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Chapter 15

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The detention, Lucy thinks Gerard is acting weird & Hollie invites Emily to the sleepover.

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Hollies POV…
I noticed Emily and practically dragged Mikey over to her “Hi Emily!” I greeted “I was wondering… Mikey, Ray, Bob, Gerard and Frank are sleeping over tonight at my house. My sisters and I were wondering if you’d like to come too?”
“Oh sure,” Emily smiled “What time?”
“Straight after detention,” I told her “We could walk home together.”
“Great! I’ll see you in detention then.”
“Alright, see ya!”
Emily walked off and Mikey asked “Do you even like her?”
“Of course I do…” I replied “She’s really nice.”
Mikey laughed as we walked off to find Chloe and Frank or someone else that we know… “That’s it? She’s really nice?”
“Well, she is!”
“And that’s all you like about her?”
“She’s my detention buddy!” I pouted “I think she’s hip.”
“Hip?” Mikey could barely talk with how much he was laughing.
I frowned “What’s wrong with the word hip?”
“Well it’s not hip, you know…”
“What word would you use then?”
“Cool or something…”
“I’d use the word hip.” I nudged him “Deal with it!”
We met up with Gerard and Lucy “Did you know we’re having a sleepover tonight Lucy?”
“No…” Lucy replied “Whose coming?”
“All our friends apparently,” I told her “Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob, Gerard and Emily.”
“Who’s Emily?”
“You’ll get to know her at the sleepover.”
“I didn’t agree to it at first but it might be fun!” I said enthusiastically “And anyway, I need something to look forward to after this stupid five hour detention.”
“I thought it was four…”
“Long story…”
“Will our parents even let us sleep at their house?” Mikey asked.
Gerard shrugged “We’ll just tell them that we’re sleeping at Frank’s house. And Frank can tell his parents that he’s sleeping at our house.”
“He probably already planned to do that,” I laughed “I mean his parents would never in a million years let him sleepover at our house.”
“You’ve got a point.”

Chloe’s POV…
We showed up to our detention on time but Mr.Howard was still mad at us “Just take your seats.” He finally sighed after lecturing us for half-an-hour.
Emily was already at the back of the class looking dead depressed but she soon cheered up when we got inside. She signalled for us to sit next to her while Mr.Howard’s back was turned. Ray sat one side of her, Hollie sat the other side of her and I sat next to Hollie.
Mr.Howard turned to face us and said “Right, Emily you will write ‘I must do my homework’ until the five hours are over. Chloe, you’ll write ‘I will not be cheeky in History’. Ray, you’ll write ‘I will not talk in class’ and Hollie, you’ll write ‘I will not talk back to the teacher’.”
“But I don’t-“ Hollie started.
Mr.Howard rose his eye-brows “Just get started on your lines.”
After about two minutes of line-writing, I got bored. I’d only written about five lines but I couldn’t be bothered with anymore. Instead, I scribbled a note to Hollie.
I’m so bored!
Detention’s only just started, you have four hours and fifty-eight minutes more of this.
Don’t remind me! Do you reckon Mr.Howard would notice if I started texting Frank?
Yes, I do think Mr.Howard would notice.
But what if I hid it under the desk?
Mr.Howard notices everything. I’m pretty sure he’d notice you texting.
“Girls!” Mr.Howard snapped, not looking up from his work “Stop scribbling notes to one another.”
Hollie looked at me as if to say ‘See!’ I rolled my eyes at her and mouthed “But I miss him!”
She groaned and scribbled me one more note You’ll see him at the sleepover, now get on with your lines!
I continued to write some more lines. I wrote about two more then scribbled another note Hollie, I’m bored. Can we do something?
What would you suggest? We’re in detention!
Remember when you read Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal snogging and you were talking like a twit for ages?
Did I? For how long?
That’s not the point! And after you read it, you let me borrow it?
Yes, I remember. You moaned that it was boring.
Well there was one part that I liked. You remember the part where whenever the teachers back was turned; they shoved the desks back a bit more?
Yes, I recall.
I think we should do that!
Chloe, you do realise how stupid that idea is don’t you?
Why is stupid? I think it’s funny!
It’s stupid because Mr.Howard is sitting at his desk and he’s not going to turn around!
Just write a note to Emily and Ray. I think I have an idea.

Hollie looked at me and shook her head in a look I thought could be disgust but I chose to take it as a ‘this is gonna be awesome!’ look. She wrote a note to Ray and Emily telling them my idea. Once they looked at us to say that they’d got the note, I put my hand in the air.
Mr.Howard sighed heavily and looked up “Can I help you Chloe?”
“Can I sharpen my pencil please?”
Mr.Howard and my sister looked at me like I was insane “Chloe, you are aware that you’re using a pen right?”
“Yes…” I said slowly “But… My pens ran out. Could you get me another one please?”
“If I must…” Mr.Howard sighed heavily, getting up and going into his storeroom. Hollie, Ray, Emily and I all picked up our chairs and scooted back a little then dragged the table back with us. Mr.Howard came back and handed me a new pen “Here’s a pen. And I want it back at the end of the lesson.” He went back to his desk and said “Could you do me a favour? Could you return your desk to it’s original spot?”
I groaned and we all pushed the table forwards again. I went back to writing lines and suddenly found a note from Hollie On the bright side, that killed five minutes! Now we only have four hours and forty five minutes left to go!
Sometimes I wonder how we’re related.

Lucy’s POV…
Gerard showed up at our house around five o clock “I didn’t think you were coming over till nine.”
“That’s everybody else!” Gerard laughed “But I’m your boyfriend. Are you putting down sleeping bags or anything?”
“Yeah, five in the living room and three in Hollies room.”
“We agreed that because it was a sleepover, we’d all sleep in Hollies room. And plus Emily’s coming as well.”
“So I’ll help you put down sleeping bags! And we should make snacks.”
“I’m already making cookies. You can make a cake!”
“Yay,” Gerard laughed.
We put down the sleeping bags and Gerard started making cakes while I checked on the cookies. We were laughing and acting like we normally do but there was something wrong. I didn’t know what but I could just feel it.
At around half seven, I finally asked “Gerard, is everything okay?”
“Of course!” He replied “What could possibly be wrong?”
‘I don’t know…’ I thought ‘But I’m going to find out.’
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