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Movie Day and Odd dreams...

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Mikey has a movie day, but Frank and Gerard end up falling asleep...Also Gerard has a dream.

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I nodded and smiled at Frank. I waited for him to leave the room before I could follow him, I needed to hide the picture first. Frank finally left my room, I stood up and hid the picture under my bed. Then left my room. I ran downstairs trying not to crash into the front door this time.
'In here' I heard Mikey call from the kitchen, he obviously knew it was me. I walked through the hall way into the kitchen, where Mikey, Bob, Ray and Frank sat on the breakfast island. They all turned around to face me. I felt under so much pressure and I hadn't done anything. Frank gestured for me to sit down next to him. I walked over to the chair next to Frank, I pulled it out and sat down next to him.
'Hey' Frank said to me, I smiled at him. It was awkward at first, everyone was just sat there staring at me.
'So, What are we doing?' I asked curiously. Mikey looked up from the counter surface.
'We're going to watch some films, if that's okay with you? Your happy to join us if you want.' I looked at Mikey.
'That's why I came down, Frank asked if I wanted to join you lot.' Out of the corner of my eye I say Frank looking down into his lap trying to hide his face.
'Oh. I thought Frank went up stairs to use the toilet?' Mikey said curiously but with a smirk spread across his face.
'Well I did go to the toliet but, Gerard is our friend as well, I thought he'd like to join us.' Frank said still hiding his face. We all sat there awkwardly for a while.
'So what films are we watching?' Bob cheerfully spoke.
'I'm not sure, what do you want to watch?' Mikey replied. Frank raised his head from his lap and spoke.
'Horrors?' I smiled. I love watching horrors I looked over to Mikey, who was also grinning.
'We have loads!' Mikey said. We all got up from the table and walked in through to the front room. Mikey, Ray and Bob sat on the floor with cushions and a huge duvet, While me and Frank was sat on the 3 cushioned sofa with a blanket sprawled across our laps. All the curtains in the room were shut, the door was closed. There was no light in the room whatsoever, well apart from the television light. Mikey loaded the film up and everyone got comfortable. I was sat at one end of the sofa and Frank at the other end. I decided to lay down with my legs just behind Frank's back. Half way through the third movie, he laid down beside me. His head was next to my chest, he could practically hear my heart beat, because he was so close. I didn't realize I was playing with his hair until he whispered to me asking what I was doing. I apologized to him but he said it was fine, and that he liked it. So I carried on playing with his short black hair.

I was walking down the school corridor, everyone ignoring me as normal, when I bumped into Dylan. He didn't say anything, all he did was stare at me. But not a death stare a stare that is basically saying "Woah dude what happened". In fact everyone had the same expression on their face, just non stop staring at me. I started to feel uncomfortable. When I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I turned around to see who it was. It was a girl. I hadn't seen her before, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, her hair had been backcombed and teased, with a little pink bow stuck on to her hair.
'I'm so sorry for your loss.' The blonde girl hugged me and whispered stay strong into my left ear. I didn't have a clue what she was on about. Then this other girl came up to me, I recognized her. It was Maisy. She was in tears. She threw her arms around me. Crying even more than she was before.
'I miss him Gerard, I really do. How can you be so strong? He was your bestfriend wasn't he?' She pulled out of the hug, still with her hands on the back of my neck.
'I'm sorry?' I asked in confusion. Tears were streaming from her eyes, it was like a waterfall.
'Do you not care that your best friend and my boyfriend is dead?!' That sentence came out to fast, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
'F-frank's d-dead?' I tried holding back the tears until I knew the answer, but I already knew what the answer was.
'Yes. Frank's d-d-dead.' Maisy fell to the ground in tears, Dylan, the last person I thought would be a the helpful type of guy, came over to help Maisy up and calm her down. Everyone was still staring in shock. I couldn't handle it, I needed to get out, I needed to get out now! I ran and I could hear someone call my name.
'Gerard? Gerard?
'Gerard?' I heard people whispering my name, My eyes flickered open and I saw 3 pairs of eyes watching me.
'Shit! Guys why would you do something like that?' I opened my eyes more, enough so I could see. I saw Frank still laying, asleep, in front of me. So I guessed that's why everyone was whispering.
'Well dude. You fell asleep, then started like sleep moaning. We turned around and we saw you like this.' I looked at how I was sleeping and I saw that my right arm was over Frank's tiny waist and my right leg interwhined with both of Frank's legs. Well this is awkward.

Apologies for posting late again. I will try and update sooner, either Monday(tomorrow) or Thursday :) Hope you like it so far. If you have any ideas, just tell me in the review bit :D Cookies for everyone who reviewed so far.
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