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short, I know, but HEY it's still an update! so yaayy!

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I woke up in my pitch black room. My arms were bandaged and cleaned. I didn't have the slightest clue what had happened after I'd passed out. All I could do was find the bedside light and turn it on.

The room lit up and I sprang to my feet, I should've known not to do that, a pain in the back of my head screamed for me to sit back down, but I was too persistent to listen. I made my way out of the room and down the stairs, looking for the mystery person that had saved me. I checked every room, but the house was empty. There were no signs of anyone being here. So I threw on a random outfit and made my way to the guy's house. Maybe it was one of them? But why would they leave me here alone and confused?

When I got to the house I didn't bother knocking. I walked straight in to find Mikey, Ray, Frank, Gerard, and Kaitlyn watching tv.

They all turned there attention to me, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I didn't like being put on the spot like this. There was an awkward silence until Mikey noticed the bandages that I didn't bother covering.

"Leda, what happened to your arms?" He got up and examined them. I pulled them away and tried to hide them.

"Did any of you come over yesterday?" I asked, ignoring Mikey's question. They all shook their heads no. Crap, now I was gonna have to tell them what happened, I didn't want to explain it in front of Gerard since he was the reason I was so depressed in the first place. I couldn't tell the res of them, they would all worry, well probably not Kaitlyn, but the guys would. I wouldn't let them waste their time on this hopeless case.

"Why won't you answer our calls? We've been trying to talk to you and find you all week?" Frank asked with a worried expression, he was staring at my arms. I crossed them with great effort, but managed.

"I just..........I've been really busy. I should go." I turned and quickly headed out the door with no certain destination in mind but straight ahead. I had my eyes on the muddy ground as I walked. I was so confused, if it wasn't any of them, who could it have been?
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