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Concerning Killers

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Several students delve into the suspected mindset of killers.

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Ademola Atebota (Female Student #11) continued to breathe heavily as she sat, propped up, against a tree. On the floor next to her was her supplied weapon. A long aluminium baseball bat.
After being out of the school building for around ten hours, she was tired. Extremely so.
Not to mention, she was freaked out as Hell. She had, after all, witnessed Will Pryer murder Jake Booth, in front of her eyes. Of course he may have just done it in self defence, but this thought never entered her mind.
She thought that she knew Will. He was a good friend. He wasn't on the level of Tammy (her best friend, who wasn't included in this 'game') but he was a nice guy. Well at least she thought that he was. He was in her classes for Chemistry and Psychology. Sure he was lazy and something about him always seemed zoned out and jaded, but he was good fun. They would constantly wind each other up about one thing or another and if he ever did anything wrong, she would comically respond with: 'Its because you're a boy'. They had the same sense of humour. In fact, they could recite and quote the entire script to every Rush Hour film between the two of them.
However, despite all of this, she still couldn't help but be afraid of him. She couldn't help but suspect him of killing more than Jake.
Breathing heavily, she opened her handbag (she was one of the only students that kept some of her initial belongings) and pulled out a long black tube. Twisting the top, she removed the lid and revealed a short hypodermic needle. Rolling up her sleeve, she plunged the needle into her skin.
Ademola was diabetic.
The question was: Would the game end first, or would her insulin run out?


"So what did Will say?" Jermaine questioned clasping his hands together in front of his body.
Him and Beau were now situated in the living room of the house. The worn out furniture had a musty smell to it. Not to make him sound ageist, but Jermaine reckoned that the previous owner was probably old.
"He just told me about The Program," came the response. Beau was situated across the room from him in a low armchair. "It were almost as if he was giving me advice on how to win..."
"Well maybe he was?" the dark skinned boy asked, still not quite grasping the idea that the young man with long curly hair could actually kill anyone.
"Maybe, but, I think he was just saying it to get me to trust him... I know for a fact that he killed Jake, and unless there are other people running around with machine guns, then he's the one that killed Lauren and Alice..."
Jermaine sat there in silence for several seconds before he had a thought. "Did he say anything else. Or give you anything?" He was attempting to find logic behind what Will had done. Perhaps he was trying to tell Beau something, but the former rugby star was too wound up to notice.
"Well, he gave me a pack of cigarettes," he began, reaching inside his pocket and realising that he still had the disposable lighter as well.
"You got fags?" Jermaine said, reaching out. "Giss us one. I'm dying for a smoke."
Opening the lid of the carton of cigarettes, Beau pulled out one of them and passed it over, along with the lighter. It was then that he noticed it. Jammed in between the cigarettes and the inside edge of the packet, was a small folded piece of paper. Probably the same one that Mr O had them write 'We will kill' with.
Pulling it from the carton, Beau began to unfold it.
"What's that?" Jermaine inquired, the tip of his cigarette blazing as it hung from his mouth. A thin trail of smoke had begun to snake it's way towards the ceiling.
"I don't know..." he muttered, continuing to unfold it. Once it was completely open, his eyes widened. "The fuck....?!"

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