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Such An Awful Fuck.

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Another album, another tour. What will Frank and Gerard get up to? And the wives?

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Lindsey’s point of view.

Another album, another world tour. Don’t get me wrong, I was so proud of my husband and all he had achieved, but I couldn’t help feeling jealous that he was going to be spending all that time with Mikey and Frank and Ray. Especially the second one. They had something for eachother, you could see it in their eyes, the glimmer when either of them walked into a room. Gerard and Frank had always been open to Jamia and I that something happened pre - The Black Parade era, and also made it very clear that nothing was going on. But guys are guys and when they’re away from their wives so much, who knows what could happen?

One of the good things about the tours were getting to see the rest of the wives and my nieces, Lily and Cherry, who were Franks kids. With my art and Gerard’s art, we didn’t get a lot of time with them usually, and it was nice when we did. The girls were a little younger than B, but not very. It was also nice to see Christa, because her and Ray were always off doing some creative shit. We saw Alicia a lot anyway because Mikes and Gee were inseperable. Alicia had become my best friend in the time I’d known her, and her and Mikey were adorable. They hadn’t had their own kids yet but I’m sure they would in due time, and they’d both be amazing parents.

I walked into the kitchen with the last of Gerards cases. He packed like a girl and brought everything except the kitchen sink.
“That’s it, baby.” I smiled. Everyone had gathered in the kitchen. Mikey, Alicia. Ray, Christa. Frank, Jamia, Lily and Cherry. And Gerard. Along with a bunch of managers, just drinking coffee.
“Thank you, gorgeous.” Gerard kissed me on the cheek. I walked over and joined the wives in the corner.
“Eeeeey, Lindsey’s here!” Alicia smiled, coming to hug me.
“Gerard had you packing again?” Mikey smiled, emerging from somewhere.
“Always.” I smiled, kissing Alicia on the cheek and going to greet Jamia and Christa.
“Boys, you should be off. Your flight’s soon.” One of the managers shouted.

The boys said their goodbyes. Kisses, tears and hugs, babies being passed around. Knowing we wouldn’t see eachother for a while. Choruses of, “you sure you’ve got everything?” And, “stay safe.” Before the boys walked out the door and left a bunch of women in a state.

Gerard’s point of view.

This was always the hardest part; leaving the girls. However upsetting it was, I couldn’t help but find myself excited at the thought of spending so much time with Frankie, and I was sure he knew. He kept flashing me sneaky grins in the kitchen, and I was sure Lindsey had seen one or two of them. She seemed worried as she kissed and hugged me goodbye. And obviously, nothing was going to happen between me and Frank. I’m only this excited because I haven’t seen him in so long.

Or at least that’s what I kept trying to tell myself. Trying to convince myself. But while we were all catching up on the bus, Frank flashed me another grin and my heart melted.

I wanted him. I hated myself for saying it, but I wanted him like never before.
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