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An army of one

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and yet more FRIKEY

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Frank’s P.O.V.
After an incredibly fun day of playing with the kids, Mikey and I walked hand in hand across the boulevard to the bay. We sat together on a patch of soft green grass and watched the boats and the fishermen, who were trying to reel in their final catches of the day. As sunset drew near and the sky turned an amazingly beautiful shade of pink, Mikey slid his arm around me and kissed me tenderly. "I love you so much, Frankie..." he smiled. "Mikey, you are such a hopeless romantic..." I returned his smile and ran my thumb over his pouty bottom lip. "I love you too, my beautiful Mikey." We laid back on the grass and kissed and just held each other until the sun descended below the horizon in a glorious display of color. "I want to lay like this forever..." Mikey whispered, sending shivers down my spine. "Forever..." I echoed, mesmerized by the feeling of my beautiful love laying so close to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Frank...come on, we're gonna be late!" I squeezed my eyes closed tightly. "Mom....can I PLEASE not go this time?" "You know you have to go." My shoulders dropped. "Just this ONE time?" My mother put her hand on my shoulder. "I love that you're having such a wonderful time here, but you know you have to." "But I just met someone and..." "And you can see him later," my dad interrupted. "Fine," I surrendered, knowing that I really had to go. "Let me call him and tell him that I'll meet him later." I walked outside into the bright sunshine and opened my cell, hitting number one on my speed dial. "Good morning, my love." Mikey's voice made me weak. I explained to my perfect guy that I had to go out with my parents for the morning but that I would call him later. Being the perfect guy that he is, he understood and agreed to meet me later in the day. I trudged back into the motel room and announced that I was ready to go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was mid-afternoon when I was finally able to call Mikey and have him meet me on the boardwalk. "Everything okay, baby?" Mikey kissed me sweetly when I met him by Joe's, his favorite pizza place. He tasted like pepperoni, making me want to kiss him again. So I did. "Yeah...everything's fine," I smiled. "Why?" "Can't I just miss my boyfriend?" Mikey squeezed my hands so hard that I winced from the pain. "Oooh baby, I'm sorry..." Mikey held my hands up to his perfect lips and kissed them. "Please don't be sorry, my love. I know you squeezed me out of love." "I did. You know I love you, right?" I nodded. "You're just so thin...I feel like I'm gonna break you." I laughed. "I don't break easily, baby." "Good, cause I think I need to hug you now." I smiled as Mikey pulled me in close and held me tightly, being careful not to crush my ribs. "I didn't hurt you, did I baby?" he held me at arms length. I shook my head. "You know something, Mikey?" "What's that, my beauty?" "I don't think you could ever hurt me. I love you too much to feel any pain."
"Let's get you something to eat baby," Mikey took my hand.
I kissed my boyfriend's hand. "We going back to your house?"
"No," Mikey laughed. "And you have a dirty mind, my love."
"You know you love my dirty mind..." I leaned in and kissed Mikey's tan shoulder.
"That's not all I love..." Mikey smiled and kissed my hand sweetly.
We stood in line at Mickey D's and looked up at the menu above the counter.
"What d'ya want?" Mikey took out his wallet.
"I'm not really hungry," I looked at the menu and felt nauseous.
"You HAVE to eat something, you're gonna waste away to nuthin," he giggled.
I returned his infectious laugh. "Just get me a chocolate shake, I'm gonna get us a table."
"You okay?" my love asked me.
"Just tired," I lied, walking away from my boyfriend to nab a table by the windows overlooking the ocean.
Mikey joined me a few minutes later, loaded down with a tray full of food.
"Feedin an army?" I laughed, taking my drink from the red plastic tray.
"An army of one," my boyfriend smiled, as he shoved a handful of fries into his perfect mouth.
I drank my milkshake slowly and marveled at the capacity of food my perfect guy was ingesting.
"Frank, your phone's been ringing all morning. Someone named Mikey. Is that the boy you met?"
I rolled over in bed to face my mother. "Yeah. What time is it?" I yawned.
"After 11. Sweetheart, you look terrible. Maybe I should call Dr Sweeney."
I sat up in bed slowly and rubbed my eyes. "I'm fine, really."
"I'm calling him," she put my cell next to my hand and left the room.
There was no point in arguing with her about the doctor.
I didn't feel up to it anyway.
Mikey answered his cell on the first ring.
"Thank god you called me back. I was starting to worry about you."
I had to laugh, despite how I felt. "Jeez Mikey, you sound like my mom."
"Are you okay, baby?"
"Yeah sure."
"I'm not buyin it. You didn't eat anything at all yesterday, am I right?"
"Mikey, please don't..."
"You ARE sick, aren't you?"
I took a deep breath.
It was time.
Time to come clean with the boy that I loved with all of my heart.
"Frankie? Baby, you still there?"
"I'm here, Mikey."
"Well?" Mikey was beginning to sound exasperated.
I took another deep breath before answering my boyfriend.
"Meet me by the pool at my hotel and I'll tell you everything."
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