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The next Taj Mahal

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Frikey.. hip hip hooray!

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Frank’s P.O.V.
"Let's go to the beach. I wanna show you off." I looked at my boyfriend and shook my head. "I'm not really into the whole sunshine thing." "I can tell," Mikey giggled. "If you were any paler, you'd be transparent." "I don't even own a bathing suit." I watched as my perfect guy got out of bed and walked to his dresser. God, even his ass was perfect. "Here," he threw a pair of surfer-type shorts at me. "You'll look hot in these." I looked out Mikey's window at the bright sunshine streaming in through the white gauzy curtains. "I'm gonna fry out there..." I shook my head again. "Can't we just stay in bed all day?" Mikey giggled adorably. "And deprive the world of staring at your incredible body?" "I'm gonna need major sun block." "My mom uses a strong one. For fair to albino skin. Just the ticket." Mikey skipped his cute little ass out of the room and returned minutes later with a brown plastic bottle of sun block. "Stand up..." Mikey reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet. Before long, I felt his warm hands on my chest and shoulders slathering sun block on my too pale skin. Mikey got down on his knees at started to apply the sweet smelling lotion below my waist. I giggled as Mikey's hands neared my personal areas. "I don't think THAT'S gonna be exposed to the sun baby." "But it feels good, doesn't it?" My knees began to weaken as Mikey kissed my protruding hipbone. "That was fun..." he kissed me tenderly after standing to full height. "Let's go to the beach." "You're gonna leave me like this?" I looked down at little Frankie, who was wide awake and ready for round 2. Mikey leaned in to my ear. "What do you wanna do about this?" he breathed. "See if I fit into you as perfectly as you fit into me..." I closed my eyes and stroked Mikey gently. My love's perfect lips touched my eyelids and I melted. "Baby...please..." I pleaded. We laid back on the rumbled white sheets and kissed until I could barely breathe from excitement. "Mikey..." I whispered. Mikey rolled on his back and guided me into place. His orifice felt so warm and perfect around me. I looked up to see Mikey smiling at me. "Another perfect fit." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Needless to say, Mikey had to re-apply the sun block to my skin, having sweated most of it off during our passionate encounter. I warned him to avoid certain places with the lotion if he really wanted to get to the beach. He giggled adorably, making me want to skip the beach altogether and have a go at round 3. He threw a beach towel at me as we walked out the door. The beach was packed with tourists already starting to turn pink from the late morning sunshine. "There's too many people here," I pulled Mikey back as we walked on to the hot sand. My perfect guy smiled that gorgeous smile and kissed me sweetly. "I wouldn't care if the whole WORLD was here. You're my guy and I want every single person on this beach to know it." "Are you sure?" I looked at Mikey to make sure he wanted to do this.
"I'm positive baby. Come on," he smiled, took my hand and led me across the sand.
Mikey found the perfect spot for our blanket, like I knew he would. Halfway between the snack shack and the water.
Looking at Mikey's tan skin as he spread out the plaid beach blanket, a thought crossed my mind.
"Don't you need sunscreen too?" I asked my handsome boyfriend.
"Psh. I'm out in the sun so much I never burn," he smiled, sitting down on the blanket and stretching out to catch even more rays. He patted the spot next to him. "Lay down with me."
Many erotic thoughts traveled through my mind after hearing those four words from Frank's lips.
I decided to play it safe and not let the tourists see my arousal by laying on my side with the towel across my waist.
Frank leaned in to me when he noticed the strategic placement of my dark blue beach towel.
My perfect guy smiled. "Do you have a boner?" he whispered, trying to lift the towel from my midsection.
I returned the smile. "I do. And it's all because of you."
Mikey smiled brightly and touched my cheek. "Shame we can't take care of that here," he whispered, his beautiful eyes twinkling in the sunshine.
"Oh god..." I said softly, feeling myself get even harder.
"What is it baby?"
I blushed and moved the towel slightly, giving Mikey a good look at the huge bulge in my surfer shorts, little Frankie straining against the thin material, begging to be set free.
Mikey grinned and ran his index finger down my chest, stopping at the waistband of my shorts. "I did that?"
I nodded.
"I think both of us need a cold shower," he nodded toward the ocean.
"I can't," I moved the towel back to cover my erection. "Not like this."
Mikey looked around at the tourists crammed on the sand.
After a few minutes, he stood. "No one's in front of us. Let's just go straight in. You can walk behind me if you want.
We made it to the waterline, where I felt my manhood shrink immediately as the cold water lapped over my toes.
Mikey pulled me into the water before I was completely used to the temperature, but after a few minutes we were laughing and splashing each other with the clear blue-green water.
After we were sufficiently cooled off, we walked along the water, just people watching.
Well, I was people watching.
Mikey took off towards a small group of kids, all around 8 or 9 years old who were constructing a gigantic sand castle.
I couldn't help but giggle as I watched my boyfriend walk all around the construction site, talking to all the kids like he was one of them.
"Hey mister, you wanna help us too?" A cute little girl ran up to me.
I glanced down at the adorable blonde. "Sure."
By the time I reached the group, Mikey was already on his knees fortifying the castle walls with damp sand.
I just had to stare at him as he played with the children, amazed at how he interacted with them.
He must have sensed that I was staring, and raised his beautiful face to me.
"Come on us..." he giggled.
The kids laughed, hearing my beautiful love's schoolgirl giggle.
Before long, I was introduced to all the kids as Mikey's "friend" and was knee deep in sand helping to create an amazing castle. No, not castle. We had surpassed castle. We were working on the next Taj Mahal.
As Mikey stood up to place the flag atop our newly completed sand masterpiece, I couldn't help picturing what kind of father my love would be.
I only hoped that I would be around long enough to be there, to raise our children along with him.
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