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Unapologetic Apathy.

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Hmm, Mikey.

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Alicia’s point of view.

The boys had gone, but I couldn’t help but stare at Lindsey. She was so beautiful. She’s my best friend, yes, I know, and my husband’s brothers wife, but that doesn’t have to stop me being attracted to her, right? I mean, it’s not as if anything would come from it. As much as I hoped it would, and I hate myself for saying that, Lindsey would never do that to Gerard. I shouldn’t do that to Mikey, either. He’s a sweetheart, the love of my life. But Lindsey.. Lindsey’s something else. I’d always been bi-sexual. Had girlfriends in the past etc. But I thought I’d be happy with Mikey. I dunno anymore.

Mikey’s point of view.

Alicia’s been acting all shifty again. Was it bad that I was too absorbed in the beauty of my own brother to give a fuck? His eyes glimmered in the sunlight. His smile was so beautiful. He was just stunning. In every way. He had the most amazing personality. The only person, apart from my wife who could make me smile genuinely.

“Mikey? Mikes, are you okay?” Rays voice broke into my thoughts.
“Oh, yeah. Just thinking. Missing Alicia, you know how it is.” I lied.

I saw Frank glance at Gee and Gee smile sheepishly and felt the Green Monster rise up within me. Gerard and Frank liked eachother again and it was fucking obvious. I decided to talk to Gee.

“Gerard? Gerard, come here, I need to speak to you.” I said, stepping off the tourbus.
“Yeah, Mikey?” Gerard replied whilst walking towards me.
“Leave Frank alone.” Gerard looked shocked.
“How.. How did you know?” He stuttered.
“You’re my brother, my best friend, I can see it in your eyes.”
“Shit..” He muttered.
“Gee, it’s different now. You’re both married. How would Lindsey feel? And Jamia?” I tried to sound sympathetic but really, I was just happy that maybe I could have him all to myself. That’s disgusting, I know, believe me.
“I.. I suppose you’re right.” Gerard shrugged, giving me a hug. “I’ll leave him alone.”

Gerard walked off, and although I could see how unhappy he was, I was almost exploding from happiness. And, when Frank flashed Gerard a grin and Gerard ignored it, I knew this was going to be a great tour.
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