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Terrified Trust

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Two students meet up.

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Kris Wynnas (Male Student #3) was still sitting up in his tree. Sure he had moved around a bit and changed branches several times, but it was still the same tree.
Despite the fact that it was an item already readily available in the designated 'playing area', and several students had already scavenged some for personal use, his designated weapon was a reel of fishing wire.
That wasn't to say that he hadn't found some ingenious uses for it.
Much like Will, he had created something of a homemade alarm system. Due to his elevated position, however, the use of a can wouldn't have been wise. A breeze could knock it off. Instead, after threading the wire through the treelike below him, he had tied the end of it to his pinky finger on his right hand.
Another use that he found for the wire was to repeatedly plait and thread it, in order to create something akin to a garrotte. He was sure that he would be needing it sometime in the future. After all of those names read off, he was sure that someone would try to kill him.
He suddenly felt his line tug on his finger.
There was someone below him.


Lor Farren (Female Student #8) was staggering through the tree-line. The heel of one of her shoes was missing and her skirt was still hiked up. Around her face, her long dark brown hair bounced and swayed as she ran.
In her hand, the shine of metal illuminated the gun that she carried. Walther PPK 7.65mm Pistol.
Suddenly, her leg was caught on something. It appeared to be a length of fishing wire.
Looking down, her eyes, still blurred from tears, managed to pick out the wire, hooked on her leg, just below a hole in her tights.
"Hello?" arose a voice from above her head.
Jerking her head upwards so violently that her hair swung behind her in an over-exaggerated fashion, Lor's glasses slipped across her face. Sitting up in a tree was the figure of a boy.
"K-Kris...?" she stuttered, squinting her eyes and looking up into the canopy.
"Loren?" arose the response. "Is that you?"
"Y-yes...!" stammered Lor, tears streaming down her face. "Help me! P-please!" She was screeching, now. A small blob of saliva flew from her mouth as Lor began to bawl, screaming out her plea.
"Shhhh...!" he hissed, indicating for her to be quiet. "Someone could hear you...!"
"Please!" she mouthed, scrunching her face up in terror and despair.
His eyes cast down towards the floor, Kris let out a sigh as he said: "Come on up..."
Reaching down, he clasped her outstretched hand and pulled her up onto his branch.
Straddling the branch, with one leg either side, Lor's calves dangled down into the air. Her gun was tucked into the front waistband of her tight-fitting skirt.
Sitting across from her, Kris' eyes (appearing large, due to his ludicrously thick glasses) assessed Lor's face, contorted from terror. In all respects she was absolutely beautiful. Her prominent, high, cheekbones provided her face with a model-esq. appearance. This, coupled with her thick, full lips and porcelain like skin ensured her the ability to stop any man in their tracks. Even if she were in a bar, filled with girls dressed in the most revealing clothes possible, every male in the room would immediately have their gaze drawn towards her.
It wasn't just her face. Her body, while petite, was slim and curvy. With a torso that pinched in at the waist, her large breasts and hips were accentuated all the more. Still dangling from either side of the branch, her legs were toned, shapely, and long.
But now...Her eyes, deep, brown and usually so full of life and energy, were puffed up from crying. Her nose, small and cute, was red, another side effect from her repeated sobbing and sniffing. And her clothes were torn, throwing the apparently perfect aspects of her body off balance.
She looked slightly unhinged. It made him feel slightly sad.
It was actually lucky that he had found her. They were friends. Lunchtimes and breaks at school were usually spent with the two of them playfully winding each other up. Occasionally, it escalated to playfully 'beating each other up'. Now that he looked back upon it, it all seemed very childish.
He would be lying if he said that he didn't find her attractive. If he said that he didn't want her to just be a friend. But, she had a boyfriend. He wasn't about to try anything. It was too disrespectful.
"Is...uh... Is that your weapon?" he asked pointing towards the gun that was still sticking out from her skirt.
She nodded her head up and down rapidly. Her long hair, once again, whipped around her head.
What on earth was he doing. He'd just found someone that he could trust and he couldn't even think of anything to say. It was just pathetic.
All of a sudden, instinct took over. Reaching out, he clasped her around the shoulders and pulled her into a tight hug.
Even though she had been running around the Great British countryside for the past eight hours, her hair still held the faint smell of shampoo. It was...nice.
The instant Kris pulled her into the hug, she felt better. She felt secure. She felt safe. Although she was missing her boyfriend, her Ashley, this was nice. It was just what she needed. Kris was her friend. He was there to protect her.
"Th-thank you..." she whispered, freeing her hands from in front of her chest and returning the hug. Digging her fingers into his back, she closed her eyes as she gripped the black material of his blazer.
She thought back to her friends. Her friends who would always sit around and laugh. They would most often break into discussion about some kind of book series or another. They all loved Harry Potter, and despised Twilight. Listening to them trashing down on the vampire series always brought a smile to her face.
Oh! she thought, her mind thinking back to the series that they had just started. She wouldn't be able to find out how the Hunger Games ended (it was a good series, but she couldn't help but remember Will Pryer's words as he told them "It's just a tween rip off of Battle Royale and The Program. Who the fuck would 'find love' when fighting for their life?!")

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