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'Bluntly Luscious Older Brother'

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Really can't summarize this one... XD

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No sex, but Mikey's thinking about it like sex is a nonrenewable resource and it's about to run out. If you don't like it, don't fucking read it. I'm just warning. There's not technically sex, (hence why it isn't a warning) but there's a fuck load of talk about it. Kay?
Point is; if you don't like smutty brotherly boysex thoughts, don't read this. Oh, and don't fucking complain about it being Waycest, either. I warned you in the first fucking chapter. Thanks. -.- I can't tell you how many times people have contacted me to tell me this story is wrong. I'm saying this as politely as possible; Fucking bite me.
To the people who enjoy this; Thank you very much. You guys kick ass. Major ass. :D

Mikey's POV

I woke up and grunted sleepily. I felt my brothers arm still out stretched over me, and I felt his chest gently rise and fall against my back as he continued to sleep, despite my noisy stirring. I went to get out of bed, threw the blankets off myself and noticed how close Gerard's hand was to my crotch. And I had a N.A.R.B. (No Apparent Reason Boner.) Fucking great. I tried getting up, then realized his hand was about to touch my morning wood. Fucking excellent. Lately I've been having these weird sexual thoughts about Gerard, and this should just be even better for that. Maybe if I... No.. That's weird, and gross. Only lonely people touch themselves. I figured I'd have to get up, whether or not Gerard's hand was going to grazed my hard on. I got up, and sure enough, his hand ran right over it. I groaned, and facepalmed myself. Not because his hand was there. But because it felt good...

I got completely out of the bed, and crept out of my room quietly and into the bathroom. I got a cold shower, to get rid of the stupid ass problem. Alicia couldn't get it up, why could sleeping? Unless I was dreaming about Gerard... Because lately, I've found myself day dreaming... Why would it be any different at night? I remember asking him to teach me how to kiss... And I kind of want to now... Well, I want more than kissing, but he'd fucking freak if I brought it up. He'd be so creeped out and pissed at me I'd probably get slapped upside the head. I wonder what he does to guys... Like... Kinky stuff... I wonder if he'd bite me... Maybe tie me up... I wish I wasn't his brother...

Is it weird that I really want to have sex with my brother? Wait, what kind of stupid question is that? Of course it fucking is. And I don't want him. I don't want to straddle him, and just tear off his shirt like our lives depend on it. I didn't want to tease him casually and listen to him whimper in want. I didn't want to slowly fuck him until he begged for more. I didn't want my name to be the one he'd scream out all night. I didn't want any of these things. I needed them. I needed to see and touch every soft contour of his body. I needed to hear the noises he made. I needed to hear his breathing hitch because of the pleasure I was causing him. I needed to make him climax. I don't know why. I just needed it.

I felt my member start to rise again, despite the cold water hitting close to every inch of me. And I should not touch myself. It's for lonely people. I'm not lonely, I'm just a perverted freak who wants to do bad, scaring, sinful, delightful things to my brother. My very sexy brother. Who said siblings having sex was wrong? Whoever did apparently never had gay urges toward their bluntly luscious older brother. I'd even settle for watching him get plowed by someone. Just hearing him moan would probably be enough to send me over the edge and back again. As fucked up as it sounds, it's all I need. I just need him to feel the same as I do. I love Gerard in a sick, perverted, fucked up way.

I walked out of the shower and turned the water off, my stiffy gone. I dried off, and slipped on my clothes, trying to remember what I wanted for breakfast. Booberry? No... It was something harder to put together than cereal... Eh what the fuck ever. I'll figure something out before I get to hungry. I walked down the steps, and heard Gerard walk into the bathroom. I guess he's up. I looked around my kitchen and found a basket of fruit. I grabbed an apple and bit into it. I guess this is going to be breakfast. I chewed and walked out into the living room and turned on the television. I couldn't find anything to watch, so I just kept it on the food network. Maybe they had some breakfast inspiration for me. Nope. They were talking about good foods for lunch. Fucking lunch. IT'S 8:30 AM, WHO'S EATING LUNCH? Bitches.

I continued to munch on my apple slowly, watching Rachel Ray's lips move. Nothing was coming out other than an obnoxious squeal, and an even worse cackle, which I suppose was he laughter. The show ended, and Guy Fieri came on, and he had me at least slightly entertained. I heard the shower water stop running, and the door open shortly after. Then two feet made their way down the steps, I looked over, and there is Gerard. With only a towel wrapped around his waist. I resisted my natural reaction of my eyes bulging out of my eyes and my jaw dropping straight to the floor.

"Do you have a long sleeved shirt I could borrow? It's kinda cold in here..." He said, and shivered slightly.

"Y-Yeah..." I stuttered. Fuck. I stuttered. I shouldn't have done that. Now he's going to think somethings up. The fact I'm staring at him like a horny teenager doesn't really help my cause.

"Okay, thanks." He smiled and started back up the steps.

I wasn't far behind, and I darted into my room and grabbed one of my solid black long sleeve shirts, I wondered over to the bathroom, and Gerard had already dropped his towel. He didn't notice me, but damn I noticed him. He was fucking huge. I set the shirt on the sink, and walked away from the bathroom mentally cussing away the erection I could feel stirring for the third time today.

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