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Listen B**ch

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Two students encounter each other.

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Ryan Raroof (Male Student #2) poked his head out of a small shrub. While still aggravated as to the location of The Program, he had adjusted his attire to suit the situation. Being in attendance at the same school as Beau for the past four years, he too was combat trained, and he was putting his knowledge to good use. Needless to say, he had discarded his blazer and tie.
A calm expression passing across his brown face, his stubble-lined jaw rotated slightly. His hair, shiny and black, fell across the left side of his forehead in a swooping fringe. It was strangely neat. He was probably the only contestant, since the game began (even out of the girls), that felt he could still take care of his hair.
Glancing down at his watch (no way he would use the government supplied crap) he checked the time. He had synced his watch to Mr O's announcements so he was sure that it was accurate. His watch was a very expensive model. At a rough estimate, it cost around £300 (roughly $600, depending on exchange rates).
Tightening his grip around the polished steel handle of the saucepan lid, he advanced further into the undergrowth.
For some innate reason, he had a feeling that someone was up ahead of him. Somewhere hiding in the shrubs. He would need to be careful. After this many hours in The Program, people would definitely be unhinged.
It was then that he heard it. Blasting through the landscape, the telltale dry pop of a small calibre round. He'd heard it several times on the firing range.
"What the fu-!" he began, but caught himself. He normally didn't like swearing.
Ducking behind a nearby tree, he pressed his back against the gnarled surface of the trunk.
He couldn't believe this. Someone had just shot at him without warning!
Quickly peeking around the tree, his eyes focussed on the person who had shot at him. Relatively short and squat (yet still well built, indicating athleticism), the figure sported waist length blonde hair that was tied behind her head. Pinned to the lapel of her navy blazer (now grimy with dirt) was a large silver badge. It was their head girl: Louise Blare (Female Student #3).
The gun in her hands was a Czechoslovakian CZ 75 Semi-Automatic Pistol.
Hey now! he thought. Aren't you supposed to do what is right for the students? Why'd you just shoot at me, bitch?!
If he were back at school, on an ordinary day, and someone asked him what he would do in this situation, he would respond by saying: "I'd say, listen bitch!" This would be accompanied by the action of pinching his middle finger and thumb together and pointing them forwards. However, there was no way that he could do this now. If he made any sudden moves, he was sure that she would shoot again.
"Don't shoot!" he called out, around the tree. "I'm not armed!"
Again, the dry pop echoed through the tree line. The bullet gouged out a small portion of the tree trunk that he was hidden behind.


Lies! There was no way that he wasn't armed! Where was his supplied weapon?! Huh?! He was lying to her! The moment she lowered her gun, he would attack her! She needed to shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Once again, Louise saw the image of death. Hovering next to the tree that she'd just seen Ryan duck behind. Letting out a screech, she open fired again. The muzzle of her gun lit up with a small flame. Another portion of the tree was blasted away.
She wanted to go home! She wanted to get out of this...this...madness! She wanted to go home! She wanted to go home! She wanted to go home! She wanted her mum! She wanted her dad! Mummy! Daddy! Don't let this happen to me! I want to come home! Someone help me!
She fired again.
Still the ghostly shadow of death loomed. Glinting in the midday light, the blade of it's scythe glared in a bright metallic flash.
All of a sudden, the blade of death morphed. Still the shine of metal was there but it looked different. It looked somewhat like a saucepan lid.
Flying towards her...


He needed to stop her from shooing. From making so much noise. If it continued like this, one of the 'big game' players were going to hear the noise and show up.
But there was no way that he could do that without hurting her. However... If this were to carry on, he would end up dying...
He'd made up his mind! He would try to get the gun away from her! He'd use the delay right after she fired.
The dry pop sounded in his ears for a fourth time.
Taking his chance, he stepped out from behind his cover and heaved with all his might.
Much like Beau, he too had been on the rugby team. While he was much larger in size and lacked Beau's flare for natural athleticism, there was one thing that he could definitely count on. His strength. Trained in Khenpoe and being able to pitch a 9 meter throw on the shot putt, Ryan was confident that he could disable her shooting.
Launching the saucepan lid towards Louise, in a manner similar to throwing a discus, he aimed for the gun in her hand.
The lid missed. While his intended target was her hand holding the gun, the flat metal surface whirled higher than he intended and caught Louise full in the face.
Knocked backwards by the force of the collision, Louise collapsed into the undergrowth and dropped her gun. She had been knocked unconscious.
Sprinting over towards the collapsed Head Girl, Ryan stooped down and picked up the CZ75.
But... Now what was he supposed to do? If she woke up and he was still there, she would probably attack him again. And if he just left her, then there was always the chance that she would be killed by someone who came across her.
It was then that he heard it. A faint rustling. Someone was wading through the shrubs and bushes nearby. If he was still there when they arrived, he was sure that he'd be attacked again.
Hesitantly glancing back at Louise's body, he began to sprint through the trees.

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