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Promises that can't be kept.

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Gerard forces himself to promise to his brother, but will he be able to keep it?

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Thank you to Mikeyfuckingway Your review just made me so happy last night :D Also to MillyKJ_27 I'm sorry I kept you up xD but Thank you for the lovely reviews x

The guys were still hovering over me, staring at me, waiting for me to say/ do something. I removed my arm from Frank's waist then ran my fingers through my hair. They were still staring at me, waiting for me to do something.
'Guys! Stop staring at me. Move I gotta have a shower.' I said jokingly. I clambered off of the sofa and out behind of Frank. I got on to my feet, then walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Mikey ran after me.
'Dude! What do you think you was doing! He's got a girlfriend and he's certainly NOT gay!' Mikey whispered. Those last few words hurt me. It wasn't my intention to end up with my arm around his waist and leg interwhined with his.
'I can't help that I move in my sleep! I wasn't trying to get into his pants okay! I know he has a girlfriend but dude, those last words you said hurt me bad!' Still whispering but it had a hint of anger into the words.
'I'm sorry, But Gerard you need to get over him. Otherwise people will start to realize. I realized soon enough but then again you do sleep talk and I did hear you. But that's not the point! Just try Gerard if not you me or you, do it for Frank!' I felt bad now. I mean I felt bad enough before but after Mikey's little speech, it just made it 10 times worse. I gave Mikey a nod of agreement. Then left him standing in the kitchen. I walked through the hallway and up the stairs. I threw myself on to my bed. Then I realized I came up stairs for a shower. I got off my bed, unzipped my hoodie and threw it on to my bed, along with my belt. I left my room to head into the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I pulled off my skinny jeans and my tshirt I was wearing and put it in a pile on the floor. I slipped off my boxers and put them in to the wash bin. Then I climbed into the shower. The water ran down my body, it was soothing. I closed my eyes and last night's dream came flooding back. Everyone staring at me, making me uncomfortable then Maisy saying Frank had died... I snapped back into reality, just when I heard a knock at the door.
'Dude, it's Mikey you nearly finished?' I just wanted him to leave me alone for 10 minutes.
'Yeah nearly done.' I quickly washed my hair, then turned the taps off. I grabbed a towel and dried bits of my body. I wrapped it around my waist. Picked up my clothes and unlocked the door.
Mikey was sat on the stairs with his back to the door. I coughed gently and his head swung around.
'Finally!' Mikey picked himself up from the top step and ran into the bathroom. I just stood there chuckling. I walked into my bedroom and started drying myself. I found some clean boxers and slipped them on, along with my jeans and tshirt. I didn't bother with my belt. I dried my hair but after a while I gave up with it. I walked out my bedroom door, as I did I bumped into Frank.
'Alright sleepy head?' I asked Frank, he giggled quietly and smiled.
'Says you, you fell asleep playing with my hair!' Frank teased me back.
'Dude I'm so sorry, about that I was just--'
'No need to apologize I liked it.' He had his cute little heart melting smile spread across his face again. Frank walked into the bathroom, the one place I was going to go. Looks like I can't now. I threw the towel on to my bedroom floor. Then walked downstairs.

~Time Laps~

I kept running, I needed to get away from everybody.I still heard someone call my name but I ran until my legs started to hurt. Then I came to a stop. I stopped by a huge oak tree. I examined the tree. Until I came past some writing it said "Maisy + Frank 4eva" I traced over Frank's name using my index finger. I fell to the floor, tears dropping from my eyes. I brought my knees to my chest and couldn't stop crying. All I could think about was him. How did he die? Why is he not here now? Why was everyone staring at me? My eyes opened wide. Frank was sitting beside me. I looked around I was in my room, the door was locked and Frank was on the floor. One hand on his knee and the other holding my hand, using his thumb to stroke my hand. I moved so I was laying on my side, smiling at Frank. I didn't let go of his grip. Mikey walked into my room. Frank's head swung around like I saw Mikey's did earlier. Mikey didn't say anything instead he just ran out and slammed the door behind him. I sat up.
'Frank I gotta go find him, talk to him' Frank nodded and I gave him a half smile. I ran after Mikey, I knew where he'd be. In his bedroom, as usual. I knocked on the door and waited for a reply.
I opened the door slightly and popped my head in.
'Look. Nothing happened I swear, I was asleep and then I woke up after this strange dream I keep having. Then I saw him on my floor.' Mikey was looking out of his window. His back was facing me.
'I believe you Gerard, but what if it wasn't me who walked in what if it was Bob or Ray, Mum or Dad? You've got to get over him you promised me' Mikey faced me still standing by his window I looked to my feet.
'I will, I'll get over him no matter what it takes.' Mikey turned his back on me, and I slowly backed out the door. What have I gotten myself into?
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