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Art is the weapon

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Story Ideas Please read need help

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Hey Guys ,Thanks to all that auditioned - Good News Ye all made it Yay :D
Okay so I had a rough story planned out but ZombieSlayer13's story is quite similar in the way theres a gang of killjoys who infiltrate BLI and that so I'm leave that one lie :L ( Thank you so much for pointing your story out to me or else it woulda been a disaster :D) oh by the way go read her story it's amazing :D. So I had two other rough story lines planned out and I want to get your opinions on them .
Okay so :
Storyline No 1 : To those of you who have read the Hunger games it might sound familiar .Were ( by we I mean my O/C and her gang- ye guys) are living out In the zones, it's 2020 and BL/ind have come up with a new sadistic idea to punish the rebels . They capture young killjoys roaming the desert and release them into an areana were they pit us against each other or an army of dracs (not sure yet) and we must fight ,Many enter but only one can live.
For anyone who's read the books you might have noticed some similarities between Cali 2019 and The Hunger Games world , The are both set in the future , both have rebels fighting against a corupt goverment, The Hunger games have the Capitol and the districts and the KJ universe had battery city and the zones and so on so I thought why not combine the storys to create something new. it'll be an AU keep that in mind so it'll be a combo of KJ world and The HG and some of my own twists, What do ye think ya or nay ?

Storyline No. 2 Were living out in The zones doing the usual killjoy things fighting dracs and the like .Things are getting worse, BL/ind have grown stronger and they have tightened their grip on the zones. Theirs a failed assasination of Korse and all hell breaks loose. World war three breaks out and the fabulous killjoys are M.I.A and it's up to us to stop BL/ind and save the world .

So what do ye think . Which is your favourite ? Please let me know ASAP cause the sooner I know the sooner I can start developing them and the sooner they'll be up :D I'll probally end up writing both if that's what ye want but I need to know which one to start with . Thanks guys :D
-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO
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