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I'm not hungry. for food at least.

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hot. hot. hot. hot. FRIKEY!

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Frank’s P.O.V.
As predicted, I barely got any sleep, my desire to be with Mikey was sending so much electricity through my body that I felt like I was glowing. Sunday morning, I got out of bed early to shower, shave and make myself beautiful for my perfect guy. After a quick goodbye to my parents, who were having coffee on the pool deck, I ran down the street and up the ramp to the boardwalk. I stopped before I reached McDonald's so I wouldn't appear out of breath and too anxious to see my new boyfriend. But I WAS anxious. Part of me wanted to make sure that this wasn't all a dream. I KNEW that it wasn't a dream when I saw Mikey leaning against a railing outside the restaurant. My heart started to beat faster as I got closer to that beautiful body. The early morning sun over the ocean cast a warm glow around Mikey. Like he was a angel from heaven. He was. He was MY angel. "Hi baby," Mikey took my hands and kissed me sweetly. "Mmmmm, you smell incredible." There was no way I could stop the redness spreading across my cheeks. "Are you hungry?" Mikey smiled. "I am..but not for food..." I blushed. Mikey giggled adorably. "Well, let's start with the food." He took my hand and led me up to the counter to order. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We sat on the boardwalk to eat our breakfast burritos and drink our super hot coffee. "Oooh, hot..." Mikey put his cup down on the bench to cool. "I know you are..." I smiled at my boyfriend. "God, how cute are you?" Mikey giggled again. I think I even saw his tan face turn a little pink. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What do you wanna do first?" Mikey asked me as we threw our trash away. "I wanna buy you something..." I saw the shops beginning to open. "Frankie, you don't have to buy me anything," Mikey smiled. "I want something to rememb- I mean, for your dorm room..." I said. He looked at me strangely. How was I gonna live without my perfect guy? "Frankie, let's not think about that right now, Its still summer." Mikey took my hand and kissed it. I pulled Mikey to the first souvenir shop that I saw. We walked up and down the aisles, ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the cute little souvenirs for vacationers to bring home to their loved ones. "Look at this, isn't he sweet?" Mikey held up a little brown stuffed bear wearing a tee shirt that said "Best Friends". "Awww, he is..." I giggled, looking through the same stand at the other little bears. I saw one on the bottom shelf that I liked even better than the one Mikey was holding. The little tan colored bear was wearing a pink tee shirt that said "I Love You". The perfect gift for my perfect guy. I walked away from Mikey and over to the cash register before he could see what I was doing. The bear safely in a little plastic bag, I pulled Mikey's hand and led him out of the store. "This is how I really feel about you," I smiled and handed the bag to Mikey when we were around the corner from the store. The hour still being fairly early, there were few people around to witness what happened next. When Mikey looked up at me after seeing the bear, he had tears in his gorgeous brown eyes. "I love you too, Frankie..." Mikey smiled through his tears and pulled me close. I pulled away as Mikey's fingers found my long hair. He smiled sweetly before pressing his lips to mine. The tender kiss grew more passionate and my desire for Mikey grew as well. I slid my hand down between us as we kissed to feel his excitement growing too. I gave him a small squeeze down there and heard him moan into our kiss. Mikey looked up at me and smiled. "Nobody's at my hotel room. Let's go." He said smirking.
"Are you sure?" I whispered, looking into Mikey's sparkling hazel eyes.
"I've never been surer of anything in my life," Mikey smiled. I had to laugh.
"I don't think 'surer' is a real word."
"I just made it a real word," my boyfriend laughed with me. I took Mikey's hand.
"I'll call Webster's and have them add it to the next edition."
"Let's call them later. I may have some new words for them by the time I'm finished with you." Another bolt of electricity shot down my body when I saw the look on Mikey's face. It was the look of pure lust. And it was making me extremely horny. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We reached Mikey's hotel after about five minutes of walking. Mikey talked while we walked, but I was too excited to form words. I just stared at him. I couldn't take my eyes off his perfect face, unless it was to look down at his perfect body. Mikey opened the front door of the hotel and stepped aside to let me go inside first. From behind, my love wrapped his strong arms around my waist and leaned in to my ear. "Upstairs," he breathed, sending a shiver down my spine. "Come on..." Mikey reached for my hand and led me upstairs, not stopping until we were both inside his overly neat hotel room. Almost like he knew he would be having company. It made me smile even more to know that Mikey had this planned. After the door was closed behind me, my perfect guy turned me around to face him. "Frankie..." he whispered, pulling me closer as my hands slid through Mikey's silky hair. Our faces inched closer and closer and our lips crashed together in a kiss filled with hunger on both of our parts. I felt myself being backed up and on to Mikey's bed. I had his tee shirt almost all the way off when he broke the kiss to finish undressing us. Mikey smiled, taking in every inch of my nakedness. "You're more beautiful than I ever imagined." He stroked my stomach, feeling the butterflies inside. "Your skin is like're so beautiful..." Mikey whispered, leaning in to kiss me again. "Mikey..." I pulled my boyfriend on top of me the second the kiss was broken. Our bodies molded into each other as if we were two halves of the same person. As if someone above knew that we were meant for each other. I let out a deep moan as Mikey pushed himself into me slowly. "Yes," I breathed, arching my back as Mikey filled me. He was a perfect fit. I knew he would be. Another sign from above that we were meant for each other. Mikey reached down to stroke me as he began to thrust in and out. His eyes never left mine as we both neared our peaks. "Frankie..." Mikey panted. "I'm..." "Yes, too..." I breathed, unable to hold back for very much longer. Mikey's stroking increased in speed as did his thrusts. My boyfriend squeezed his eyes closed tightly, letting me know that I wouldn't have to hold back any longer. It was utter bliss as the two of us exploded simultaneously, screaming the other's name at the top of our lungs. Mikey rolled over to the left of me and stroked my chest as both of us tried to steady our breathing. "You are un-freaking-believable, you know that?" Mikey smiled at me. I returned the smile. "Why's that?" "Never in my life have I met anyone that I feel...oh god...I feel like we're two halves of a whole person. Like we were destined to be together. My smile grew wider, knowing that Mikey felt the way that I did about us. I brushed the hair from his damp forehead and smiled at my perfect guy. "You ARE my destiny, Mikey Way. I know it in my heart."
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