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Meeting Up

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Two students meet up and form an alliance.

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Jermaine Ossen (Male Student #7) gripped the handle of his hatchet tightly. His shiny cocoa-butter coloured skin gleamed with sweat as he approached the main road. He knew that it was dangerous to be moving around like this, but he had somewhere that he needed to get to.
He'd recently heard gunfire from the depths of the outcrop of trees that he'd taken up residence in. Four shots, followed by a long pause and then a single shot. He needed to get as far away from the assailant as was physically possible.
In front of him was an embankment at least three meters high. At the top of this slope of grass, was the main road that ran the entire of the way along the designated 'playing area'. At his back was the outcrop of trees that he had recently vacated. On the other side of the road that he was approaching, there was a small two story house. Attached to the South facing side was a small farm coop. This is what he was aiming for.
It had been two hours since the noon announcement. The gunshots from earlier occurred about twenty minutes ago. After waiting and assessing the situation he'd decided to move.
Quickly dashing up the slope, he kept low to the ground to ensure that he wasn't seen. Upon reaching the road, he sprinted towards the house.
Once he reached the door, he thrust out his left hand (his right still held the hatchet) and clasped hold of the door knob. The door was unlocked.
He proceeded cautiously. After all, someone may have already entered this house and been using it as a hiding place. After closing the front door behind him (he made sure to turn the knob before he closed it, so as to avoid the clicking sound of the latch sliding into place) he tiptoed down the hallway and checked the front room. There was no-one there.
Advancing further into the house, he passed a small door that was set into the wall, just beneath the staircase. More than likely a small cupboard. He'd reached the kitchen. Filling his nostrils was the faint door of rotting food. Still laid out on the table were plates, knives, forks and glasses. It reminded him of a story he was told when he was a child. About the famous ship whose crew mysteriously vanished overnight, leaving all of their belongings behind. The remnants of peoples lives just left like this slightly creeped him out.
The faint sound entered his ears.
"Move and I kneecap you," arose a voice from behind him.
His entire body froze. How on earth had someone managed to sneak up behind him? He'd made sure that he was extra careful and-
Out of the corner of his eye, he was able to see back into the hallway. The cupboard door, beneath the stairs was ajar. Someone had been hiding in there! How could he be so stupid.
But, if the person hadn't killed him yet...did that mean they didn't want to play?
"You drop that axe and we're cool, Jermaine," the voice said again.
Without a second thought, he dropped his hatchet. Landing blade side down, the gleaming metal lodged itself into the floor.
The voice from behind him was familiar. It belonged to-
"Beau?" he questioned, turning around, his hands raised beside his head to indicate that he didn't have any other weapon.
"Yeah," came Beau's solemn reply. In his hand was a large revolver. Colt Python .357 Magnum.
"Why didn't you...?"
"I'm not playing," Beau answered, lowering his gun, but still keeping his finger on the trigger. "I just have to make sure that I don't get duped again."
"What?" Jermaine questioned, raising an eyebrow and looking up at Beau (this was irrelevant, but Beau was about a head taller than him).
"I ran into will earlier," Beau muttered, his finger still teasing the trigger of his Colt sidearm. "He's playing. Had me fooled quite well though. He killed Lauren and Alice from the shadows and then picked me up later. Figured that I could help him survive."
Jermaine was speechless. While he didn't usually associate with Beau, Will was a mutual friend. He just couldn't believe what he was hearing.
They stood there in silence for several moments.
Eventually, Jermaine broke the silence by asking: "So what do we do now?"
"We wait here, and stay alive..."

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