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De-Nile Ain't Just A River In Eygypt

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Gerard consoles his heart broken brother, and admits his true feelings for Mikey.

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Gerard’s POV

[Same day as Mikey’s POV, 9:18pm]

I sat watching TV with Mikey, who had rested his head on my shoulder and wrapped himself up in this fuzzy baby puke green blanket. I heard him giggle slightly at Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. I didn’t exactly hear what he said, I was just trying to clear my head but that was impossible seeing as the thing I was trying to rid my mind of was so close. Mikey. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why am I having all these thoughts -dirty ones, at that- about him? Maybe it was because I’m usually drinking at this time. That’s gotta be it. I mean, I couldn’t possibly be attracted to my little brother. Yes, he’s gorgeous and he has a beautiful body but- what the fuck is wrong with me? He’s not gorgeous. He’s only cute because he’s my little brother and I love him like brother’s should love each other. Not in any other way. He does not have a beautiful body. I am only thinking like this because alcohol is good for me and I haven’t drank any in while. The alcohol keeps my mind working correctly, I suppose.

I heard Mikey inhale shakily, and exhale sharply. Then he shuttered slightly. I looked down and saw him blinking frequently, and he only did that when he was about to cry.

“Mikes, talk to me.” I said, and wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

“I-I just… I loved her and… she left me f-for some guy… sh-she said they ‘liked each other a lot…’ and she told me our relationship becoming null and emotionless was my fault… I-I still felt something… I-I thought… I thought she loved me back, and just…just didn’t want to scare me away… A-and I-I think I like someone else… But… I can’t l-like this person… A-and I-I’m so confused…” He sobbed and I pressed my cheek against the top of his head. He continued to weep, then grabbed my shirt and cried into it. Every not and again I’d silently coo at him with a ‘sh… It’s going to be okay… sh…’ as I rubbed his shoulder and rocked him gently back and fourth. I gingerly pulled him on my lap, and held him. It was a less awkward position, he relaxed and wrapped his arms around me. I pulled him closer and continued to hold my heart broken brother. As he calmed down, and his crying reduced to slight sniffles, I figured he’d want to talk.

“Who do you like?” I asked, almost in a whisper. I only asked because I want him for myself. No, I’m asking because I’m concerned, and I’ll try to help him no matter what.

“I-I don’t want to t-talk a-about h-him…” He said and nuzzled his head in between my shoulder and neck. His cheeks were still wet from crying, and it made the skin on my neck feel strangely cool.

[12:09 am]

Mikey was lying on the couch, fast asleep, still wrapped up in his blanket. I watched him to make sure he was asleep before going upstairs to make an important phone call. I went into what I’m pretty sure is Mikey’s bed room, and took out my cell phone.


“Ey, Dave… You there?” I asked.

“Hey! Gerard! Where the fuck are you!?” He demanded.

“I’m taking care of my brother…” I said.

“Well when are you going to be in again?” He asked.

“I’m not… For while, at least…” I said.

He sighed.

“But, I really need the money…” I stated paced around the room.

“Well, I ain’t about to fucking pay you for work you’re not doing, Gerard.” He said, obviously aggravated.

“Well then… Forward the calls to my cell phone…” I said.

“That’s… Actually not a half bad idea.” He admitted.

-Time Lapse-

I hung up my cell phone after doing my ‘job’. I seriously disliked dirty talk with women. They ruin damn near everything. Shopping, and sex were two of the big things they ruined for me. I heard Mikey stir downstairs, and walked quietly into the bathroom and flushed the toilet so it sounded like I was using the bathroom, not giving some girl the ‘tinglies’. Ew. I washed my hands for two reasons. One; to make the flush convincing. Two; thinking about girls made me want a bath because of their dumpsters for genitals, but since it’s night and I get showers in the morning, a hand wash it the closest I’m going to get to a shower.

I walked downstairs, and saw Mikey in the kitchen. I walked over to him, and he was looking through his cupboards for something. I’m not sure what, exactly. I leaned on the counter and looked t him, trying to find any distinct emotions in his face. I saw restlessness and a little bit of relief. I looked at his hands, and his slender fingers wrapped perfectly around a can of original Pringles. My mind instantly snapped to a mental picture of him touching me all over. I tried imagining all the great things he could do with those hands. Those long slim fingers making me moan and writhe in pleasure. I’m done trying to deny it. I’m in love with my brother. In a non-family way.

“What’cha looking for?” I said, looking at his face again.

“I want a snack. Do you?” He asked.

“Yeah. I guess I could go for some food.” I said, and smiled a little. “We could go to Taco Bell…”

He laughed. “Fuck yeah. Fourth meal.” He said and let his blanket fall to the floor. “You driving, or am I?”

“I guess I’ll drive.” I said and slipped on my coat. I reached in the right pocket for my keys, and felt a piece of paper. I pulled it out and unfolded it.

Just incase you did want my number.

Great. Another number I don’t need.

Mikey looked at my hand curiously, and I slipped the number back in my pocket. “It’s my friend Ray’s number.” I said and smiled. I walked out the door with my younger brother, and into my still shitty Suburban. It would’ve been a nicer car if whoever owned it before me would’ve taken better fucking care of it. This car was apparently like an old toy somebody lost interest in and just started throwing around after while. But I guess it got the job done.

-Time Lapse-

I pulled back into the driveway, Mikey holding the bag full of food like it had the holy grail inside. I took the keys out of the ignition and opened my door. Mikey was trying to figure out how to open the door as I walked around and opened it for him. He smiled and handed me the bag and got out his house keys. He opened the door, and we sat on the couch and ate together, watching American Dad.

When he finished, he licked his fingers to clean them, and I couldn’t help but watch. He sucked on his digit’s the way I imagined him sucking on mine before I’d prep his sweet little ass. I tried to distract myself from the thoughts so I wouldn’t get a random boner in the middle of this ‘brother bonding time’, I guess you could call it. He finished and glanced over at me, who had a mouth full. He giggled and reclined back.

“Enjoying it, are we?” He asked with a smirk.

“Yes.” I said after I had finished the bite. “I enjoy most food.” I wiped my face.

“And I don’t know how you stay so thin.” He said, and I think I saw his eyes drift a little lower than my stomach. Perhaps I’m just seeing things.

-Time Lapse-

I took my stuff upstairs and took it to Mikey’s room.

“Where should I sleep?” I asked, and stared at his bare chest as he slid a white tee shirt on.

“I only have one bed… And… Um… never mind…” He said and placed his hand on the dresser. “You can sleep in here if you want.”

“What were you going to say?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He said.

“It was something, so tell me.” I persisted.

“I-I… I wanted to know if you would um… Like… hold me… But I know… It’s stupid and I’m a jackass for asking…” He said and shrugged.

“No you’re not, Mikey.” I started. “I’d be okay with holding you.” I said and smiled at him.

“You… would?” He questioned.

“Yeah, of course.” I said.

We crawled into his bed, and I wrapped my arm around him. I smiled at him, and slowly drifted off, with my warm little brother in my arms.

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