I pulled away quickly and began panting. Gee looked at me with a shocked and confused look on his face. He was still crouched over e, Locking me inbetween his arms. He opened his mouth lightly and drew in breath, like he was about to say something, but i cut him off. I hooked my hands behind his neck and pulled him back down. I locked our kiss-bruised lips together, making a loud sloppy noise. I bucked my hips up to meet Gerards abdomen, creating a pleasurable amount of friction for the two of us.

Clink Clink. ‘Gerard? Frank? Hello?!’ It was Mikey, he was back already.

‘Shit Gerard whispered. ‘ Come on, act normal’ He got up and handed me a comic which I instantly flicked through to the middle. ‘Oh, and tonight..wait until Mikes has gone to sleep’ He winked. I giggled and sprawled out on the bed, beginning to read the comic i had just been handed.
‘DOWN HERE MIKEY!’ Gerard yelled upstairs. He ruffled his hair before he pecked my lips and flashed me a warm, loving smile. I couldn’t help but think of the things he had in mind when he told me to ‘wait’ until his yonger brother was asleep. My brain suddenly flooded itself with dirty fantasies. I had to turn over onto my stomach to hide me stiffy.

My highly pleasant day dreams were soon interrupted by Mikeys hands being hurtled around in the air just inches from my face.

‘TeeHee! Fooled you!’ I squealed.

‘Whatever, Iero. But i’m back! Who wants some coffee?’ Mikey beamed. I stuck my hand in the air playfully and pulled the most excited five-year-old smile I could pull. Gerard nodded enthusiastically too.
‘Come on then, Im not going by myself?!’ Gee sighed and got up, and I followed. Mikey went up the stairs first, Gerard following and I trailed behind, extremely close to Gerard. I reached my hand up and playfully squeezed his arse. He shot round and I looked away suspiciously, only to turn back to him and mouth the word ‘what’ with a confused look on my face. I didn’t hold it for long because I cracked and started laughing, silently of course. Gerard rolled his eyes, but then shot me a lust-laced look, to which I smirked sexily, sending him crazy. We walked through the doorway and I flicked the lightswitch, leaving those 20 minutes that changed my life forever in darkness...
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